About face! U.S. troops now in direct contact with Ebola


About face! U.S. troops now in direct contact with Ebola
"Limited exposure," we were told.

"No direct contact with patients," we were told.

But look what the Pentagon now confirms our soldiers will ACTUALLY be doing in Africa's Ebola hot zone ...

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Double-reverse on Ebola military mission

Defense officials insist general misspoke

Published: 2 hours ago

Gen. David M. Rodriguez

Gen. David M. Rodriguez speaks to reporters at the Pentagon Tuesday

NEW YORK – In yet another Obama administration reversal adding to the confusion surrounding the mission of U.S. troops in West Africa, Defense Department officials said Gen. David M. Rodriguez misspoke when he told reporters Tuesday that U.S. troops would be in direct contact with Ebola patients.

Rodriguez, commander of U.S. African Command, said at a Pentagon news conference Tuesday that teams of U.S. soldiers will work alongside Liberian troops and will staff mobile medical labs that will test people for Ebola.

The Defense officials, however, now insist U.S. military lab technicians will only be testing specimen samples from suspected Ebola victims.

But earlier Tuesday, Rodriguez said: “These are the U.S. troops that will be involved testing directly people in Liberia suspected of having the disease.”

Meanwhile, the Daily Observer of Monrovia, Liberia, reported Tuesday that eight Liberian soldiers who contracted the Ebola virus have died.

Rodriguez had told reporters the U.S. military had put “two additional mobile medical labs” in operation last week in Liberia, “significantly increasing our capacity for rapidly diagnosing Ebola.”

The general said the mobile labs “are for testing people, and some of the people tested will have Ebola.”

He quickly added that “the U.S. troops staffing these labs are trained at the highest level of nuclear, biological and chemical readiness, so they are all trained to operate in nuclear, biological threat and chemical threat environments.”

Rodriguez said the soldiers “will be tested continuously for symptoms of Ebola.”

He addressed the issue of what will happen if a member of the U.S. military in Liberia contracts Ebola.

“If one of the U.S. troops develops symptoms of Ebola, they will be handled just like you’ve seen with the other Americans that contracted Ebola who were returned to the United States in specially designed aircraft designed to isolate the disease,” he said. “Any U.S. troops that develop Ebola will be brought in the United States to one of the medical centers that is specially designed to handle Ebola patients.”

The general said a U.S. military medical mobile laboratory has been operating in Liberia for several years, but he gave no other details.

He was asked to give an estimate of the number of U.S. troops that would work with the mobile medical labs in Liberia and to describe the type of protective equipment they would have.

“There is between a three- and a four-person team that operate each mobile medical laboratory, and we have three labs deployed right now,” he replied.

“We will probably deploy several other mobile medical laboratories. Each lab adds three-to-four additional U.S. troops involved, and, again, those troops are trained to the very highest level of operating in a nuclear, biological and chemical arena.”

EBOLA army walks back gen rodriguez PHOTO OF US AMRY IN HAZMAT OCT 7 2014

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Oh! Why don"t we detonate a A Bomb and Expose our Troops to Radiation Oh Hell we already did That!!

Stoopid Asshats!!!

Semper Fi

As a former Recon Marine I'm appalled at this administration and the heads of our military putting our troops into this role. This is TOTALLY out of the scope of the military's function even if they have been trains in chemical and biological warfare. There is no vaccination to give them before they go into harms way. I think those in charge should be prosicuted for putting our solidgers at rich in a senerio outside their scope of operations. The UN should be addressing this situation along with the medical experts if the world community, NOT our military. Obama and his co hearts
Sorry link messed up. Like I was saying they should be strung up to the nearest tree. This is outrageous and I think part of the plan to bring this to America. If Obsma as he has stated says Ebolia is a national emergency why has he not restricted flights from Africa. Don't listen to what he says, look at what he does!!!

I agree totally, Michael...... I am outraged and appalled they could get away with this!  Grrrrrrrr!  BTW, the University of Nebraska Med Ctr has 10 (TEN) beds designed to handle cases like this....... TEN.

Tish, I've been saying for awhile now I believe Obama will create some type of national catastrophe to suspend the constitution and restrict our freedoms before he leaves office. There are so many issues which could bring about the collapse of our country they are too many to count. But doing this to our your young, those who have volunteered to serve our country is too much to bare. I'm so beyond being pissed off, I for one am ready to go to guns.. And shame on those military commanders who are allowing those under their command to be put in this situation. They should all be relieved of their command, but Obama has already purged those who would not bow their knee to his majesty. I never thought I would have such disgust and destain for my country, the country I swore an oath to defend but I do. This country and the majority if it's citizens who just go along with this crap make me sick to my stomach. I am ashamed to be associated with them. I though I defended the greatest country on the earth, only to find out it is corrupt, lawless, unfaithful, wicked, sinful, unrighteous, I could go on but let's just say my eyes have been opened and I don't like what I see.

I ditto EVERY word you've uttered!  The only saving grace is that there are still SO MANY good citizens....... in our government?  No.... I can count those on one hand.  But there are thousands working in their own way to help get us through this...... and yes, it could all come crumbling down and just might....... I've spent countless dollars preparing for what I suspect...... See ya on the other side, brother.  Don't know where you are, but wish you were near the Carolinas!

Let's send in the troops to Spain now.....oh wait.....that's not in Africa!!!                 http://jimbakkershow.com/news/spanish-nurse-first-contract-ebola-ou...

Looks like the genie is out of the bottle.  And 4000 of our troops are at risk...... ticks me off to no end!

Looks like the genie is out of the bottle.  And 4000 of our troops are at risk...... ticks me off to no end!

Amen Tish. I'm in this till the end because there is no other alternative. I agree there are the faithful out there, I've met many on patriot sites and belong to three. If Liberty is to remain in America it is up to the few, the faithful, the committed. Those who hold the ideals upon which this great nation was conceived over personal safety, comfort, and prosperity. They need to raise up against the ill informed masses and hold those who seek to take our God given freedoms accountable. The zeal that ran through the blood of our forefathers need to run through ours as well. "However weak our country may be, I hope it shall never sacrifice it's liberties". John Adams.
Ps I live in Las Vegas and am State Leader and Moderator for OAS in Nevada.
And what goes on in Vegas defiantly dosent stay in Vegas! LOL..

What do you think of "Republic for the United States of America"?  I tried to listen to the "conference call" last nite but was muted... don't know if that was a glitch or not...

Now they're "admitting" that it could become airborne!  http://jimbakkershow.com/news/cdc-admits-airborne-ebola-possible/?u...



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