All PFA/OAS members...especially the ones that have joined in the past two weeks!

As this Movement to Action builds, it will become a larger and easier target for those that wish to see us fail.  They will join our group (some are already here) specifically to undermine our effort, to cause disruptions in our cohesiveness.  Their intent is to create a sense of unease, distrust and hopelessness.

Know! Fellow Patriots! Know that this will not be easy, that any unpleasantness you may have witnessed thus far will only intensify as the date draws nearer...Stand by your convictions, Try, really hard, to see through the smoke that will not go away and know that this Movement is going to require each and every one of us to be Braver than we have ever had to be...and that's putting it mildly.

Focus on your Pride (in what your country stands for) on the shame you will feel if you ever have to tell your children that "things are the way they are because there was nobody Brave enough to stand up. Focus on your Fear of not having done anything and on your selfishness, it will return to haunt you.

LTC Alan E. Coffey just recently added a post that you should all read, it's basically the Biblical version of what I am alerting you to.  Please read it.

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Please go here:

If the link doesn't work, it's the top post in the Forums link.  From there you will know who specifically to contact regarding the myriad of questions you are bound to have and they would love your involvement in the areas that match your skill sets.

Involvement that matches skill sets sounds like a great idea!  ;)

Kevin would you email me ?


   It becomes real, real tough, and inside strength, restraint, not to lash out at an instigator, having first infiltrated while wrapped in the clothing of a brother patriot. A strength, and restraint, of which can actually be gained further strength while baffling, and dunning the infiltrator, has they hang themselves. I cannot fully explain how gaining strength, can be accomplished with an interrogator in your face, threatening you with punishment, you knew would happen anyway, while you don't lash out, keep your cool, your mouth shut, and you KNOW YOU BEAT 'EM! Never give them the satisfaction of anything, more than what is already public, has they will twist, and turn that so much, it will be difficult to even believe there's any truth in it. Have faith in the Truth you know, and patriots of Truth, its Love of God, and country, that you know will stand on the Rock, not run, just as We Do Not Run. Perhaps some flanking, and a bit of decoy actions, but always accomplishing the operation, while weeding the field.    

I have set as much time as needed to camp out in DC. I would like to know if there is a group in N.E. Alabama that will be making the trip in. I am a biker and would like to ride with others, bikers or not. I realize that the working folks can't stay much more than the weekend, I am retired and will stay as long as it takes.
Thanks to all and may god bless us all with the resolve to make a difference

Do you have a link to Alan's post, Kevin?

I guess I should have done that in the first place...:)

Here it is:

Love your country. Be Proud and Bold! Show your children the errors that have led to this.  No matter what, America is either the place to be, because of the Liberty it enspouses or the place to Hate for the very same reason.

It is time to be Braver than you ever thought you could be.  Our children are counting on us...and I have promised mine.

all that has gone on should have been totally is an inevitable part of group dynamics.  i would hope that we all can keep our eye on the ball, and not be distracted by all of the predictable and silly drama



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