Constitutional Emergency

as i have observed for the past 2 years i have been observing both parties and the strategies being employed. the demonrats came out swinging and have controlled the pace and texture of the arguement. they have been proactive and we have been reactive. it seems that we have been so distracted that we have not been able to play this chess game effectively and move for a checkmate situation. somewhere along the line we need to get ahead and learn to play 6 steps ahead of them. we have to understand the nature of our enemy. they have paid political thugs whos only job is to be a step ahead of us. we are the workers so we cannot just drop and run. we cannot just jump on a bus and interject ourselves into a situation. so therefore we need to weigh our options carefully. we are all aware of zeros problem on the birth issue. yet few states have enacted laws that require verification to be on a state ballot. we know that the dems have mastered vote fraud yet how many states have oklahomas vote i.d. law. why hasnt freedomworks or the tea party national led on these issues. ignorance or just a dem wrapped in a tea party agenda. we do however have a large retired population among the membership here. may i be so bold as to suggest that we utilize these people to become a conservative strike force to counteract the likes of S.E.I.U.. instead of funding the likes of freedom works and some other so called patriot groups why not help fund those who will travel to fight the battle. we could accomplish a lot more than matt kibbe or dick armitage do flying around in their private jets. plus lets try to get rid of these leeches that always come out of the woodwork hawking t shirts and crap like that playing like quasi patriots. i have personally seen and talked to one of these vendors. yeah. he was a hawk and a true patriot on monday. later that week i saw him at a seiu event. he was an unapologetic liberal then. when in reality he was just a self centered money whore. any soldier worth his salt will tell you winning a battle isnt so much about tactics. its more about logistics.

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At some point it is professional harrassment and borders on Homeland Security - TERRORIST ACT.


Need to document some of them and identify where they are from.  Then have a hey day with court cases.


Do it at the local county level (County Court). 


Of course, you will have to get the Sheriff and his deputies to arrest the intruders. 

Col. Riley, I have been following the Guardians for the 19th and posting it everywhere I can. Walt, Paulie, Teddy and I will be there. It will be great to see and stand with you again. Twana if you need some help to get to DC let me know. You have my personal E, contact me there, Luke

I think many citizens are waking up.  The old Democrat vs. Republican paradigm is so 20th century!


The new reality is government vs. the people.

Election-wise, I thought it was obvious, but perhaps it isn't.  In 2008 The goal was to get the house and the senate.  Only the House was won.  Therefore, the Senate is next.  So the next target is get the things done in the House that the House was supposed to do.  The same applies at the State level, and at the District, County, and Municipal level also.

Make a list with the goals and targets and track each one and keep track with statistics and logistics and PUSH to get the goals accomplished.  Monitor the resistance, who gets distracted, defeated, thwarted, and who is successful and who advances.  Fix the thwarts and reinforce the advancers.  And while we are advancing with the House, we should be effectively taking apart those in the Senate that we need to take apart, and reinforcing those that are following our agenda.  The next big target is the SENATE, and while we are supporting those already in the Senate, we should be actively working to replace those that are opposing us or enabling the opposition, or working with the opposition, i.e., RINO's etc.


We should also be working to terminate Obama's term.  The strategy should be to make all the "prominent" candidates into a "council" of sorts, and to have them UNITE on a platform, an agenda, and agree to support each other with the proper conservative plan.  This will determine the difference between a TEAM and egoistic individuals, because from that pool of candidates should come THE candidate, and then we should all get behind them.  That requires lots of  vetting including attack strategies for "defense" against the opposition, and then there should be teams in place to launch the appropriate offensives and be ready with the proper defenses.  This is supposed to occur at THE convention, but if we wait until The Convention it will be too late.  All that should be done at The Convention should be the formalization of the campaign, but everything should be sorted out by then, else we will wind up with another McCain and be stuck with another four years of socialism.


Can anyone tell me what came about in this direction from the CPAC convention?  There is still no organized FRONT against the opposition in the way of candidates, etc.  By the way, in talking about getting our ducks in a row, I am not talking about being nicey nice and "inclusive".  I am talking getting the Conservative Revolution in high gear and advancing  that to a WIN.


In all of the above items, the key is to BUILD NOW towards 2012.  













(So you don't quit doing the things that defeated the opposition, just because you won)


Key to all this, and simultaneous to it, you need to continue to grow and expand the Conservative CULTURAL revolution and to advance that continually.  That needs to be monitored.  This includes local groups actually taking back their communities and their neighborhoods, block by block and inch by inch, which means that there needs to be an organizational structure from the bottom all the way to the top to ensure that Conservative principles are embedded, established, and expanded.


