Constitutional Emergency

Having gotten the basics set up, we have had a chance to review all facets of the organization and complete the final plan for ACTIVE’s total invigoration as the most dynamic and comprehensive grass-roots political organization within the Conservative Movement, in fact poised to become the primary engine of the Conservative Movement.

The following measures are now in place, and the following actions are being taken:

1. Overhaul of State Presidencies, with a full 50 to be in place by the end of this week.

2. Final draft of the ACTIVE Bible to be published this week, reflecting input from the National Leadership Group.

3. Each State President will now have his own core team of national officers to lead and support him, as well as a complete roster of national officers in specific jobs, at his disposal. The personal team for each President shall now consist of:

1. Myself, National Chairman

2. John Defrees, National Vice-Chairman

3. A National Liason Officer (All National Liason Officers have been appointed, and are being assigned their State Presidents this weekend)

4. Peter N, Senior National Strategy, Tactics and Logistics Adviser, who will be functioning as what I like to refer to as The National Agitation Of State Presidents Officer. It is Peter’s job to connect with each State President, and catalyze them into full-fledged action at the state level. He will do so by providing overall guidance and orders for state activities. Heretofor know that all ACTIVE activities, outside of social, are known as ACTIVE operations.

Peter is a “special forces” Marine, and wrote all of the ACTIVE Pamphlets on the Literature page.

5. Rick Crawford, National Recruiting Officer

All State Presidents will receive direct telephone communication from all members of their National team at least once a week.

A comprehensive marketing package for recruiting is being completed now by Rick Crawford

In addition, ACTIVE now has a fully rounded-out National Leadership team. Each officer now has a specific area of function. Some roles have been filled, others are in the process of being filled. The National Officer Corps consistis of:

National Chairman - Pat Dollard
National Vice Chairman - John DeFrees
National Administration And Internal Affairs Officer - Christopher Lynch
Special Counsel To The National Chairman - Mark Harvey
National Recruiting Officer - Rick Crawford
National Constitutional Guidelines Officer - Tim Kerlin
Senior National Strategy, Tactics, and Logistics Adviser - Peter N
National Publicist - Tara Michaels
National Printed Materials Officer - Dina Wilson
National Internet Operations Officer - The Dame Truth
National Public Events Officer - Eric McLaughlin
National Legal Operations Officer - TBD
National Liason Officers - Rodger Palmer, Steven Mastrandrea, John Maack, Dave Dunbar, Dina Wilson.
National Information Officer (Minister of Propaganda) - TBD
National Political Operations Officer - TBD
National Media Operations Officer - TBD
National Video Operations Officer - TBD
National Universities Officer - TBD
National Education Operations Officer - TBD
National Affiliate Operations Officer - TBD

ACTIVE is also increasing it’s Blog Talk Radio presence to a full 7 nights a week. “The Jihadi Killer Hour” will run Sunday through Wednesday at 8 PM PST, and the new show “Cold War Zone”, will run Thursday through Saturday, 8 PM PST. “Cold War Zone” will be hosted by ACTIVE’s new National Vice Chairman, John DeFrees, known to many of you as “Johnny Doe”.

The ACTIVE News section will be updated daily, and will have a new feature, “At Issue”, to be posted by Rodger Palmer, John DeFrees or myself. It will be about a national news event of particular ACTIVE interest. Many of you know Rodger by his Pat Editor’s handle of MDVet.

And lastly, a much more highly functional new site will be up at the end of the Summer. it is being designed and constructed by Christopher Lynch.

ACTIVE 2.0 is now about to roar out of the gate, and change the history of this country forever.

Click here to join ACTIVE. And click here to donate to ACTIVE.

Pat Dollard
National Chairman, ACTIVE
The American Constitution and Capitalism Defense Front

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Twana, This is great news! Thanks for the update.
Outstanding Twana ! Keep up the great work !
I finally figured out how to complete the sign up...I'm a member now..Thanks for your patience.
God Bless America,



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