Constitutional Emergency

Al-Gorezeera’s ‘Current TV’ does a hit piece on ‘Islamophobe’ Pamela Geller

Islamofascists using rules for radicals tactic, Isolate,  Demonize then Destroy!  Do we have her back or no?



Bare Naked Islam

Not unexpected, we knew when Al-Gore sold Current TV to Al-Jazerra that it would quickly climb aboard the ‘Islamophobia’ in America bandwagon. YEE HAW!


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I would expect this.


I agree with you 100%%%%%

CAIR - good one! I'm joining.

Nobody has a 'phobia' about Islam. Gore is an idiot. The only thing that has happened is that the entire planet has become much more educated about the realities of Islam since the attacks on the twin towers. The sheer perversion of Islam as a religion is now understood by general populations rather than it being something 'not generally known about'. Islam as a religion does not support Freedom of the people, it supports power of the few and ordains that to be the social norm. You can compare Islam to what Christianity was back in the days of the Inquisition and that would be exactly what Islam is today.

A large part of the problem with Islam is what is written in their Holy book, the Koran. It is filled with all sorts of violent solutions to everyday societal problems and this makes it easy to mold normal Muslims into hate filled murdering zombie-like terrorists. Because of this it's impossible to tell a good Muslim from a bad Muslim, and yes folks, there are good Muslims. But can we ever pretend to look upon good Muslims without having bad thoughts or at least be suspicious? I think not. Hell, even their own Bible (Koran) tells them it's Ok and acceptable to lie to further their religion.

As Americans we have a responsibility to honor the rights bestowed upon all fellow countrymen, but that doesn't mean we have to invite them into our homes, businesses, or our lives. This probably doesn't need to be mentioned, but if we are to rely upon each other for protection and survival there should be an unspoken rule of not allowing Muslims into our groups. Survival will be difficult enough without having to worry about trust issues with people that have permission to lie (among other things) by their own holy book.

Funny how we were more united America under Bush.

Historically when the country gets attacked US Citizens forget political divides to go get the attackers.

Not any more!!!

Once a traitor, always a traitor! Also, I need to put on my button that says Proud Infidel.

Actually, we should make up several thousands of buttons like that and sell them - could make a decent profit :)

Right on Peri!! I have a t shirt that says Infidel in english and arabic. I have had some real stinky looks from some and love it!!!!

It is very alarming to think that VP of the United States for 8 years and a presidential candidate would commit this act of dare I say: treason and sell out to the opposition.

He apparently loves money far more than he loves the country and the people who put confidence in him as VP.

He forgot his oath..or remembered and it has no meaning.

This will be the beginning -- watch for calling out Christians.

The sheeple need to WAKE UP!




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