Constitutional Emergency

Three Presidential Memoranda signed this morning:  (1) withdrawing from TPP; (2) Federal hiring freeze except the military; (3) cutting off funding to international agencies that provide abortions. 

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President Trump Signs Resolution Eliminating SEC Disclosure Rule Fo...

H.J. Resolution 41, “disapproving the Securities and Exchange Commission’s rule on disclosure of payments by “resource extraction issuers”, ie. energy companies.

Good things happening you won't see in the media. Some regulations that Congress has eliminated or will eliminate under the Congressional Review Act: additional details @ - scroll to bottom for (2) - (7)

(1) Drug Testing - states now allowed to make determination to include drug testing in order to be eligible for unemployment insurance

(2) BLM Planning 2.0 Rule - overturn the Bureau of Land Management Planning 2.0 rule on Tuesday, which was intended to improve BLM’s ability to administer public lands. In reality, this power grab centralizes control in the federal government over large swaths of land, especially out west. The rule reduces the authority of county commissioners and of state and field officers who know their land best, giving that power to Washington bureaucrats to centrally manage resources in places they don’t even live.

(3) Stream Buffer Rule - Up to 64% of the country’s coal reserves would be put off limits because of this rule, according to the National Mining Association.

(4) SSA's 2nd Amendment Restrictions - overturn the Social Security Administration NICS rule, which would increase scrutiny on disabled Americans if they attempt to purchase firearms. This rule targets individuals who have a designated payee for their social security benefits, a circumstance that is as irrelevant to the Second Amendment as it sounds. Being disabled and needing help managing finances certainly shouldn’t limit a person’s Second Amendment rights.

(5) Federal Contracts Blacklisting Rule - overturn a federal contracts blacklisting rule, which unjustly blocks many businesses accused of violating labor laws from federal contracts. This rule undermines basic due process rights by potentially blacklisting employers from federal contracts before they’ve had a chance to defend themselves in court. Government already has the power to protect workers and prevent companies with unacceptable labor records from being awarded federal contracts. This rule will unfairly target and increase costs on businesses without improving worker protections.

(6) BLM Venting and Flaring Rule - overturn the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) venting and flaring rule on Friday, which would further cap methane emissions in the oil and gas industry. However, this rule is costly, redundant, and illegitimate. The industry is already subject to Clean Air Act standards through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and has leveraged technological advances to dramatically reduce methane emissions.
Not to mention, Congress has never granted BLM the authority to regulate air quality—power that is far outside of the agency’s jurisdiction.

(7) Teacher Preparation and Accountability Rules - The accountability rule constitutes an unfunded mandate and is an unprecedented move by the federal government to take state power. Though the original law (The Every Student Succeeds Act, or ESSA) allows for states to decide how to assess schools, this rule dictates a Washington standard that undermines state and local control over education and further strains state and local budgets.

A bit off topic here but man, you just HAVE to love Nigel Farage!!!!

Nigel Farage Full Speech at European Parliament: (June 2016)



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