What's Huma up to?



In a one-hour promo that Al Jazeera America aired before it debuted its programming on Tuesday, the network featured words of endorsement from Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Watch promo video here.

In a promotional montage of images and clips, Al Jazeera America played a clip of Hillary Clinton saying that Al Jazeera is "real effective," and "viewership is going up because it's real news."

A clip of McCain aired in which he says, "what Al Jazeera has done is to achieve what I think all of us want to achieve—and that is to make a contribution."

McCain recently suggested that he may consider voting for Clinton, despite her role in the Benghazi terror attack scandal, if she won her party's nomination and ended up facing Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) in the 2016 presidential contest. 

Multiple images of President Barack Obama showed up in the montage, as did an image of Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.
The network claimed that its "journalism integrity knows no borders" and then previewed and profiled its shows, anchors, and personalities. 
Immediately after the "This is Al Jazeera" promo, anchor Tony Harris, formely of CNN, introduced the network and anchored the hour-long newscast at 4 PM EDT.

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Two peas in a pod.

you mean two treasonous unconstitituional traitors in a puke

Why the bloody H*ll am I NOT SURPRISED????

Does it mean anything that I must watch a commercial for BP to watch the live feed?????????

I told my wife earlier tonight that this was the last straw for me. I can honestly say now that I no longer recognize the country we live in. My own country, the one I dearly love, has been hi-jacked and the majority of Americans have no strong opinion as to how America is changing, they seem to blindly go on every day as if in a daze.

FYI... I'm not wasting my time to watch the link provided with this post so forgive me if what I'm about to write was brought out in the link, but I can tell you for certain that Senator McCain is sucking-up to this POS tv news channel because his darling fool of a daughter, Megan McCain, has been given her very own show on this channel. SURPRISE! Nah. Wanna bet her Salary is in the mid to upper 6 figures?!

I agree with you David. He is a sell out to America and is ridding on his being a POW during Nam. I will not take that away from him but is that a reason to sell out America to the Enemy? He** no but  he has in fact sold America out. I will not watch this channel nor would I ever support McCain for anything including dog catcher. I love animals and could not do that to them. No I'm not surprised at his or good ole Hillary's support of this channel. And I'm willing to bet if she runs in 2016 she will win. For some reason the "other party" can't get their sh** in one bag, whew. I have no clue what we can do anymore. Does anyone have an idea?

HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DEAR LORD JESUS PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I do not pay for cable and therefore do not know this. I will not pay for trash that I don't need to see!  The digital stations I do watch have enough trash as it is!!!!  Thank you for sharing this Twana!!!!!  I don't know what is worse.....my breaking heart or my sick stomach!!!!!!!


David Swanson and Ronald Whaley - I couldn't agree more!!  You BOTH  expressed the frustration and ABSOLUTE disgust REAL American's feel for this BLATANT, anti-American, POLITICAL act of these two  traitor/turncoats!!!!!

This is nothing less than a sickening sucker punch to all of those soldiers that came home with missing limbs, eyeballs, and other assorted body parts. Sure they (Al Jazeera) will do a lot of fluff that young/stupid libs in the USA will fall in love with, but they do have an agenda and they won't forget about it, so eventually their true evil corrupted ideology will creep into their News reporting. Then the next horrible mass murder by terrorists against the West will happen and Al Jazeera will unleash their hate filled mantra for all of us to see/hear. Of course by then the libs will scream and fuss saying that WE of all people are being bigots and they will support the Anti-West, anti-Christian, anti-Freedom, etc. But I pray that the rest of America has at least half a brain, a small dose of common sense, and finally wake the hell up. 

For the people that come here to snoop... I am NOT condoning the wanton destruction of Muslims or anyone of any other religion. In fact, I can easily get along with any race, almost any religion, and I don't care how rich or poor someone is, HOWEVER... I have just about had all I can take. If these enemies of our's, and there are many, thinks they are winning I have some sad news for them... they are dead wrong. I will NOT curl up into the fetal position and just hope things will get better. If they come to fight, and by "they" I mean all of those that seem to have a problem with God loving, Common-sense Conservatives, Patriotic American, anti-drug, etc, etc, If they come to fight I'm ready and willing to fight them, and I'm willing to do so with, or without our governments blessing. Maybe Al Jazeera has underestimated the American people and maybe the American people will finally come to understand what Al Jazeera represents. Remember, they would do live shot spots from battle locations and openly cheering for whoever it is that is killing Americans. There are tens of thousands of proud Veterans that have to be taken care of by their parents because their brave Son or Daughter fought for us and now, they can't even feed themself. Now imagine the injured patriot being fed at dinner time by his now elderly parents and suddenly while channel surfing they stop on Al Jazeera to see one of their reporters applauding a scene where Americans are being burned, killed, then hung from a bridge for the world to see. THIS IS WHAT HAS COME TO AMERICA. IT'S AS IF THE DEVIL HIMSELF HAS ARRIVED.

I would expect this of these two.

WOW, if those two endorsed it,,,,, that is two strikes against it already. Looks like all our political "LEADERS" can do well now a days is......KISS ARSE

McCain doesn't even qualify as a RINO. He is an unprincipled Liberal lackey. We sure were given one hell of a choice in 2008, the Communist of the Communist sympathizer.

Pardon me so I can close my mouth.......................................WTF, what are these muslim brotherhoods doing to OUR Country ??? well, I will say this, this will be the only time I watch this SHIT, sorry.



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