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Acting U.S. Attorney Issues Statement/Warnings In Anticipation Of Hammonds Surrender To Prison

11 December 2015

Acting U.S. Attorney Issues Statement/Warnings In Anticipation Of Hammonds Surrender To Prison: 

05 December 2015

Bureau Of Land Management Destroying Ranches [And Cattle] By Fire (Video):  

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Hammond Case: Abuse of Power by BLM, FWS and US Attorney

Gross Miscarriage of Justice: Urgent Action Required

EPA - Abuse of power - Land Grab;
Long read but worth it.

Old Rooster~

When I first saw this article, I knew that it would have the stench of the UN Agenda 21 or 2030 ... 

I have spent a lot of time the past few weeks informing many Native American groups about the UN Agenda 21 and the Paris talks about Climate Change.  I told them a long time ago to stop going to the UN for Indigenous Human Rights issues - since the over all UN agenda is about the New World Order and control.

Matter of fact, the halt of the KXL Pipeline has nothing to do with a "win" for Native Americans, POTUS is reserving the oil pipeline for himself, his corporate cohorts, and trying to keep it away from Putin, but the KXL Pipeline will happen anyway. 

08 December 2015

UN Promoting Potentially Genocidal Policy At World Climate Summit:

15 December 2015

FBI Investigating Former Bundy Bodyguard They Allege Threatened To Kill Law Enforcement Officers:

'Schuyler Barbeau (for U.S. Marine Corps), is charged with possessing an unregistered firearm. ...' 

27 April 2014

Ron Paul Warned About An Armed BLM In 1997:  

[This Hammond case is the same case, just with 'different BLM dogs' with the 'same Government fleas']

17 April 2014

BLM Whistleblower: Reid Bunkerville And The Military Industrial Complex At Bundy Ranch: 

16 December 2015

DEVELOPING: Obama Set To Sign Deal Allowing Foreign Takeover Of America's Land And Resources:

'Once shrouded in secrecy, POTUS' Trans-Pacific Partnership is now becoming public, and what we're discovering is absolutely frightening.

Apparently the deal reverses policies in place to protect national security.

Chapter 9 (and 28, 29) of the deal allows foreign investors the rights to acquire American land, business, natural resources, infrastructure, and other property. ..." 

TPP - Chapter 9 - Investment [PDF]:  

TPP - Chapter 28 - Dispute Settlement - [PDF]:  

15 December 2015

[Hat Tip: Forrest Jane Cline] 

Network Of Global Corporate Control: 

The Oregon Trans-Pacific Partnership: 

Oregon Fair Trade Campaign:

"The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a massive new international trade and investment pact being pushed by the U.S. government at the behest of transnational corporations ...

Corporations already cheering the TPP include Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase, Wal-Mart, Newscorp, GE, and Halliburton.  The TPP has been questioned - if not outright opposed - by labor, environmental, family farms, consumer, indigenous and other social justice groups on four continents. ...

Destroying Family Farms

The TPP is expected to continue allowing U.S.-subsidized corn, wheat, rice and cotton to be dumped on other countries, while also allowing the cheaper (and often less safe) fruits, vegetables and seafood from other countries - consolidating global food supplies in the hands of fewer-and-fewer giant middlemen, while forcing more-and-more family farmers, off their land and exposing consumers to wild food fluctuations. 

This phenomenon under NAFTA is already a driving force behind migration from Mexico to the U.S., and is the reason why farmers in many countries are already adamantly opposed to the TPP. ..." 

20 October 2015

Obama Administration Focuses On Oregon To Push TPP:

Eminent Domain - Subsection 456.145

(1)  An authority may acquire, by the exercise of the power of Eminent Domain, any real property which it deems necessary for its purposes after adoption by it of a resolution declaring that the acquisition of the real property described therein is necessary for such purposes.  An authority may exercise the power of eminent domain in the manner provided for in the laws of this state for the condemnation of lands or rights of way by public or quasi-public corporations for public use or for corporate purposes; or in the manner provided by law for the appropriation of real property, or rights therein or thereto, by private corporations; or in the manner provided by any other applicable statutory provisions for the exercise of the power of Eminent Domain. 

(2)  Property already devoted to a public use may be acquired in like manner, but no real property belonging to the city, the county, the state or any political subdivision thereof may be acquired after its consent. 

Harney County - Official Site: 

Harney County, Oregon, Free Public Records Directory: 

Oregon Oil & Gas Fracking Map: 

Land, Ranches, Farms For Sale: Harney County, Oregon:

18 December 2015

Ammon Bundy Letter To Harney County Sheriff Ward: 

17 December 2015

Large Sinkhole Opens Up In Parking Lot In Harbor, Oregon: 

14 December 2015

Oregon Is The Latest Target Of Right Wing Effort To Get Rid Of National Forests: 



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