Constitutional Emergency

These days it's pretty popular to criticize America. It's popular these days to complain about almost everything in America, “it's unfair, income inequality”, “the “Rich” people don't pay enough of their “Share”, The high cost of health care”, “the high cost of education”. It seems that people are complaining about almost everything in America these days.

All you Liberals and Socialists, Democrats, and people who just plain hate America, You hate those Old White guys. You're all just a bunch uneducated, ignorant, lazy ass idiots. It's either that or you're a narcissistic egotistical control freak or a Communist. Which is it cupcake? Or are you just a moron?

Let me tell you something; It's those Old White guys, and a whole lot of Black guys, and old people from all other kinds of races and nationalities that gave you the freedoms liberties that you have today.
It's all those old guys that fought for and won the freedoms for you to go to school and at least try to get an education. We won those freedoms for you, and we paid for your education. Most of the time it was paid for with more than just money. Too many times those freedoms and liberty were paid for with blood and guts.

It's not our fault you were too stupid to go to school and to pay attention, it's not our fault you were too freaking dumb to even get a high school diploma. It's not our fault that now you think the only way you can make a decent living is to rob, cheat, and steal it from somebody else. It's not our fault that the only way you can get anything is to hold up a convenience store and maybe shoot the clerk, for $20 or $30 dollars. And It's NOT our fault if you get shot in the process.

Oh yes it's very popular these days to hate us old White guys. Today Socialism sounds like a good idea, and you're all hyped up and ready to give away all the freedoms and liberties that those Old White guys fought for. Millions of us fought and many have died for those freedoms that you are so willing and anxious and eager to give away. You'll give it all away for the promise of a free paycheck, a free TV, or a cell phone, maybe some free food, a free education, the promise of a higher minimum wage. If you're over the age of 20 and still working for minimum wage you're an idiot. The last time I worked for minimum wages was when I was 15.

Yes we're getting old, but those old White guys and a whole lot of black folks fought for and won to protect and defend those freedoms and liberties that you now want to give away for a sales pitch, a promise of something free. Those promises in the end are so great that the people making all those promises want to take the guns and weapons away from all us old White guys. Because they know that we fought for those freedoms and they are afraid we might still be able to do it again.

Any time you hear a politician say anything at all about gun control, background checks, banning “assault” weapons, high capacity magazines, or anything else pertaining to gun control, or gun regulations, you should know instantly that what they have in mind for you is not in your best interest. If it was all that great and wonderful then why do they have to take our guns away to make you “Like” it? Or to make you live with it?

If Socialism and Communism is so great and wonderful then why are millions of people from all over this planet fighting and dying to try to escape those countries and trying to get to America?
The Socialists and Communists want you to give it all away and turn America into another shit hole ghetto like Venezuela or Cuba.


And that's my two cents for today

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