Constitutional Emergency

After reviewing responses to my action question email (13% response rate), I am proposing taking an action suggested by one member (you know who you are *smile*), to wit:

Let’s set up a round table discussion with a group of Senators and Representatives willing to listen to us, and work out a plan to end this corrupt regime. Please note that we will likely need to travel to D.C. to do the meeting as a group.

Who has contacts with conservatives in the Congress? Who gets "real" responses from their Reps and Sens? Not the canned garbage my libtard Senators spew out! I sometimes get a real response from my Rep, but she is kind of squishy. However, I will contact her.


Below is the final list of names many of you have submitted. Please contact any/all; let me know what response you get.


Politician Name List

(R=Representative; S=Senator; G=Governor; (...)=previous position)

Abbot, Greg G

Amash, Justin R

Ayotte, Kelly S

Bachmann, Michelle (R)

Barrasso, John S

Black, Diane R

Blackburn, Marsha R

Brewer, Jan (G)

Chaffetz, Jason R

Cornyn, John S

Cotton, Tom S

Cruz, Ted S

Ernst, Joni S

Fallin, Mary G

Franks, Trent R

Gohmert, Louie R

Gowdy, Trey R

Hailey, Nikki G

Hatch, Orrin S

Herrera-Beutler, Jaime R

Hogan, Larry G

Issa, Darrell R

Jindal, Bobby G

Jordan, Jim R

Lee, Mike S

Love, Mia R

Martinez, Susana G

McMorris-Rodgers, Cathy R

McSally, Martha R

Palin, Sarah (G)

Paul, Rand S

Perry, Rick (G)

Rubio, Marco S

Ryan, Paul R

Scott, Tim S

Sessions, Jeff S

Toomey, Pat S

Walker, Scott G

West, Allen (R)

Wilson, Joe R


And any others whom you know to hold conservative values. Also, what do you think about getting your governors involved? Mine is useless, but there are many good solid leaders around the country.

Please, everyone, run your contacts! WE NEED TO GET THIS DONE!

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Hi Jean and others.

Thanks for getting this discussion started. I would have jumped in sooner but was finishing up some final personal details that were a distraction.

Frankly, I don't like any of the politicians much at all. With that being said, I know the only way we are going to get anywhere is by befriending them in a professional manner. We have to become exactly like the PAC's. Spend our money on those we feel will support our causes. I don't mean money in the literal sense but PAC's don't care about party affiliation or what other issues those they bribe may carry. They are issue focused and pay whomever they can to get their way.

Similarly, we need to focus on whichever member of the government that supports a given cause, even if we don't like their leanings on other issues. If we begin to cross names off a list because we don't like one thing or another, we won't have anyone left. I personally can probably find fault with each and every one of them.

I've pretty much hit a stone wall with Pennsylvania representatives. Although I was able to get some assistance in a personal issue with one representative, other issues unrelated to myself have gone unanswered. Not even so much as a basic form letter to even acknowledge my inquiries. This does not mean this is where I stop. We all know, "The squeaky wheel gets the grease" and I'm one loud squeak.

One tactic we employed back in my early days of organizing was to call the representatives offices and find out when they would be in town. Then a small delegation went to the office, unannounced, and asked to speak with whomever was there. Believe me, we were lied to more than once about the party being in the office. That's our busy politicians for you. One time we were turning to leave when the congressman stepped out of his office. I can tell you that whatever the issue was at the time got pushed to the side in exchange for the brow beating we gave him for shunning us.

We are fairly insignificant to them because we've taken a back seat for too long.

If we can get this organized and if we can narrow ourselves to just a couple burning issues and if we can become professional in our organization and approach, we may just be able to accomplish something. It's a lot easier to sit with a congressman or senator if we can state that we are with a group of united individuals and wish to help their cause.

Another thought is to pay a visit to your local representatives office and get to know their aides and pump them for information. In DC, when we were being denied access to one of the buildings, Congressman Bentivolio sent his aides down to get us through security. They were some great people and quite entertaining to talk to. One gave us a hint that the next time we had packets to deliver to members, just keep them in a back pack where they'd only be scanned and unseen. We'd never know this secret if the aide didn't tell us.

I do think governors can be used. We all know how tight these folks are when it comes down to elections. Senators and others all flock to the aide of fellow Republicans and Democrats to support each other. Even as far down as local elections if there is a political stronghold that seems to be wavering. There is a chain of command in relations of politicians. A local mayor may be in tight with the congressman. Maybe they golf together. We won't know until we have our discovery process to find these key people.

This won't be an easy undertaking but what are the other options? We need to take the moral high ground, be professional in our conduct and make a difference. We need to remember that this site could at any time be reviewed by the same people we are trying to enlist to further our causes. If we look weak and disorganized, we will simply be ignored as some small group of unorganized people.

Just like any meeting where we had chair people with a gavel, we'll have to monitor ourselves to stay focused.  If we want to look professional, we need to be professional. We need to prove we can follow simple rules that will keep us from looking like a band of misfits.

Hopefully I'll be able to focus more and contribute where I can. Let me know if there is some other ideas floating about we can incorporate.

I like your idea Old Rooster of fine tuning a list. Corruption is so broad it would be hard to find where to start. But we can start focusing on the corrupt. One step at a time, it can be done. I know this as a fact.

Look forward to again working with you folks.


I like your idea Jean, and that operation name is OK, If that's what you want to use it's ok with me.

But if you don't mind I have a suggestion. Try to stick with at least part of the name we already have and are already known for.

"Patriots For America - Demand Action".

Or reverse that:

"Demand Action- Patriots For America"

This is only a suggestion now, don't get offended by it.

I don't want to loose you now - you've worked too hard for that.

Take off Michelle Bachmann... she's left the looney bin!  I'll read up on this some more...... at the moment, I'm fried!

I would very much appreciate an explanation as to your opinion of Michelle Bachmann.  Thanks.

Four terms.  She's leaving Congress.

Yes, and that would give her the freedom to involve herself, wouldn't it?  She is a true conservative and is smart as well, not to mention the publicity she could bring to the effort.  For that matter, all of those on the list who were previously in Congress would help publicity-wise.



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