I asked this question of many Conservatives, perhaps to some of YOU not too long ago:  Do you control the block you live on (i.e.,is it on your page as CONSERVATIVE... Your block, your neighborhood, or your apartment building?  From ALL of those I asked I received a resounding "NO."  Each one answered to a man or woman, that they had friends across town or in the other neighborhood, or that they had a "community" via the internet and found a local place to meet etc.  Well that's fine.  That's a start, but the bottom line in any political endeavor: you need to CONTROL territory and the people within that territory, and if you don't, your effectiveness is null and void, and anything you scream about or complain about will be but a scream and a complaint.  


Your efforts need to translate into tangible results on the ground at the local level, with ACTIONS and RESULTS in your neighborhood.  It does absolutely no good to de-fund Planned Parenthood, for example, if there are 50 women in your neighborhood getting abortions this week.  The defunding has to translate into a reduced or eradication of the practice of abortion.  (However crude, this is just an example.)  But I think you get the picture.  


What should your neighborhood look like when you have accomplished your goals? Should it be a bastion of socialism, each of your neighbors with their hands out for a hand out, compromised to a tyrannical government?  If not, then get a CLEAR vision of what needs to be there, organize the things that need to be changed, work out what resources you will need to get that done, including the "muscle" to ensure that it gets done, and then put the "machine" or organization there to do it and put in place what it takes to keep it going.


The idea that we have any form of government or committee or organization, which gets the things done that we need done in order to be or have our AMERICA is completely bogus.  There is nothing there but pretended government.  If we had a government, it would be governing and following the policy (The Constitution and its amendments) it was supposed to follow.  It does not exist.  It has to be constructed from the bottom up.  So build it.  


Ours is not an empty dream or a wish that things should be better.  Ours is: Calculated Effort Applied via Created Resources to Accomplish Visible, Measurable Results that Demonstrate the Accomplishments of our Stated Goals or the Interim Steps necessary to the Accomplishment of those Goals.


Consider that there are, not just in America, but across the planet, "Cliques" or "Gangs" each with their own goals and purposes, vying for control.  Consider the "Drug Cartel Gang(s).  They have a goal, and a purpose, albeit an EVIL purpose.  They have the "muscle" to enforce and to ensure that they get what they want. Are you AS organized, AS resourceful, AS determined, AS willing, AS able, AS dedicated as they are to accomplish YOUR goals?  Because that is at least what you are up against.  You are also up against the hatred of other cultures and religions who have already stated they will have your head if you do not submit to them.  THAT is the level of energy and action needed to accomplish the goals.  You have to MATCH or BETTER their efforts.  You have to surpass their actions, because they will not be happy with you creating an ETHICAL, SAFE, environment in which you and your family and community will thrive, and at every turn and everywhere you let them, they will dismantle you.  


If you lived in a wilderness in the mountains, you would not stand idly by to let the Bear or the Lion devour your loved ones. You would create the necessary organization to take out the threat of the Bear and/or the Lion, and create a safe place for you and your loved ones in which to thrive.  Otherwise you would perish, and the Lion and the Bear would thrive, at your expense.





They play rough, the dem party and we play nice,nice, i don't think we can win that way, what do you think?
im seriously thinking since the rest of the world is raising hell about their govt...then WE SHOULD TOO.....lets march on dc...and stay there...if 1 million of us did...we could force the fake prez out....
yes if we came with a clear concice document stating our grievances,vetted by having the petition notarized. this document would lay out the specific violations and the demand for legal redress. that way we would be on solid legal standing. i mean you couldnt demand the death penalty for a l time.crime that only requires jail time

My observation is that we first need to address the JUDGE Problem.  "Judges must not be permitted to be unaccountable"; yet, they have assumed the role that they are on the Ivory Tower and are unaccountable to the people.  That is probably our number one problem today.  Why is this.

For one thing, we have been asleep and Nancy Pelosi got to the helm of the House.  We presumed (assumed - ass out of you and me) that the Congress was watchful for our interest.  That they understood our sympathies, and stood ready to defend the grievances of the people.  Pelosi only kicked the little dogs (you and me while we assumed).

Another knowledge point combined with an Observation is that the House has failed to perform their duty; and, we the public have not denunciated them; nor has the ones in the house deserted their constituents that wronged us as would be expected.  IN fact, they get raises while we get the shaft.

I do agree that this crosses both parties as you have said Gary.  Both parties have major faults in the past four years of government.  This statement does not relieve the Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama era of government either.  They are all guilty of one crime or another.

