What's Huma up to?



In a one-hour promo that Al Jazeera America aired before it debuted its programming on Tuesday, the network featured words of endorsement from Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Watch promo video here.

In a promotional montage of images and clips, Al Jazeera America played a clip of Hillary Clinton saying that Al Jazeera is "real effective," and "viewership is going up because it's real news."

A clip of McCain aired in which he says, "what Al Jazeera has done is to achieve what I think all of us want to achieve—and that is to make a contribution."

McCain recently suggested that he may consider voting for Clinton, despite her role in the Benghazi terror attack scandal, if she won her party's nomination and ended up facing Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) in the 2016 presidential contest. 

Multiple images of President Barack Obama showed up in the montage, as did an image of Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.
The network claimed that its "journalism integrity knows no borders" and then previewed and profiled its shows, anchors, and personalities. 
Immediately after the "This is Al Jazeera" promo, anchor Tony Harris, formely of CNN, introduced the network and anchored the hour-long newscast at 4 PM EDT.

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The million muslim march on DC on Sept 11---will be matched by 2 million harley HOGS or any bikers..roaring through...for those who cannot ride, a motor home serving the bikers pulled pork and bacon sandwiches would be appropriate..What are muslims doing to our country? Well, time to get involved and fight for it.

Go Bikers! 

Another thought: Are we as journalists, reporters, too STUPID to report REAL happenings as they occur???--what say you CNN? ABC? NBC, Fox news??? Are you strictly "surface reporters and entertainers enlightening us with YOUR stupid OPINIONS??? You are all facing demise unless you step it up

You folks reading this: Watch any of the above mentioned --these people give us their ideas, thoughts and opinions without KNOWING the facts--Each of us have an opinion and just like just like another body anatomy part, we all have one. I simply want truthful reporting NOT from Al Jazzerra

McCain has really gone off the deep end, and I hope that those of us in Arizona can do the recall on him.

Here is the latest information on that from the following.  Just don't know how we are going to get him out of office.  http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/07/arizona-attempts-to-stall-recall-...


Has it crossed anyone's mind that McCain MIGHT be a real patriot?  Let me explain.  Maybe he is a "mole" and pretends to be a progressive?  Has anyone read the book "Sun Tzu?"  It says to confuse your enemy.   Always think outside the box.  Things are not always as they seem.  He may or may not be a liberal leftist. 


McCain has made a habit of being on the wrong side of things so I don't buy the 'mole' idea. With all the crap he's been involved with he would spend his entire life underground if he was a 'mole'. 

I served with his Father when he was a rear Admiral and I wrote John that I believe if his Father was alive he would be taking him to the woodshed. John McCain is a disgrace to the Senate and to his Country.

ok, I can by that.....John McCain is a mole................up obozo's, well. between him and "what does it matter", I would say there is a few moles up there. sorry, I don't buy it. in todays society, for this much crap to happen and nothing be done, someone has something on someone.



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