Constitutional Emergency

After reviewing responses to my action question email (13% response rate), I am proposing taking an action suggested by one member (you know who you are *smile*), to wit:

Let’s set up a round table discussion with a group of Senators and Representatives willing to listen to us, and work out a plan to end this corrupt regime. Please note that we will likely need to travel to D.C. to do the meeting as a group.

Who has contacts with conservatives in the Congress? Who gets "real" responses from their Reps and Sens? Not the canned garbage my libtard Senators spew out! I sometimes get a real response from my Rep, but she is kind of squishy. However, I will contact her.


Below is the final list of names many of you have submitted. Please contact any/all; let me know what response you get.


Politician Name List

(R=Representative; S=Senator; G=Governor; (...)=previous position)

Abbot, Greg G

Amash, Justin R

Ayotte, Kelly S

Bachmann, Michelle (R)

Barrasso, John S

Black, Diane R

Blackburn, Marsha R

Brewer, Jan (G)

Chaffetz, Jason R

Cornyn, John S

Cotton, Tom S

Cruz, Ted S

Ernst, Joni S

Fallin, Mary G

Franks, Trent R

Gohmert, Louie R

Gowdy, Trey R

Hailey, Nikki G

Hatch, Orrin S

Herrera-Beutler, Jaime R

Hogan, Larry G

Issa, Darrell R

Jindal, Bobby G

Jordan, Jim R

Lee, Mike S

Love, Mia R

Martinez, Susana G

McMorris-Rodgers, Cathy R

McSally, Martha R

Palin, Sarah (G)

Paul, Rand S

Perry, Rick (G)

Rubio, Marco S

Ryan, Paul R

Scott, Tim S

Sessions, Jeff S

Toomey, Pat S

Walker, Scott G

West, Allen (R)

Wilson, Joe R


And any others whom you know to hold conservative values. Also, what do you think about getting your governors involved? Mine is useless, but there are many good solid leaders around the country.

Please, everyone, run your contacts! WE NEED TO GET THIS DONE!

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Remove Paul Ryan, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio - ALL are in favor of the amnesty!  Add Mike Lee, Jeff Sessions, Marsha Blackburn, Jordan, Chaffetz, Amash to name a few.  Use the rankings on Conservative Review to identify true conservatives (altho they rank Paul with an A and Scalise with a B). Unfortunately, my reps aren't great - Adrian Smith and Deb Fischer.  Still to be seen where Ben Sasse will stand - claims to be conservative and says all the right things (at least he is for repealing Obamacare) but would not answer on some issues.  All I ever get in reply to my calls, e-mails with Smith and Fischer are form letters that patronize and preach.

Sounds like a reasonable idea, Why not give it a try. Add Senator Mike Lee to the list, and Governor (elect) Gregg Abbott from Texas. Also lets take a look at some of the new people who were elected in November. If they ran as a conservative, hold their feet to the fire and provide them with a direction.

I don't know who it was that set up this proposal in the first place, but I think this might have the beginnings of a really good idea, perhaps an "Action Plan" that could work.
Step #1; Formulate a plan of what and where we want to go, ie - Remove the corruption from DC !! ??

Step #2; Locate and contact reps that will work with us and meet where ever necessary.

Who came up with this original proposal ? Do we still have that information here on PFA?

It almost sounds like something I said over a year ago; (Prior to the May 16th mission), Get an "inside" invitation to Congress from one of our supporting Reps. If we can get them to open the doors for us maybe we can get some attention.
That's what I said a year ago, now lets see if we can put this one together and make something happen.

Thanks Jean, and who ever posted the original idea for this "Action Plan".

Jean, I was NOT trying to take credit for it. Hope it didn't sound that way.

A good idea is a good idea, and I personally don't care who gets credit for it.

Now the question is - How can we develop this into something real? And tangible.

There are enough of us here to make something that will get some real action going.
We can compile a list of potential candidates that might listen, (good list started already). Now what types of proposals would they actually listen Too?

#1) Do what they were elected to do!

a) Repeal Obamacare

b) Cut that damned sequestration that is stripping our military to the bone.

c) Stop this Obama amnesty, and actually do something to enforce our immigration laws currently on the books.

d) ?????

e) ??????

f) ?????????

g) ??????

2) Obey their oath of office.

3) restore the country to the Constitution. (That seems to be one of the toughest things to get them to understand.)

Remember, these people were elected in November 2014 because they ran on conservative rhetoric and speeches. Let's hold them to those pledges and promises.

Not a problem Jean, I think you are on the right direction here, who ever made this suggestion can have all the credit if they want it, to me it doesn't matter. When can we start? - I think we already have. Next step is to begin a preliminary draft of our "demands". Keep it short, simple and to the point. Use 'bullet-points' as the outline like I've started above. Recruit retiring and out going Reps and officials! Another good idea. But Believe me I've been trying to contact many of them since we started all this last year. It's amazing how well they have all isolated themselves from the public. We saw that up in DC on our May 2014 mission. Trying to get in to visit and talk to a Rep up there is nearly impossible, and they will not return a phone call or any messages. Political Standing' !! $$$$ talks, & BS walks. But failure is not an option. We will just have to keep trying. Strategy - give it a name - "Hold them too it" ???, How about "Demand results" ??

