All PFA/OAS members...especially the ones that have joined in the past two weeks!

As this Movement to Action builds, it will become a larger and easier target for those that wish to see us fail.  They will join our group (some are already here) specifically to undermine our effort, to cause disruptions in our cohesiveness.  Their intent is to create a sense of unease, distrust and hopelessness.

Know! Fellow Patriots! Know that this will not be easy, that any unpleasantness you may have witnessed thus far will only intensify as the date draws nearer...Stand by your convictions, Try, really hard, to see through the smoke that will not go away and know that this Movement is going to require each and every one of us to be Braver than we have ever had to be...and that's putting it mildly.

Focus on your Pride (in what your country stands for) on the shame you will feel if you ever have to tell your children that "things are the way they are because there was nobody Brave enough to stand up. Focus on your Fear of not having done anything and on your selfishness, it will return to haunt you.

LTC Alan E. Coffey just recently added a post that you should all read, it's basically the Biblical version of what I am alerting you to.  Please read it.

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What I saw in the first 24 hours so appalled me that I have backed off to wait and watch. I know I am not the only one. The pride and immaturity publicly displayed were just awful. I am not new to politics, patriots or the unfortunate infighting. This never should have been allowed to go on in the public eye. Not for 5 minutes. I was so embarrassed as I had invited many to join. It looked like temper tantrums. Jealousy and jockeying for power, pride and position. Please please don't ever let that happen again. There comes a point where paranoia about infiltrators becomes so extreme that we can end up with an "us four and no more" mentality. I think what is happening with this march is critically important and believe that with enough of us it just may succeed, especially with the concurrent efforts that are in the works. If we fail because of letting emotion lead, it will be the last opportunity and destroyed by knickers in a twist. I am watching to see the reaction to my reply and sincerely hope it is on a higher plane that what occurred early this week.


You have spoken directly from my mind.  I too, was appalled and embarrassed and would like to publicly apologize if I added to that.  It's been said, and I have agreed that the chat room should be shut off...I know that the chat room isn't the only source of embarrassment but it is a big one.  As a matter of fact, I think the sooner we can move off of ning and onto our own servers, the better.  I sure wish I had the capacity to help in that area.

Thank you for your words of wisdom and of caution,  And thank you especially for not just turning tail and running. The site and the Movement to Action are both in a certain stage of infancy and there are bound to be growing pains. 

Words of wisdom, cool responses and strong Leadership are the building blocks that we have to work with. 

I believe.

Thanks again

Its a new day Kevin and I still reach my hand out  to you

Complete agreement with Kevin. 

Well said Aubryn  Thank you.

Just joined in Oregon. A stand has to be made or we will continue down a path that will lead to an America that no one would ever recognize. I look forward to more information sharing, and working on getting others to join. I lack the resources right now to go to Washington, but hope that could change.

Hi Dale I am in Oregon also... I am currently team leader

I am in Salem...  I will reach out to you... Thank you for checking in.  where are you located

Michelle Turner



A new day, indeed.  Thank you for starting it with a hug.  Back at ya.

Welcome Dale!  Join your State Group and start networking with all. I am hoping that there will be a growing number of ride share options.

 I just watched this video and several others with Major General Vallely and I was impressed with him before, but after watching the videos and getting to "know" the General a little better I am PROUD to be a part of this OPERATION.   The "TROLLS" and nay sayers need to get onboard, get out of the way or get run over. WE want and need POSITIVE people here that have FAITH in the Leadership and the Good LORD above. WE THE PEOPLE have had enough and WE want OUR Country Back!   F.H. Stralow,SSgt, USAF (12 yr. Veteran)

Frederick, that is music to my ears...Logic, Passion, Faith and Pride are very magnetic when combined.

I have emailed back and forth w Gen Vallely for the past few weeks and am very impressed with his valor, honor, courage, and discretion. 

I do have a question about the events earlier discussed though. Have we reached out to Tom and given him the necessary information that should have been forthcoming to begin with? Having worked in media I understand the timeliness issue. Have we burned our bridges there? Have any other media outlets been treated thusly? Is there anyone on board who knows how to handle PR/Media Relations/Press Releases/Promos appropriately? 



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