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Breaking: Florida Showing Massive Voter Fraud

Florida congressman Allen West has won his re-election bid by a narrow enough margin to prompt a full recount, according to sources within the Republican’s ranks.
“Boots on the ground update from the Allen West election count via Gary Angelo Galiano: ‘We win by 195,’” Congresman West supporter Gary Angelo Galiano posted on his Facebook account early Saturday morning.
The margin of victory is within legal guidelines to prompt an automatic recount of all the votes in Florida’s 18th Congressional District, something Congressman West has pushed for since Democrat Party challenger Patrick Murphy was declared the winner early Wednesday morning.
Proof that voter ID is needed to keep our elections legitimate and fair. Our elected leaders should be elected fairly by the people and not by the minority voting in names that are not theirs.
This is how the democratic party stays in power and why they do not listen to the people when they are in power because they know they are guaranteed to win no matter how they perform their duties. God help this country!
8 Arrested for Absentee Voter Fraud in Madison County, Florida

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Perhaps a National recount should be held and let the military revote since their votes were destroyed or delayed.

It can't be worse than the actual election or first count!

This is GREAT news.  Is there any reason this man can't run for president in 2016?  

Newsmax  is reporting he lost which is it? November 10,2012

See story

The Newsmax blurb is quoting The Palm Beach Post...  and the "compost" as I call it, is highly biased for whatever that's worth.

Understood thank you for clarifying this for me.

I hope this is true. The States that obama won in most don't have voter ID laws. Gee, I wonder why he doesn't want it. Beside it is a shame that people have to cheat to win. Go Allen West.

I have no info but what we see here, but I'm with you, I HOPE THIS IS TRUE.  This country needs a man like Allen West in our goverment halls.  GO WEST, young man, GO WEST!!

allen west has NOT won reelection (yet)...   and may not, IF he can't get them to recount ALL the votes in his district.  the SOE is as corrupt as they come, and only allowed the last 3 days of the early voting to be recounted...   apparently, these votes are the ones that had the 4,000 vote swing...   and during the recount of the last 3 days, west won back 535 votes of the alleged 2,400 vote lead.

he's now within the 1% range and has asked for the full recount.  he was on hannity last night (clip can be viewed here):

What was the outcome of this? I've not heard anything on main stream media. Of course why lkshould I?



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