The name "Operation American Spring" seemed to have scared the crap out of a lot of people. They all had visions of a wild bunch of Red necks going up there with guns blazing and some kind of open violent revolution. But it did get their attention, they know we are here at least. "Patriots For America - Demand Results".


Jean, and everyone else who will help, we need to do something with this action plan. Senator Ted Cruz will stand up with us. Lets try to get something going. Please.

As soon as the new Maryland Governor takes office in a few weeks, I will petition his office for support. 

I'm still trying to figure out how and when to connect with the new Maryland Governor-Elect, Larry Hogan. There's not much on his transition-website yet:


Hogan-Rutherford Transition Portal:  

More information about Larry Hogan:  

My guess is that there are a lot of people pawning for his attention now a days.  I believe what we need to do is to come up with a business plan or a Plan of Action for the new Round Table.   

Another idea ~ is a BlogTalk Radio Show with interactive chat.  Since this is the time of year (January through middle of March), that the weather is so unpredictable for the D.C. region - this may be a good alternative rather than to travel.  I got the idea from: 

Now The End Begins Blogtalk Radio Show - (9pm to 11pm Sundays, with interactive chat):  

Now The End Begins Blog:  

The BlogTalk Radio has a Politics category with a Conservative Section.   This would be a good way to get additional support from other conservative groups throughout the 'blog networks'.  It may also attract like-minded politicians and they could participate live with the Host(s) or interactive chat.  [If they don't feel the need to talk with 'we the people', then 'we the people' do not feel the need to vote for them --- again.] 

BlogTalk Radio - Conservative Radio Groups:   

No, 'Thank you!'  You're the one in getting the ball rolling here.  :-)   I'm just trying to help out.  

Done some checking with the BlogTalk Radio, and they indicate that the first month is free, however after that there are more expenses and technical expertise needed as well.  I spoke with a few Vets who like the idea and were interested in helping out with computer technical issues, and two Vets could help out financially for a few months (I could help fund a month or two).  So after a few months, there would have to be some fund raising of sorts. 

Other suggestions... 

I like 'Wild Bill For America' and his website's use of YouTube Videos.  We could video Round Table meetings around the country then post to YouTube.  Like at the beach :-)  whoo-hoo!  

Wild Bill For America:    

Experimental Vaccines website also uses YouTube videos effectively:    

I'm not at all well-versed in using the internet and website applications so I planned to take the classes at the Blogging University with Wordpress:  

I'm also trying to figure a way to secure a GoPro video camera to my wheelchair (so that it won't get confiscated by the cops or stolen) and use a remote device to operate it.  I suspect that there will be a hoot of public-political activity in the D.C. area as the weather gets warm.  

Any updates about the Round Table Op?  

Please add me to the list.  I will do what I can - don't have the financing to travel and I am not good at face-to-face meetings (I get too emotional) but I am hell on wheels on a keyboard, altho not proficient technically beyond the basics.  If nothing else, I can help with posting on comment threads, twitter, e-mailing, etc.  I am already very active on comment threads on Brietbart, WND, The Blaze, etc., etc.  Don't know much about Facebook so I can't help much there.  As for contacting my reps, I do that on a regular basis via e-mail and phone - Adrian Smith's staff knows me by name by now since I call them weekly.  Having a detailed, organized, thorough, well-thought-out and professional presentation will be critical to getting the reps participation, IMO.  Even though Michelle Bachman is no longer in Congress, I would venture a guess that she might still be willing to remain involved at some level; actually, no longer being on the inside gives her more freedom.  Of course, Sarah Palin would be great but don't think there is much hope of her involvement, honestly. Although I have become somewhat disillusioned with the Tea Party, I do think they could help if we can get them interested.  What about Dennis Michael Lynch?  I'm sure you all know he has formed an exploratory committee to run in 2016.  IMO a critical aspect is publicity - I think that, in many ways, helped to sink OAS.  That and people's egos getting in the way!  My biggest frustration is finding whatever it takes to get people interested - hell, I can't even get my own family to listen!  They just don't get it and don't want to be bothered.  I've been able to pique my 17-year old grandson's interest occasionally but we all know the attention span of most teenagers these days ranks right up there with a gnat!  Sadly, most people are simply struggling to survive and deal with daily crises.  Also, we are very isolated here in flyover country and insulated - most people in my small town (1300) haven't the foggiest idea what is going on in the rest of the country and certainly NOT internationally!  All they care about is the corn / soybean harvest/yields/planting and the weather, not to mention the Huskers, of course!  As for the name, personally, I feel the word "patriot" has been used ad nauseum although nothing comes to mind right now to replace it.  I don't like to criticize without offering an alternative but can't think of anything else at the moment. 

Please include me as a panelist.
Try Sen Pat Toomey.



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