Constitutional Emergency

Al-Gorezeera’s ‘Current TV’ does a hit piece on ‘Islamophobe’ Pamela Geller

Islamofascists using rules for radicals tactic, Isolate,  Demonize then Destroy!  Do we have her back or no?



Bare Naked Islam

Not unexpected, we knew when Al-Gore sold Current TV to Al-Jazerra that it would quickly climb aboard the ‘Islamophobia’ in America bandwagon. YEE HAW!


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      World wide, people are being forced to deal with pushy, rude, ignorant Muslims who

demand that we adhere to their 17th century code of conduct that is out-dated. Their

behavior is that of  mentally illness. Their customs are gender biased.  However,

the Muslims mouth they will not permit anyone to violate their pseudo sacred belief’s.

They yell foul play and demand no one offend them. As a group of people, the Muslims

are offensive.


     As Americans we do not have to tolerate this behavior in our nation. We have laws.

We have our own culture. The Muslims are in America to take over. They want to

convert American’s to their culture of ignorance and slavery. A male dominated society

that is governed by the thinking of an un-civilized animal. They tell you it is a religion of

peace and love: it is a brutal, mean culture. It is a culture built upon telling lies, physical

violence, sexual perversion and mental abuse.


     The Muslims want Shari Law accepted in America. The barbaric laws of this ruthless

culture are totally un-accepted in the United States of America. Honor killings, there is no

such thing as honor killings. Murder is a crime. Wife beating is abuse. It is un-acceptable

in the USA. Sex with a child is pedophilia. It is un-acceptable in the USA. The gender

bias Muslim culture does not want women to have an education. They want the women to

be un-informed slaves to the man’s self-serving, self-centered pleasures.


     I am offended by the ignorance of the Muslims. I am offended by their thinking. I am

offended by their behavior. I will not accept their behavior. I will not tolerate their

demands. If the Muslims want to live in America, they can accept the American culture

and they can adhere to the American values. We will not change for you.



Great blog Deb.

You say you will not tolerate their behavior, and that if they want to live in America, they can accept the American Culture and Values..

We both know that is completely impossible. In my opinion, there is no such thing as a good muslim. I

despise just about everything there is about them. Sharia Law is completely incompatible with our

Constitution. I do believe this is why this rat in the W.H. is destroying our Constitution.  He is a muslim and

I will never change my mind on that one.. Now that we are seeing more muslims in our Country, they are 

beginning to create the mob mentality. It won't be long until we shall be ruled by them as they are in 

England and other.. There was a day when the people of this Country didn't accept the illegal mexican and 

today, we are taught to embrace them...

We are in lots of trouble folks.

I agree Debrajoe. They are low life, stupid asses that have no sense of real life!!!!

So I take it you will not be a customer of Rachel's American Burka Boutique, right, Debrajoe?  LOL!  I am sooooooo with you on every word you wrote.  This culture is sick.  I have had SEVERAL bad experiences with them, including nearly being raped by a muslim pig while I was in college...telling me as he attacked me, "American women LIKE this."  He didn't say much after I knocked the wind out of him and literally threw him out of my car.  Luckily for me my macho American men friends went and had a "discussion" with him about how American women like to be treated.  The muslims who come here will NEVER change their ways.  We need them OUT of this country.

Oh dear, am I sounding somewhat islamophobic?  LMAO!

That piece of crap Owl Gore was never anything but stinking commie shit anyway!!!


God Bless Geller and Gabriel, she'll be the next one they hit.

It's all about our Constitution.  Stick with it, not the "interpretations" of what it means foisted on us by the hierarchical elite in this Country.  Do that and Muslims, Illegal aliens, entitlement minded irresponsible Citizens or any other faction will pose no threat to our Republic.  As I say, "It's about our Constituion"!

Clarence, the Constitution is being trashed -- PC is the downfall of this country.

I see this from the story on the left frame of this page.

We need to take a lesson from the UK -- NOW.

It is incompatible!!! They call us the great Satan, they need to look in the mirror. The nation was founded using Christian principle! That is why we have enjoyed the fruits of God's many blessing, we have failed God, abortions, lack of faith, drugs, I could go on and on!!!  We are about to witness and maybe fight in the battle of good vs evil. I believe that islam is evil! You have but to see and read how the treat their women, enough for me!!!!!




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