Does America need Mrs. Sonya Carson’s little boy, Benjamin Carson, as president? If not him, then someone just like him!

America needs a Patriotic President


By Judi McLeod  December 9, 2014 | Comments| Print friendly |

America needs a Patriotic President

What America needs most is a Patriotic President, a president who puts love of country well above love of self.

America needs a president who, even before coming forward, has already shoved his ego into his back pocket;  one wise enough to ignore the pandering of the moment and one whose head is never turned by Mae West type publicity.

America needs a president who won’t try to hog the limelight with “I-sang-to-Chelsea” folklore when needing to steal attention from other celebrities like the Duchess of Cambridge, but one who will belt out the American anthem at the top of his/her lungs every chance they get.

It’s not lullabies to Chelsea but God Bless America that needs public airing.

The president who can turn an upside-down America right side up again is one who knows that ‘bipartisanship’ is only an imaginary tool, pulled out of the bottom of the trick bag,  by truth-ducking career politicians like Senator John McCain.

Go to the lavish lounges of any political chamber,  at any level of government, and see for yourself how the same politicians you saw on last night’s news hurling insults at each other,  are now glad-handing and back-slapping each other in absolute glee.

In public, politicians of all stripes make like they hate each other.  In private, politicians work in concert making deals that keep their nests well feathered.

Real leadership being more necessary than celebrity cult to return America back to a stable state, calls for a leader who will blow raspberries at blowhard protesters like Occupy Wall Street (OWS) ones who need someone to run their cafe lattés to them between sore throat chants.

Fellas and gals out protesting need their coffee breaks when doing “die-ins” in front of public buildings.

America needs the kind of firm leadership which will send scurrying like White House rats, the followers of a crazed,  sore-infested, living on the avails of their parents and rich friends, Marxist malcontent like Karl Marx,  whose brain was in worse shape than his boil-studded body.

New blood is needed in Washington to rid the White House of the still-living-in-the-1960s unelected czars that form the wavery ‘O’ in Obama’s over-exposed logo.  It’s time for the czars to be shifted from the White House to institutions for the aged where they can listen to recorded Obama and Jonathan Gruber speeches—hopefully in another country.

America needs a serious Commander in Chief who puts the comfort of war veterans ahead of that of Hollywood stars, who, like millions of others in the world, pays sincere respect to a military who made a peaceful life in the West possible;  a Commander in Chief who doesn’t cut and run from every threat from a group he exaggeratedly claims that he already rid the world of.

Even with the Karl Roves pushing yet another Bush on America, and the Dems harboring another Clinton, the presidency of the United States does not belong to either the Republican or Democrat Party.  It belongs, lock, stock and barrel to We the People.

Does a turnaround America need Dr. Ben Carsons as its next president?


The last thing being discussed about Ben Carson is his colour.  And that’s as it should be.

Carson is a giver not a taker.  He doesn’t just talk about the need to support underprivileged school children, he sets up ongoing bursaries for them.

The difference between a Barack Obama and a Ben Carson couldn’t possibly be more stark.  Obama feeds class warfare, fuels racial unrest and rails about growing up in America in a single parent home,  without ever bothering to thank an America that bestowed upon him a life of privilege.  Carson was goaded on to success by a mother whose motto is:  “Do your best and God will do the rest”.  In his poverty-challenged youth, with a mother who steadfastly refused victim status, Carson was reading books, not writing them.

Ben Carson personifies American exceptionalism.  Admiration for him is international because even with all odds stacked against him, Carson went on to turn poverty into celebrated success.

Does America need Mrs. Sonya Carson’s little boy, Benjamin Carson, as president?

If not him, then someone just like him!

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Judi McLeod is an award-winning journalist with 30 years’ experience in the print media. A former Toronto Sun columnist, she also worked for the Kingston Whig Standard. Her work has appeared on Rush Limbaugh,, Drudge Report,, and Glenn Beck.

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I believe Dr. Carson to be a good man and one who loves America. He would get my vote because the last thing any of us need to do is vote for another career politician. Even if Dr. Carson would win the Presidency......what do we do about the Congress and the Senate? I am convinced there isn't an ounce worth of difference between the two parties. We wouldn't have the mess we have if these people would have put America and her people above themselves. It is my sincere belief both parties are taking us into the New World Order.

We are about to find out if the GOP will honor the desires of "we, the people". I say they will not. They have no such intention. Never did. We are a "paper tiger" and they know it. Once in office, they do as they da*n well please.

It's time for a third party. We need someone who will distance their self from both the GOP and the DEMS. After all, as things stand, we don't have a "snow balls chance in h*ll" of seeing a change. It just wont happen.

And this is precisely why a "Call of Arms" needs to be made, all other options are exhausted. Washington needs to see "ARMED, WE THE PEOPLE", That will be the only thing that will save this Country from the rampant tyranny and lawlessness and in-action by all of those in Washington. The UN is waiting in the wings to execute search and seizure of weapons, killing of Americans along with the Department of Homeland Security and our own Military who have trained DHS and a whole hand full of alphabet departments. Possible invasion by Russian and Chinese troops, if they aren't here and hidden from view already. What do you think they are going to do with 1.6 billion hollow-point bullets and FEMA camps, that are already fully staffed and finally Law Enforcement that has military grade equipment, that is reserved for the Military's use?  I will leave the rest for your imagination, mine is kinda tired and has been for a while.

