In honor of all our past, current, and future heroes, especially all the family members who are indeed heroes.

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Right on Judith..

No intent to bash Trump at all.............I could have phrased my subject better.

We all need reminder from time to time what our warriors and families sacrifice..........

I know Trump had some military exposure while in college.......but refreshers from time to time is needed....as you say Kevin........across the board.

Thanks Harry for your reply as I respect your long term dedication and commitment regarding the continued failing state of this nation. I would apologize for perhaps jumping the gun regarding your lead in on the article. You as all of us out here on the site, mirror the frustration and angst that is currently felt, regarding the in your face deceit, corruption, and unadulterated compromise of the Electoral process by career Politicians on both sides of the aisle and of course the egregious, self-serving, Media who carry their water  without question and/or journalistic integrity, publish their counterfeit drivel to the millions of low information citizens and mind you (Non-Citizens), who will ultimately determine the fate of this Nation. This Election WILL be stolen, through the tainted Voter Fraud process and by other devious methods that our omnipotent Political Class ensures us DOES NOT EXIST and yet again Joe Q Public will be left holding the bag, but this time that bag will not be empty. Trust me!!!!! 

Is this the same name that is running against Toomey?  I have seen this name..perhaps it is out of CO or NV..CO really needs to rid themselves of Cory Gardner and Bennett..

Thumbs up!  Yes, there are and could we please start with Paul Ryan and work our way through the GOP RINOs that have, again, split the party....together we win; divided we fall...thanks Ryan..you need recalled as a Representative as well as the Speaker .... it is you, it is you, that is right....that have allowed our debt to rise, rise and rise...this is more than all presidents together have allowed - through the decades...and yes, I blame Boehner too of whom you followed in his exact foot steps - denying that you did not want the speakership, BS and denying that you would play footsie with the DEMS/Liberals , BS.

PROGRESSIVES = COMMUNISTS/MARKIST, little difference.. you seem to fit the mold!

Thank you.



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