We need to return to the deep historical (not to be confused with the ongoing histerical) precident of impeachment and stop neglecting this tool of government which is skewn throughout the constitution.

The only way to get this to happen is to continually beat the he11 (that is not the code for helium either) out of Congress until they do their jobs.

Now that is my obeservation from reading most of the post on this discusison.



we do not have that much time left. a very loud message may cause them to pause for a second. giving us a chance

Who says we are Republicans? 

I have zero love or respect for the DNC. That much is a given. If they are for it then it is a pretty safe bet I'm against it. However the GOP is almost as bad.  Has the GOP fought outsourcing? No they are even worse than the Democrats about encouraging it. In fact the ONE AND ONLY attempt to battle outsourcing by either party since Reagan left office was the weak buy American attachment to the stim bill which was vehemently shot down by the GOP.  If your lucky you can get the GOP to give lip service to battling illegals. Not in kicking them out which is VERY necessary. Just in slowing down how many are coming in. I can go on and on about the ills of the Republican party and there is very very little I can say in the way of good things about the GOP. Not quite the total waste of space the DNC is but pretty damn close.


What we need is to first find voices in the media and or create media that isn't beholding to either party and big money special interests. The GOP has betrayed Conservatives time and time again and I for one and TIRED of it.  I quit the GOP in the 90s because of the corruption and the lack of vision by the party. Left in disgust at the way Bush sr betrayed everything Reagan stood for. How Dole, Quayle, Gingrich and their successors like Bush jr, Cheney and Rove totally did not get Reagan or openly despised everything Reagan was about. Reagan who started the greatest buy American program in history. Who when threatened with a trade war said bring it on!.  Reagan didn't quiver in his boots shaking in cowardice like the GOP leadership of today does when China speaks. Reagan didn't take the side of monopolies over the American people. Reagan loved the people and THAT is what made him a great president. THAT is what allowed him to communicate with us and why he was called the great communicator. He didnt posses any special oratory skills. His speech writers were not exceptional in any way, in fact Reagan was constantly overriding them when they tried to steer him away from so many contradictory statements. When the GOP blocked Reagan he took his message to the people and forced the GOP to do good things despite their worst intentions.


Just because the GOP opposes a slightly greater evil (the DNC) doesn't make the GOP any less evil. No we need a new party, a new way and to throw the GOP bums in the same slag heap we toss the DNC.


If we can do that THEN we are inherently pro-active. We the American people ARE seeking solutions. The GOP has a nice comfortable scam going which keeps them deeply in corporate pockets and power. We end that and we almost automatically take the offense and take the lead.


I do agree that the failure of the GOP to take initiives is what has helped the DNC tremendously. Health care for example. While Obamacare is DEFINTIELY not the solution, in fact it seriously aggravates the problem, the GOP idea that there is no problem is at least as lame as Obamacare. Nor are many of the GOP's ideas any help.  The primary causations of the rise in health care costs are loss of jobs thus leaving people uninsured, devestation of the wage scale. Even those who haven't lost their job and had to take one for far less than they used to make have for the most part seen no significant wage increases while inflation and tax increases have eaten them alive. The GOP is even more to blame for both as the GOP has been the champion of outsourcing, H1 and guest worker programs. The GOP has failed to make any serious efforts to combat illegals as well. Insurance however is by far the biggest cause of skyrocketing health care costs. Using insurance for routine care the primary reason why health care costs are no too expensive for many Americans to afford.  The GOP idea of buying insurance across state lines is laughable. Insurance IS THE CAUSE.  That is like telling a man being eaten by a crocodile that your going to help him by bringing in a smaller croc from a nearby lake to eat him instead.  Lets get serious here people.


The GOP doesn't offer any ideas because they don't have any and refuse to listen to their constituents who DO have ideas. Hearing Rove talk about the Tea party movement the other day made me want to puke.  I could not believe how any American much less a so called Conservative could possibly get the message and ideals of the Tea Party movement SO wrong.  I began to wonder if Rove was a high functioning Down syndrome kid after I heard him speak about the Tea Party movement. It showed me just how badly out of touch the GOP is with the people. Boehner saying all we have to do is go back to 2008 spending levels and all will be well has too be the most bone headed thing a politician has said since Clinton tried to tell the American people a BJ wasn't sex. 


Can you seriously tell me with a strait face that a party led by the likes of Rove and Beohner is capable of anything but buffoonery?

no but they may be just afraid of us enough to join in. then when its done we pitch them. just like they did us.



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