Constitutional Emergency

Well we predicted the Obama administration would try to claim some kind of "Constitutional Crisis" so that they could then declair a state of emergency before next Novembers elections. It looks as though Eric Holder may be flexing his finger muscle in preperations for pushing that button.

This is from The Politico new web site:

Under threat of a House contempt citation over the botched Fast and Furious gun-walking operation, Attorney General Eric Holder spoke in a conciliatory tone Tuesday about his willingness for “compromises” to avoid what he called “an impending constitutional crisis” over the withholding of documents in response to a congressional subpoena.

“We are prepared to make – I am prepared to make - compromises with regard to the documents that can be made available,” said Holder in a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

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If it wasn't so damned serious these people would be funny. They are so stupid it's pathetic.

He thinks his sopena to testify before Congress constitutes a national emergency or some kind of Constitutional crisis. How pathetic can one person get???

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Good and welcomed comments from everyone. My point in posting the original discussion was and is to inform and warn everyone here that Holder - and the Obama administration, are hoping and planning on a general civil uprising so that there will actually be a real civil or Constitutional crisis. We have known for some time now that in order for them to declare a full scale state of emergency and subsequent Martial law there must actually be a fairly good reason, (an uprising). Deboria's statement that Holder is issueing a warning to Congress that he (they) will declare an national emergency if Issa continues his pursuit for documents is exactly true. Holder is in effect threatening Congress (and the American people) that if we persist he will declare a "Constitutional Crisis".
If we - the American people - now move to counter that threat, if we have finally had enough of their BS, then WE could be the ones who actually trigger the emergency. These people are NOT totally stupid. Each move they make is very well calculated, both in effect and in it's planned reactions. They NEED that emergency.
Unfortunately we are in a position where we must make them fire the first shot.
This boggus "constiutional Crisis" Holder is warning us about must actually happen. Call his bluff. Increase the pressure from Congress and make them produce the documentation Issa is requesting. Force Holder to testify under oath. And also while we are at it we need to increase the pressure on the Supreme Court to force Obama to produce varifiabile documentation that proves he (Obama) is actually a US citizen, and that he is elligabile to hold the office of President. And this needs to be done before November.
Again - we need to force their hand in these things, make them as uncomfortabile as possible, and force them to fire the first shot. That shot (no matter what form it takes), like the one fired in Lexington Mass in 1776 will be heard around the world. But we cannot allow them to not take that first shot. Push them. Make them do it. We simply need to listen for it.

GOD be with you all and May GOD bless America.


Ronald,  Ronald  here  too, Making  a  firm  statement  on  the  original  post , was  preparing  for  the  4th  of  July   fireworks  for  American's  to  understand   the  threats  every  state  is  experiencing,  Yes  Mr.  Issa  is  my  Rep.  out  here  Vista,  Ca.  All  this  is  one  for  the  history  Book..!!~~Salute..

I firm mly believe that there will be a Constitutional Crisis before the elections, maybe not from this socialist idiot but it will happen.

Does this remind anyone but me of the statements B.O. made directed at the supreme court in regards to the obamacare ruling. They are threatening everyone with such garbage, they are bullies in the school yard and have seen that there ARE some who will stand up to them, for example Senator Cronyn (sp) that told Holder that he should resign. Watch for the bullies to pull out all the stops before they are run out of the school yard.

Typical Liberal statement to try and scare off an investigation when they know that if the facts are made known, all of the corruption will be exposed.  He's trying to try and protect himself and possibly Obama as well.  This tells you there's more to the situation then they want known!  So, that means you push harder and dig deeper.

William you are so right.



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