Constitutional Emergency

as i have observed for the past 2 years i have been observing both parties and the strategies being employed. the demonrats came out swinging and have controlled the pace and texture of the arguement. they have been proactive and we have been reactive. it seems that we have been so distracted that we have not been able to play this chess game effectively and move for a checkmate situation. somewhere along the line we need to get ahead and learn to play 6 steps ahead of them. we have to understand the nature of our enemy. they have paid political thugs whos only job is to be a step ahead of us. we are the workers so we cannot just drop and run. we cannot just jump on a bus and interject ourselves into a situation. so therefore we need to weigh our options carefully. we are all aware of zeros problem on the birth issue. yet few states have enacted laws that require verification to be on a state ballot. we know that the dems have mastered vote fraud yet how many states have oklahomas vote i.d. law. why hasnt freedomworks or the tea party national led on these issues. ignorance or just a dem wrapped in a tea party agenda. we do however have a large retired population among the membership here. may i be so bold as to suggest that we utilize these people to become a conservative strike force to counteract the likes of S.E.I.U.. instead of funding the likes of freedom works and some other so called patriot groups why not help fund those who will travel to fight the battle. we could accomplish a lot more than matt kibbe or dick armitage do flying around in their private jets. plus lets try to get rid of these leeches that always come out of the woodwork hawking t shirts and crap like that playing like quasi patriots. i have personally seen and talked to one of these vendors. yeah. he was a hawk and a true patriot on monday. later that week i saw him at a seiu event. he was an unapologetic liberal then. when in reality he was just a self centered money whore. any soldier worth his salt will tell you winning a battle isnt so much about tactics. its more about logistics.

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Strange Gary, I was just thinking of posting something along the line of PRO ACTIVE also.


I was thinking of starting a discussion on the fact that we have REPUBLICAN Control in most states and in Congress.


We also have a push for nullification laws in over 30 states.


Next Proactive Step is to Push for CLose of all IMMIGRATION into the United States until all individuals willing to work have jobs. 

Close the borders to all foreign school programs until such time as our own Children can get into College and Become Educated.  Reverse the 40+ years of dumbing the United States down to a 3rd world Country as Obama currently wants to do.


If the POTUS doesn't want to do this, we can always impeach him on the fact that he is an illegal in office anyway.


He even openly flaunts that in our faces.


Be very proactive.


Incidentally, I do find your writing very hard to read.  It is greyed out, the periods at the end of sentences cannot be seen by old blind people, and it seems like a rambling medelee.  If you would use the Cap Key periodically us old folks could read better.

Keep on them Billy, you do understand what is going on.

Please try to correct your set up. I have no problem with the text, so it must be on your computer. By the way, you can make it bigger on your display as well.

As for observation> First thing first. You have to impeach Obama, annul everything he did sign. All the rest will fall in line.


Please come chat with us on America's Summit - Restore the Republic to discuss tactics.


 Gary, you say, "they have been proactive and we have been reactive. it seems that we have been so distracted that we have not been able to play this chess game effectively and move for a checkmate situation."

That is a very true statement, imo, but here is the problem.  We must not forget that the subversive forces have been getting their game together for decades.  They have been working behind the scenes with community organizing, indoctrination of our youth, contributing to the demoralization of our country, etc.  Not only that, but at this point they are not playing the chess game by the rules.  The enemies within are making a series of moves all at once and therefore gaining a significant edge over us before we even begin to countermove.


You are right that we need to act in a smarter way, but what we need is more active and better leadership to unite our forces to act accordingly.  I am not advocating that the leadership has to be centered in one person, but there should be more back and forth communication between those who have come to the fore in leadership positions.   Frankly, I don't know how this can be accomplished, unless it will take a greater national crisis beyond what we are now seeing - one that scares us so much that we will be forced to unite en masse.


The noted Dr. Fred Schwartz, who wrote, "You Can Trust the Communists (to be Communists)", had an equation that he used to give about a country under siege:   "External encirclement + internal demoralization + nuclear blackmail = progressive surrender."   I realize that this statement was a description of America while facing the encroachment of worldwide Communism in the 1960's; however, I see it apropos to the enemies we presently face (including Marxism and the Jihadists)  Our worst case scenario would be to succumb in the manner of "progressive surrender."   I think that is what Obummer and cohorts are pushing for and will do anything and everything to achieve their goals.


Twanna, I totally agree with your comments about leaders.  One of the best leaders is now in Ft. Leavenworth and how many of those with plans came to his aid?  When Lt. Col. Terry Lakin is finally released from being a political prisoner I hope he is drafted into a paid leadership position.  The question is, will he accept?

Semper Fi

Having LT.COL. LAKIN setting in jail & obama walking around like a  KING...this is a crime, the one that should be in jail OBAMA, next PELOSI, RIED, AND A FEW MORE DEMOCRATES?   WHEN is this going to happen,NEVER....''WE THE PEOPLE'' have to get congress to start impeachment, when are the going to start, all up to ''WE THE PEOPLE'' and we must start soon...


it is encdumbet on us to leaders. we lead ourselves. we all lead ourselves to do the right thing.
Well you start locally. You dont need to rent a fancy convention center in arizona. start locally in your homes and build from there. have you ever wondered why the tea party hasnt used technoligy effectively? the coming tea party event in AZ. could have been set up in a simulcast event. cost less ,more inclusive, and would have allowed local groups the funding opportunity to build up their own war chest. maybe the top dogs at the tea party are trying to line their own pockets and feed their own egos.

Mr. Daniel Hunt of Wisconsin is heading a Recall Petition for Senator Wirch (1 of the 14 AWOL senators).

He emailed me last nite:

From: Daniel Hunt (
Sent: Mon 2/21/11 6:16 PM
To: maureen Gerrish (

Thank you so much for your support.  We are  organizing for the collection of signatures now and will contact you with the information as soon as it is developed.  All help is sincerely appreciated.
Thanks again


A Recall initiative needs to take place for each of the 14 AWOL senator's districts, if anyone finds one started please let me know.  If we all offer support ie: collecting signatures (must be a voter of each respective Senator's district) when attending a WI protest, finding phone lists for those districts &  volunteers to participate in phonebanks asking WI voters in those districts to sign the petitions.  The Recall of 14 WI senators would be a pretty good win for our side.

Link to official WI Recall Petition:


Registration - Before circulating a recall petition, the persons or committees seeking to recall an elected official must register with the appropriate filing officer indicating their intent to circulate a recall petition and the name of the officer to be recalled
We don't play this chess game because we hve a bunch of the old republican guard still in the congress who are more concerned about being liked by the dems and filling their own pockets and who think just like the dems, that we are so stupid that we need them to do what is (good) for us and who believe that their way is the right way, no matter what we say.  The new folks we voted in are trying to do what "we the people want", but the old guard is effectively taking over  their thoughts and changing them into clones of the republican old guard.   I don't know  what the answer is other than voting the whole crew out and replacing them with all new people  who are not or cannot be corrrupted.  Maybe this means picking people right out of the phone book who can read and write, hard to do in this day and age!  Right now this country's fate is being decided by the masses of stupid and gullible people who believe every word that comes out of a snake with a forked tongue.  Maybe there's some kind of amnesia ray that gives every republican a dose of, (forget the people, do what you want to do, fill your pockets, help dems destroy the country, you have 2 years to get yours before the fall of the country).

Maybe we should recall a few republicans to get their attention also.





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