Constitutional Emergency

The 2020 elections in America will ultimately come down to Republicans verses Democrats in the fight for who controls Congress and our Government.

But the REAL war is all about whether America will remain a Constitutional Republic, or will it be turned into a Communist State, Governed and controlled by some foreign oligarchy Marxist dictatorship from the United Nations and Communist China.

Washington politicians all want the people to believe that THEY have the best solutions and that THEY are the one’s who will make America a better place.

Liberals and Democrats all proclaim that it is time to Fundamentally Transform America. They never say what that Transformation will turn America into. Will we be a free sovereign nation with Constitutional liberties and freedoms? Or will we be a Communist State governed by some dictatorship?

It’s not so much about what they will Transform America INTO, but what they will Transform America AWAY FROM.

For 240 years America has been a Constitutional Republic. A Republic regulated and controlled by the guide lines, limits, and restrictions placed on the Government by our Constitution.
It is those limits and restrictions placed upon the Government and officials that liberals hate so much.

Without those Constitutional limits and restrictions placed upon our Government officials, and the rights of a free people guaranteed under the Constitution, those Government officials would gladly take every right and liberty, every freedom you have, and every penny and dime you will ever earn away from each and every one of us. Without that Constitution and the restrictions and limitations it places on our Government, officials both in Washington and in each and every State, in every County, City, and precinct in America, would happily place limitations and restrictions, rules and regulations, upon We The People that would scarcely allow us the right to breath much less live as free people.

The 2020 elections are far more than simply Republican versus Democrat. It’s more than just Right or Left, Red or Blue. It’s about live liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. It’s about preserving, protecting, and defending our Constitution against all enemies, foreign or Domestic. The 2020 elections are all about preserving our Constitutional Republic versus those who would like to force some kind of Fundamental Transformation into something that they are afraid to even reveal, describe, or define.

Freedom is what allows us to pursue our happiness. Don’t allow anyone to Fundamentally Transform America away from our Constitutional Republic.

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