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After the election, PFA members decided to make PFA a closed site to public viewing


Do we want to still keep PFA a closed group?

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AMEN, Twana!!  Watch a leftwinger on a TV show like Fox and Hannity--they try to DOMINATE the conversation by speaking over or not allowing any honest opposition opinion.  Give'em access to websites and they will insult, deride, even go as far as vulgar language in their diatribe.  I tried it for over a month on a Personal Liberty Digest blogsite, providing FACTS against their insults and ignorant ideology--in the end they still refused to see any truth to facts provided and their defense was still comments about my "bias" and stupidity,race, conservatism, membership in NRA, etc...FACTS don't mean anything to people who are too ignorant and indoctrinated in Luciferian nanny pablum.

good idea.Yes.

There is no such thing as "total freedom" -- that is anarchy, which would be undesirable as far as i'm concerned. There have to be some form or forms of agreed protections to save as much freedom as possible.   There is no such thing as a totally closed site.  It is more than just a minor amount of work organizing, monitoring and protecting a site like this.  Closing it will not eliminate all of those who oppose conservative or Constitutional supportive views, but it would sure help to lessen them.  Twana knows that the US Government already has access (unconstitutionally, I believe) to every post on here and every poster's personal emails.  Having a closed site would probably help Twana more than hinder "free" speech.  As far a "preaching to the choir" is concerned, some of us are not as well informed as others and have the opportunity to learn as well as debate the details of common issues and goals. I may not always agree with Twana's perspective on an issue, but I sure as heck appreciate this site and will support her decision on the site's being open or closed since she is the one doing the hard and valuable work.  I don't consider her decision as arbitrary -- she asked for opinions and appears to be considering them.


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