Constitutional Emergency

Well we predicted the Obama administration would try to claim some kind of "Constitutional Crisis" so that they could then declair a state of emergency before next Novembers elections. It looks as though Eric Holder may be flexing his finger muscle in preperations for pushing that button.

This is from The Politico new web site:

Under threat of a House contempt citation over the botched Fast and Furious gun-walking operation, Attorney General Eric Holder spoke in a conciliatory tone Tuesday about his willingness for “compromises” to avoid what he called “an impending constitutional crisis” over the withholding of documents in response to a congressional subpoena.

“We are prepared to make – I am prepared to make - compromises with regard to the documents that can be made available,” said Holder in a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

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If it wasn't so damned serious these people would be funny. They are so stupid it's pathetic.

He thinks his sopena to testify before Congress constitutes a national emergency or some kind of Constitutional crisis. How pathetic can one person get???

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with all due respect, posts, including the one you are replying to should make it very clear that I understand.  It's the many Americans who don't understand that worry me.

You're preaching my words of seven years back at me.  <smile>

Alan West is another who sounds good and pounds his chest; but caves on some serious issues.

Among other issues I have with him, his vote on the Pigford extortion bill for blacks who were never farmers and had no real dog in the 'hunt' but a big undeserved paycheck was astounding.  His comment when asked about it went something like this "Gee...I guess I should have read the bill more thoroughly and understood it before voting yes..."

Perfection is impossible...but, really.  There are just too many Traitors, thieves and cowards and we need a thorough house cleaning.  Even the young guns we sent to D.C. started caving when offered committee expense accounts and a seat at the Old Guards' table.

I remember well my father always said you may elect an honest person to congress but they will be corrupted when they get there.  Back then I still believed in honesty, integrity, discretion, and all those other positive character traits which should make up a public servant.  Boy was I wrong.  I was an avid watcher of Judge Napolitano's short lived Freedom Watch on the Fox Business Channel.  It was amazing to see how quickly the young guns were corrupted in such a short period of time by the DC cesspool

We were taught well and we were well informed regarding our government as young children...we don't have teachers or parents who get it much less impart the knowledge to children much anymore.

I love to say this:  People can steal most anything from you but there is one thing you have to sell or give away, it cannot be stolen and that is your integrity.  With that you relinquish your self respect and dignity.

What twisted my knickers was hearing Boehner brag about how he got those young ones on board.  He said (paraphrased)  "I told them I have enough cigarettes to last and I'll just wait until you agree to vote my only took about 45 minutes for them all to sign on..."

Nauseating.  He laughed about how he got the young guns to cave on a bill that most of the country was against.

It's time for us to step away from the cocktail soaked coward who acts like a MOB boss and find new Conservative blood to wield that gavel.  What a supreme disappointment Boehner has been.

Agreed!  Resignation is akin to being let off the hook with a slap on the wrist.  Once these traitors resign, they get lucrative contracts and/or positions given to them for their "loyal service".  So, they actually gain from the same action that caused them to "resign".

We, The People, need to force the elected officials/representatives (and I use that term very loosely) to be accountable to US, not their cohort of colleagues that give them all a "soft landing".  Public trials, a bill forcing the same rules to apply to members of the judiciary and the politicians that apply to the citizens.  THERE CAN BE NO DOUBLE STANDARD!

AG Holder is the only one who may be causing any kind of crisis...OK...not the ONLY one...just one of many...

...and he claims a crisis because HE won't turn over evidence???


It is time for us to take the challenge Holder has thrown at Congresses' feet.  If Congress had any guts they would do this.

What is Holder hiding?

He's hiding the bodies, literally!

I see two possibilities, here.

1. Eric Holder gets Obama to declare a who-knows-what national emergency, so He, Obama, and a HOST of others can continue to skirt the law of the land.

2. The more likely scenario I'm trying to prepare for is that Obama & his band of thugs CREATES a "national Emergency, invokes NDRP, suspends the Constitution and stays in power by using said emergency to cancel the election.

Either way folks, three little words:


Funny how he even dictate his term.  Holder gets subpoena...and he will "compromise"...How would you like to "compromise" with police, court order or lets say IRS?

What is he going to do, take his ball and go home????Good riddance.

If he stays we will have a Constitutional Crises.



He and the President make bold face lies. EH is and will always be a thug



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