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I would like to see mandatory conscription in our military come about.I think it would be good for our young men and women to be actively part of the country where they live and hold citizenship.For those who willingly unlawfully invade our borders deportation is necessary . For of age citizens who will not serve put them to labor on building border security around this country.Our fore fathers were not playing a game when they sought out a new nation free from aggression .Today we are fifty states joined together in union,under God.Through His mercy and grace we are still here today.

Agreed, and mandatory for both young men and women. i would also have it to be a 4 year term. to finish the young peoples overall academic education, physical training, and vocational integration into civilian roles (including mandatory civics class as a high school requirement for all students, so they will know and understand our republic and how it functions) so when these young people have finished our societies academic requirements and military conscription, they will be returning to our nation as Citizens of the Republic, not civilians, for this will be a well earned and deserved title to them, and they pass this format of training on to their children, via the same rigor of participation in and of these requirements to them..

I agree John. When I attended School we had ROTC, and many functions to bring about love of our Country..It was never questioned. We loved our Country and we were taught at home and School. We Prayed in School, we sang songs of Faith, but that was in the 60's. Today its another story. I pray God will watch over us all.

 Mr. Kimmel:  God wiped His feet on America at 911. He has had enough of unborn children being sacrificed. He has had enough of the legalizing Homosexual SIN. He has had enough of us Christian sitting in our pews and waiting on Him to exercise His voting privileges and take care of all the evil in the world.  So now Americans have some dues to pay.  God is slow to anger but He reaches a point like He did with the Jews during WWII.  He will only put up with so much defiance of His laws.

Jack Patrick How dare you say God wiped his feet on America on 9/11. You should be ashamed of yourself ! The words I would like to say to you are not worth my time and effort but I question your patriotism to our country and those who serve our country. Your, dear Sir, are not a true American hero.

Patricia:  Jack may not have worded it very well.   But, get the book THE HARBINGER by Jonathan Cahn.  He explains, in depth, factual information where certain events have occurred on the exact same dates/days as in ancient history that occurred here on 9/11 what Jack was trying to say.  The book is written in story form, but is ALL factual information. 

Jack your Theology is askew. On 9/11 God did not wipe his feet on America, Satan used those who serve him to kill innocents. Satan is the prince of this world and has been given authority over the earth for a time. In your judging you put yourself in the judgement seat of Christ. That is a place reserved for Him and Him alone. What you have done is commit the "unpardonable" sin, attributing the things of Satan to God Almighty. Your not only a theological moron who can't distinguish good from evil, your spiritually dead. You have as much spiritual discernment as my coffee table. I assure you God is not pleased with the sins of America, but the evil that is taking place in the world is not being done by God but by the Devil. You sound like Reverand Wright!! Perhaps you should join a black liberation theology church, they are more in line with your understanding. Do yourself a favor and pull head out of your ass.. SEMPER FI.

Messages like this don't get enough play time. And it's not by mistake or oversight either. There are traitors amongst us and they should be dealt with...Semper Fi Nam 66-67


I do agree with John since our childrens allegiance to this country is being removed through their lack of true History education. How can we expect them to have any allegiance to America when they have no idea what our founders went through to give us this wonderful land? It is "We the People" who have messed it up by allowing ourselves to become "Sheeple" and not keeping God's land pure.

And Patricia you are so wrong. I would guess you are one of those sitting in a 501 C 3 church every Sunday and your minister refuses to do his duty and tell his congregation what is really happening in this country. It is the numerous book salesmen "false prophets" standing behind the pulpits in America who are leading American's into Sheeple land by not sounding Ezekiel's horn. If you do not believe God is angry with us for allowing the unborn to be slaughtered, our children to be raised out of the church and rude and foul mouthed, along with all the other things going on in His country - you are part of the greater problem. He did lift his "protection" from this country on 9-11 under the leadership of one of the worst non-Christian families that have ever ruled over this country. Do your own research on the Bush klan especially Prescott and George H.W. - you might learn a thing or two. 

Amen brother 

Couldn't agree more.



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