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Ronald, that's good news, and I wish you luck here in TX!  This needs to spread like wildfire amongst the states. 

I just read from Larry that AL threw it out.  I refuse to be downtrodden. We have got to find Judges that will stand up and stick to their guns, so to speak.

I think Larry is referring to a case other than the current Alabama effort.......

I am also looking for an attorney to take this action for me in the state of Washington - so far no luck.

Eddie........check out   They have a "contact" button at the top of the home page.....

OK-tell eric Erikson Redstate, he is wrong! He said GA is an embarrment-everyone tell Erickson Redstate has lost credibility! 

I've never given Redstate much credibility.............

It is my great desire to see the court in Alabama do just what Georgia did. If he does not want to go to court they should take it one step forward and charge him with contempt. He has been ordered to court and to bring records for the court to examine. If he fails he is in contempt of court. The judge should fine him and jail him. That is what happens to others that do this and he is not an exception. He has side stepped the law and tried to tear the constitution and now he is unmistakenly guilty of contempt of the court. He should pay the price everyone else would have to pay. Jail the jerk.  

Dear David~
I just saw your comment in my email & may be able to help. The main attorney in the Georgia case yesterday is Van Irion @ Liberty Legal Foundation. He has been keeping the plaintiffs up to date. I'll try to be short. The evidence presented at the hearing was enough to keep Obama off the ballot. The Judge can do that by default. The fact that Obama showed such complete contempt for our justice system is a huge problem. Judge Malihi can hold him in contempt, fine him, jail him. But, what he told Van was that he was giving it 1 week ~ that means Feb 2. He feels if he can't get support from Congress, from law enforcement, he will have to send the case to a higher court. And, as this Judge has been the ONLY one to show some courage & respect for justice, Van wants the case to stay with him. If enough people contact their representatives, the Judge, we might get him that support.If it goes to another court, it could be completely overturned. It's unbelievable what we are seeing here!! Van says if Obama gets a pass on this, our entire system of checks & balances will be worthless, our Republic will fall.I have written just today to my elected officials in Congress, & I'm going to write to the Judge as well. We have to get this word out! Have you noticed that the media isn't even covering it!? Please pass this on to as many as you can. If we succeed, all the rest of the states will follow & we just may have a chance at getting rid of this usurper who has us on a slippery slope into fascism. Your own officials & others if you know some. The Judge - we need his email. If you want the letter Van sent, I could forward it to you if I had your email. I guess that's it. Have to go because I'm ill today & am barely getting this done. Another way to read Van's update is to go to my Facebook Wall ~ it's posted there & my account is under my full name - Joyce Sutherland, the page is open to Public because this is so important. Thanks.

Thanks for the info and assistance Joyce, I'll be one that would like a copy of that letter from Van.

There may be one more reason Obama and his DNC attornys did not show up at the Georgia hearings;

What attorney do you know of that would walk into a court room, swear to tell the truth, and then say that as far as they are concerned Obama is elegabile to hold that office when they know damned well he isn't? They would instantly be subject to criminal charges of election fraud. Maybe Obama is willing to take that chance but I'll bet non of the DNC attornys are.

I am with you David. If the Reptile in chief sees himself as being above the law and there is no response to his abrogation of same, then he will have won and will in fact BE above the law!~ Who will stop him then?Not only should Alabama follow Georgia's lead, every other state should as well. even my  miserable home state of Massachusetts., where such action would have only a marginal chance of success. I ma here but my oldest son is in a more enlightened state with a sense of comstitututional COMPLIANCE, GEORGIA! I am hoping to visit mid month next for a bit on my way to Florida. I also hope to visit in Alabama and then go to Texas to pay respect to a fallen Warrior. At 67, it is the last such trip I am ever to make by car but, it is in my mind the right thing to do. I find it nearly Providential that circustamces should call me to this task at this time given what is transpiring in those states. Perhaps it may prove portentious; I surely hope so, and we will be able to rid ourselves of this president and his parasitical partners in the congress; ALL OF THEM!

The thing I was trying to get across is that IF WE DO NOTHING to support this Judge in Georgia, he will have to send the case to a higher court & if that happens, Obama will have proved his point, & no other states will go forward. It will be the fall of our Republic. There's a time factor as well & I think obama may be waiting it out. If he doesn't get off enough ballots by April, it sets precedence. A foreigner will have usurped our gov't.

Joyce, I'm right with you on this one. I've sent a message to a congressional rep (2) to try to get them on board and get this judge some congressional support. I will send more out tommorrow am.

Also I tried to find your Facebook page,,,,,,,,,,There are about twenty people listed with your same name.

I'll keep looking.
What state do you live in? That would help find your page.

Thanks for your help.



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