Constitutional Emergency

Al Sharpton and other Black Racists Thugs With Brow Beating Sticks!


I woke up this morning to the full on racist baiters slinging their hate. Look folks this is straight up politics! DC is using this to stir up tension and racial divisions. There are always hot heads ready to jump on anything because they are lovers of fighting. I'm calling this - This is Al Sharpton the black racist that is pushing hard at projecting his racism onto white people and in this case light skinned Zimmerman. While the racists in this country work hard at creating hate and division, our country is falling at a rapid pace.

This race baiting distraction is to take your eyes off all the criminals and committers of treason in DC, state governments and the media that is their lies and propaganda spreaders all across our beloved country! We know Al Sharpton is a dog of the worst kind! He's a thug with a race card brow beating stick! He's doing what he does best - stirring up folks who were raised on thinking with their emotions and not their minds! Stirring up professional victims! Stirring up racists! There are many black racists among us! This is what we are witnessing in this case. Start naming them and their works what they truly are! Why do they get away with it? Because they have shamed non-racists into guilt emotions! Start speaking the truth and expose the true racists! Time to get our focus back on what these are working very hard at distracting us from! The bought and paid for thugs and cowards in DC and state governments that are destroying our republic!

Will there be a Fed. case filed against Zimmerman? I don't know but I wouldn't doubt they are looking at filing one so they can continue in this full fledge racism baiting distraction!

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The government tries to keep Racial Hatred alive in our country



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