Constitutional Emergency



In honor of all our past, current, and future heroes, especially all the family members who are indeed heroes.

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  I will send this to a couple of email friends that communicate regularly with the Trump team..they view a lot of what we send and this cannot hurt...thanks.

I will post this on his FB page.  Done.


I know the DEMS will see it, but if we wear red, on an may help at the polls for the judges and others involved....what do you think?

I believe the plan I have seen on FB is for everyone to wear red shirts so it is clear they are Trump voters (for the poll watchers).

Thanks for the support, Judith.

Beautiful !! I am posting as well. Everyone should see this before they even think of stepping on our flag or protest during our national anthem.

Years ago, you do this to our flag, you see the bars and inside of the jail for ten days and a fine; should still be that way...the anthem was the same way - almost...they were often removed from the gathering.

Donald Trump is old-fashioned enough, or educated enough, to appreciate the Military.  He grasps their sacrifice, and I truly believe, he will be good to his promise of help for them.   We can never say "Thank You" enough, it is inadequate.    I work with a Military Outreach, and as Citizens, we do all we can for the Troops, working mostly with Camp Pendleton.    May God be with them, in this trying time, and always.

Let us all continue to pray; go into Psalms 22 and backward to about Psalm V; read and appreciate; read Job and how that worked out for the unrighteous..there is hope and promise here friends..prayer is not only healthy for each of us but with the faith of a mustard seed, we can conquer mountains..Christs tells us doctor,  going on three years ago said I would  be on oxygen and have COPD..nope, almost as healthy as when young; just recently another doctor said I needed a heart cath..I had it done; he just knew I had problems and would need a stint, I knew I would not and through the prayer and wisdom the Lord shared with me through the years, nope not one bit of blockage..yep, the faith of a mustard seed and prayer.

O K ...I will get it to my group...thanks.

Maybe I'm missing something here, Riley. I thought perhaps there are a hell of a lot of people in our system of Government beside Trump that could benefit from a true understanding of the Military based on their disdain, incompetence, and cavalier attitude toward the Military in general and the VA in particular. That includes a good majority of the Red Hats in the American Legion. who let Hilary Clinton lecture them instead of turning their backs in disgust, while waiting for their next seat in the Legion System. Pathetic. At least Trump speaks to the egregious treatment and incompetency in the VA, unlike the Progressives and spineless GOP, who couldn't find Walter Reed Hospital on a bet. Trump has enough problems without vague innuendos about what he can understand and can't about the Military. If you have a bone to pick about his personal assessment and/or lack of knowledge, come out and specify it and perhaps we can better ascertain your point!

You have a point in one respect, in that every member of Congress and this thoroughly corrupt administration needs this reminder, but I really don't think it was Harry's intent to bash Trump.



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