ALERT!!!! Machine gun fire from military helicopters flying over downtown Miami Fl.

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Never have heard of anything like this before.

With Obama anything is possible.

They did the same kind of things here in Los Angels about 9mths to a year ago.  Really have to wonder what they are REALLY up to


Well, the local cops participated, so someone knows what's going on. What did they have to say? I assume there was no advance public notice, which is highly suspect. If the military sides with Obama, we might as well pray for Jesus to come soon(er), or die in a pile of empty brass, as the saying goes.

hey Marine.....did ya notice how some of the firing points are ABOVE the flight path?  Last I checked, the gang-bangers and anybody else in Civilianland usually don't pay the exuberant price for tracers.....lot of firingpoints from those skyscrapers........a wall of lead with the only locator, the "flash".....just my observation.......Semper Fi Warfighter........


Semper Vigilo, Fortis, Paratus et Fidelis

You are so right!

I agree it is to desensitize citizens,same way with  TSA scanners  and groping body searches. When people take it for normal training sessions, they won't be ready for the real thing. Also a threat to make people think their guns won't do them any good so give them up.  Are we going to need rocket launchers? What about the drones flying over our cities and towns? What about State Sovereignty?  Why did the Governor of FL.allow this and let law enforcement participate in this?

Obama's way of saying "get ready, we want you and we are coming" As New Orleans was a test for the reaction of the citizens, so is this. He hopes we will cower down and he can eliminate us without his people getting killed too.

I don't know about that you get the brass and since I serve a God that is my fortress and high tower, He will give his angels charge over me, that no evil will befall me.  Not everyone has the means to buy brass...and when you have done eveerything you can, you have to trust God only and if it is your time to go, welcome home!

I view your opinion as that of one willing to commit suicide by cop or other agency. perhaps your broken bloody body will inspire others to defend themselves against evil. may god have mercy on your soul

A drill in America-what the hell for



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