All Hands on Deck, An urgent call for help;

We have a new member who joined the Patriots For America site in an effort to find help for his 5 year old grand daughter.

Here’s the story behind what is happening to this little 5 year old girl.

Mother and father are entangled in a typical custody battle. But this one is not so typical.
Mother ran off with a boyfriend. Took the daughter with them. Some time during the course of events a Missouri court awarded joint custody between mother and father. So far everything sounds nasty as usual in these child custody cases. But things started to get really nasty when the child reported that both her mother and a boyfriend were abusing her. She reported being beaten by both the mother and boyfriend(s). And also a good possibility of child molestation by one of the boyfriends.

Right now as I am writing this the little girl is safe and secure with her father and grand parents.

But there is a court hearing scheduled for October 21st, 2020. The father is refusing to relinquish the girl back to her mother, and the courts are threatening to file criminal charges if he does not bring the girl to court so that she can be returned to her mother. There must be something to this because the girl is frighten of her mother and her boyfriends. She is also scared of the police. There has to be a reason for that.

The girls father has repeatedly asked the court to listen to the girl and has requested a court order to have the mother tested for drugs. But the court has denied those requests stating that there is no apparent reason for the requests. Instead they are simply demanding that the girl be returned to the courts and to her mother.

The girl’s Grand Father and his Son are reaching out for help in desperation. Apparently they have requested intervention fro the Missouri’s Governor’s office and also from the Missouri Attorney General’s office. All the requests for assistance have been met with the typical bureaucratic brush-off, “It’s not my problem”, and “There’s nothing I can do, just follow the court orders”.

Remember that this is the same State of Missouri that is prosecuting a St. Louis couple for standing their ground against the BLM raids on their community. They are prosecuting the home owners but not the BLM anarchists.

Apparently the State of Missouri is not concerned with the safety and well being of a 5 years old child.

So what we are now asking all our members to do is print out and mail a copy of the letter posted here to the Governor and the Missouri Attorney General. There is no need to sign this letter yourself and no need to provide a return address. You can remain completely anonymous. The goal here is to get enough of these letters onto the desks of the Governor and the attorney general that they understand that there are several thousand people watching this case. Let them know that people will not simply sit silently by while a 5 year old girl is in potential jeopardy and possible danger for her life.

Please print out a copy of the letter and mail it to each of the Missouri officials.

The addresses are included in the letter.

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This is the letter to be mailed by everyone on PFA;

Letter to Governor of Missouri.


Missouri Governor Mr. Michael Parson.
Office of Governor Michael L. Parson
P.O. Box 720
Jefferson City, MO 65102

Attorney General of Missouri Mr. Eric Schmitt.
Supreme Court Building, 207 W. High
P.O. Box 899
Jefferson City, Missouri 65102

Dear Governor Parson and Attorney General Schmitt;

We believe a matter of grave concern has been brought to our attention. Since this matter concerns the health and well being of a five year old girl we believe it should warrant your attention as well.
It has been reported to us that a young girl may be suffering child abuse at the hands of both her mother and the mother’s boyfriend(s).
The girl reports that she has been beaten several times and possibly sexually molested by the mother’s boyfriends. She is currently being cared for by her father and Grand Parents.

We understand and appreciate your reluctance to intervene in domestic child custody cases. However in light of the seriousness of these allegations and the potential danger to a child the consequences of not investigating these circumstances could potentially be devastating for the child.

Unfortunately a Missouri civil court has awarded custody of the child to the mother who is allegedly abusing her and has allowed boyfriends to molest her either while she was sleeping or unconscious. Also unfortunately we do not really know the full extent nor any specifics behind this case. However we do believe due to the seriousness of these allegations, and the desperation in the calls for help, that further investigations are called for.

Responses such as “There’s nothing we can do, just follow the law” or It’s not my problem” are simply not sufficient, adequate nor acceptable when a young girls life is in peril.

Under the circumstance being reported the custody judge simply following standard custody practices and procedures of awarding custody to the paternal mother without allowing or acknowledging any of the allegations or even so much as requesting drug screening of the mother or the boyfriends or allowing testimony of the child is also not conducive to the health and well being of this child.

A typical “rubber-stamp” of normal court proceedings simply to expedite the hearings is not being prudent to child protective measures.

We urge you both to investigate these allegations and if necessary to intervene on behalf of this child. Failure to do any less would be negligence on the part of your administration and could place you in a position of becoming an accomplice to this young girl’s abuse.

We would urge the State of Missouri to conduct screening for drug abuse by both the mother and any boyfriends who may be in contact with the child.
The State and all parties involved must take adequate measure to insure the safety of this child.
Anything less is negligence.

a friend of the family.

Court location, date and names associated;

Child. Aubrey Jade Lewis, age 5. 

court location is Houston, Missouri Texas County.
Date; October 28st. Case No.: 18TE-CC00444


Prepared and will mail tomorrow.


B.C. Canada

LETTER TO MISSOURI GOV. IN WORK  and  Blast e-mail to alert many to this situation


The hearing was scheduled for October 21,2020 That was Wednesday have you heard anything on the verdict ?

Hearing apparently rescheduled for Oct. 28th.
Houston Missouri.

Thanks Wayne.

Note to everyone here;
The court hearings on custody case of this girl has apparently been moved to October 28th, 2020.
Also the Attorney General of Missouri has responded to some of the letters they are receiving, One at least.
So please get those fingers working and send them a copy of the letter. Let them know that people are watching what is happening over there. I know this is a very unusual use of this PFA platform but I don't see any reason we can't do this.
Just make sure you don't threaten anyone.
Our task here is to try to help protect this little girl, there is strength in numbers so get those letters out, ASAP.

And don't worry - we'll get back to politics and this 2020 election mess soon.




Judge awarded abusive mother full custody on the 23rd.

Sadly none of our governments give a damn about the law or whats right and true.

We thank all of you for trying to help. 

Our fight will end when they try to physically remove this child from our care.

We have tried, but they have left us no other option.

God Bless and good luck

What the hell happened to the hearing scheduled for the 28th?

How can they tell you they scheduled a hearing for the 28th and then make a decision on the 23rd?
THAT is pure Bull-Shit.
You don't even get a chance to appear and present your objections???
Definitely something fishy there. That gives you grounds for an appeal and possible legal action.

Yes sir, it is bull shit, and this entire case has been handled this way.

Remember I said wash, rail and repeat.

Lawyer quits, judge makes rulings with or without trial, we get notified after the fact, then judge quits. 

How do we file an appeal?

We can't find a lawyer that does anything but rubber stamp and done.

We have asked 3 of our previous lawyers to file appeals, ALL have said can't before final ruling. 

If we demand they fight for what's right they quit.

The state has shrugged it all off.

The fed has shrugged it all off.

They may or may not look into this case sometime in the next 45-90 days.

we have been told by child services, unless Aubrey turns up dead they won't even look.

These cases are the norm.

Look at poor James in Texas.

Thousands, millions, all day everyday.

Who knows, but all court cases are being ran by judges that think themselves to be gods.

 And LEO's just follow orders.

This in my opinion, is exactly why the militia was enshrined in our constitution. 

 Government doing nothing while the country burns, innocent men are railed and children are hurt is tyranny.

Our fix for the Federal Government must start in the states.

I don't know how to quit, so I'll post and answer any questions anyone has for as long as I can.


Also I emailed you Jared Halls reply to my son.

Notice he didn't mention this custody ruling?

You have my permission to post anything I have emailed you or told you on this case.

If you think it will help you have my permission to do, or share with whomever you think might help.

Consider our email chain your property.

God bless you all for your help.



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