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Al Gore - "I Am Very Troubled By Stories Of [A Rigged Election]... Entire Country Ought To Take It Seriously"

Who Said It? "I Am Very Troubled By Stories Of [A Rigged Election]... Entire Country Ought To Take It Seriously"

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With all mainstream media eyes firmly focused on Trump's 'destruction of democracy' by declining to accept the election results no questions asked during last night's debate, we thought a quick history lesson might help jog the liberal media bias' memory.

[Source: Grabien] Al Gore in 2000, speaking from the White House the week after having lost the general election, explains why he refused to concede the race:

"The effort that I have underway is simply to make sure that all of the votes are counted, and when the issues that are now being considered in the Florida Supreme Court are decided, that will be an important point. But I don't want to speculate what the court will do."

Even after facing a number of lower court losses, Gore said he remained optimistic.

"I don't really feel" the odds are stacked against me, he said, despite admitting feeling like an "underdog."

Gore said that his voters were not given sufficient access to voting sites. Speaking of black voters specifically, Gore said he was in regular contact with Jessie Jackson and Julian Bond to discuss voter suppression.

"I am very troubled by a lot of the stories that have been reported," about blacks being discouraged from voting, Gore said. "Whenever you have allegations of those kind, that is a matter the entire country ought to take seriously."

Wow! Shocker?!! Al Gore questions US democracy?

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Judith. Thanks for posting that in case others wernt aware of it. I've seen it. I never for a moment believe Justice Scalia died of natural causes. Many things bother me about his passing, but the greatest thing is why his family didn't Demand a complete medical examination. The only conclusion I can draw is that his family had to be pressured from the highest levels of government. People call us conspiricy theorists, but it's hard not to be with so many conspiracies going on!!

So true, Michael.  The whole "conspiracy" nametag is being used to silence us that know in our hearts that "things just are not and have not been right".

Even when we have valid evidence of their corruption, they deny and hide it out of sight with the corrupt media.  As a American Free Press subscriber (formerly known as the Spotlight for the older conservatives) they have past issues many years ago, folks! stating that MAINSTREAM MEDIA IS THE PROBLEM...I believe I still have a copy of that one, by the way.  The corruption evidence is OUT THERE, just being covered up.  Maybe we should call this the DemoGate Party, lol.


Martin Luther Kings Neice is supporting Trump. You won't hear that from Al Sharpton or Jessie Jackson! (Reverend omitted on purpose).

1989 Ellis Island Award for helping inner-city blacks

The UN-registered Hillary Clinton SUPER-PAC........ All Super-PAC's must be registered with the SEC. and the elections commission.
The Main Stream Media,,,,,,,,MSNBC, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, and all of the other "News" media outlets that have been covering up all those Hillary email scandals, all those "News" media talking heads and web publishers that have been working to promote Hillary and the Democrats while at the same time throwing everything they can at Trump to destroy him. The so-called "News" Media outlets are all registered with the FCC and SEC and as such every one of them is subject to an annual renewal of their broadcast licenses.

Everyone will scream "Freedom of the Press", but Freedom of the Press does NOT extend to using that Federal Communications Broadcast license as a Super-PAC to elect one specific political party or candidate while simultaneously trying to destroy the other.

Every one of these Main Stream media outlets should be held accountable and their broadcast licenses should be reviewed and is applicable then revoked.

I am hoping President Trump instructs the FCC to begin the required steps to revoke their licenses when proven to broadcast flat-out lies.

Trump speaking in Tampa right now. 15000 inside with 7000 ouside trying to get in!!
The left isn't as smart as they think they are. They knew Obamacare was doomed to fail. They wanted a singlepayer system to begin with but knew people wouldn't go for it so they had to do it in stages, first Obamacare, it fails then they come to the rescue with another Democratic president who ushers in a single payer system. What type didn't figure on was it crashing before the presidential election now giving the people the choice of not another democratic president but a Republican who wants to scrap the whole thing and it won't be a single payer system which people don't want but a system that gives people a choice and allows the insurance companies the ability to operate across state lines. Obama care effects everyone Demorats and Repulicans and this newest revelation of Hugh increases in premiums and reduced providers and massive increases in prescription drugs could alone kill any chance for a Democratic win. Also historical records show that after two terms of a single party's presidency when thing don't improve people switch to the other party. Thier smart, but not that smart,
Timing is everything and it's a Hugh benifit for the right.



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