Constitutional Emergency

After the election, PFA members decided to make PFA a closed site to public viewing


Do we want to still keep PFA a closed group?

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Tawana and fellow members all have good points but unless we get these issues out for all to look at and vette on there own the lies will continue to grow.

Send the rats to me I will send them scurrying I know if we can get a handful of individules to help with rat control that would free up yourself and others to continue with getting the truth out and dealing with the issues.



Hi guys! I hope you aren't gonna kick me out. I'm not a troll, REALLY! I won't cause you any trouble. I wanted to join because I try to get as much information as I can everyday. Have been since Nov. 2008. I KNEW what this usurper was up to - finishing USA off after 9/11/01 didn't quite take us all the way to our knees. I was right. This is one time I wish I would have been wrong as, well, O'Dumpy. Started twitter, Tea Party Network, 9.12 Project and Oathkeepers then. I was and am afraid. Every day we get assaulted with something from them, but especially the last couple of months, they are bearing down. Not only are we fighting Feds, the U.N. wants control too. Soros has already put up a new website to begin his 2014 assault. If you go to - you'll just keep going - they have nearly 500+ groups - renamed after acorn lost their funding under the acorn name. But, as they all brag, they knew they would get the federal funding again after they changed their names and because Bar-OKE had them in for private meetings before the election. They are ruthless, sleazy people. Anyway, if you think I can contribute, I would love to be able to stay but if you have rules, you have rules and I'll understand. Freedomworks - Freedomconnection - Also a GREAT place to join!

I am in the same position as Carolyn M. Dorsey.  I have been a member forever, have not participated on-line much at all, but needed to read everything you guys have said, because I needed to know that there were people out there who saw and believed as I did.  At this point in my life, I am limited in what I can do physically do.  However, my spirit is willing and able.  I'll abide by what you choose to do.  


I would love to be able to use this site as a teaching tool for those low-information voters that voted for the Commie-in-Chief, but my brain knows better. They are hopeless. So I say we keep this site private so we all have a place where we feel welcomed.

For what it's worth, I agree with the idea of closing the site to public eyes.


I personally don't think it makes a lot of difference.  It cuts down of some of the riff raft but not all of it




I've been thinking long and hard about this.
I was one of the people who initially said to keep our site "private" and "closed".
I've read all the earlier comments and thought about them and the implications.
Yes...Libs and Trolls are annoying. But the flip side is, if we "open" the site up, will we be able to get more of the truth put there where it needs to be?
The way we currently have it it's kinda like "preaching to the choir!"...don'tcha think?
I'm thinking we open it up. If anybody becomes to vocal in their opposition to our thinking, we can ban them, right?
But...isn't that a form of "censorship"...banning them because we don't like to hear what they say?
A conundrum? Yes.
But...I say open it back up and let's keep pushing the truth out.
Thank you.



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