Clois, I hate to say this but I have a very unsettling feeling that you are right. My gut - and me ears and eyes tell me evil is afoot. As Gandalf said "The pieces are moving".
While I personally may like Dr. Carson, I don't think he would be strong enough, he lacks the Military fortitude and state of mind that will be necessary to pull this country away from the brink of total destruction. That state of mind that says "anything and everything" that is necessary, no holds-bared, failure is not an option, type of leadership.

Dr. Carson is a Christian. He is well versed in the Scriptures, therefore he has God's Word to lead him. At this point, there isn't anyone else on the horizon, other than career politicians. If God wants this Country to be will be. I hear many people referring  to the "end times" and by all appearances, it would seem we are here. But.....we don't know the time ( the Scriptures say this) it possible that our Father in Heaven will give us one more chance? It is possible. Just make sure that when you cast your for a Christian.......God will do the rest.....regardless if we think they can or not. Remember the verse......."I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me". Dr. Carson could be our man.

A more important question. We could have a great person in the WH...but.....what good is that if we don't have Godly men and women in the rest of Government?

......and by the way are probably right. We do need a "call to arms". But.....that will never happen unless someone is willing to step forward to lead.....and......they better have the backing of the Military when they do.

Jane and the old rooster: I don't think that  Dr. Carson or any Christian men or woman can make any changes to this corrupt government. Only a person or persons under God Authority and power can change our current situation.

God Chosen Servants who are Obedient will become Invincible under God Authority, and They the Masters will deliver king and wicket leaders and people in their hands and they shall destroy them. No power here on earth will intervene in that destruction until it  finish. De. 7:24, De.11:25

God said: Isa 41: 9-13, ( A paraphrase)Thou are My Chosen Servant, Fear not, for I am with thee be not dismayed, For I am thy God, I will strengthen and uphold you with my right hand of My Righteousness. Behold all they who are incensed against you shall be ashamed and confounded they will be as nothing and shall perish. For I the Lord thy God will hold your right hand saying unto you, Fear not, I will help you.  What A awesome Promise tor God People.   



I have been following Dr. Ben Carson for some time now - ever since I saw the courage he had speaking out about the evils of the (un)Affordable Health Care Act (or Obamacare) right in front of it's originator.  I was impressed because he spoke the truth at a time and place where and when so many others were afraid to.  It showed me he was a man who was brave enough and had the courage to do what was right, regardless of his circumstances.  I admired this trait as a retired military officer.  Some have alluded to his being a doctor with no military experience.  To those I would say that you have not done your homework.  Ben Carson was a Colonel in his High School ROTC program in Detroit, one of only three teens to reach that rank up to that time, and he did it in only three years, not four.  He did it by studying and applying himself, always going above and beyond what was expected.  He did it by facing up to and accepting challenges.  He did it by uniting his fellow students, not by dividing them.  He did it by showing leadership qualities that far exceed the average person.  He was offered an opportunity to attend WestPoint, but turned it down to pursue a career as a doctor, instead.  Ben Carson has never spoken against nor acted contrary to the US Constitution, and he would never suggest trying to change a single word.  He supports our Constitution and the foundation upon which it and our country was built.   Finally, Ben Carson is not a career politician, and has no desire to become one.  He maintains the concept of our forefathers that politicians should be citizens who are serving their country for a term and then returning to civilian life as responsible citizens.  For those of you who really want to know who Ben Carson is, I recommend you read the Ben Carson Story, "Gifted Hands", by Ben Carson, M.D., published by Zondervan. Ben Carson has my vote if he accepts the challenge to Run, Ben Run!

Ben Carson was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth.  He was raised by his poor, single mother in a horrible home in Detroit.  His mother worked three jobs, leaving at five in the morning, often not to return until after midnight just so she could keep her family.  As a youngster, Ben described himself as a "horrible student with a violent temper," making Ben's chances for success in life dim.  Fortunately Ben was blessed with a mother who never allowed him to make excuses for failure and required him to read two books a week instead of watching TV.  As Ben realized he liked to read and was smart, he went from being one of the worst students in his class to the best.  His mother's guidance cultivated in young Ben a commitment to hard work and self-reliance.  Both of these helped him become a steadfast conservative and world famous neurosurgeon.  Today, Ben is heading up a program called Save Our Healthcare Project designed to correct the flaws of Obamacare.  Ben Carson will heal America and unite Americans.  Dr. Ben Carson is the author of six best-selling books, and the recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom.  Ben Carson understand that it's a vital part of our Bill of Rights to keep and bear arms. He has stated that he would never allow the Second Amendment to be jeopardized.  Ben believes that the Freedom of Religion does not mean freedom from religion.  As the Founders repeatedly said, without public virtue, freedom cannot survive.  As Dr. Carson said, "We should not be afraid to say Merry Christmas."  Dr. Ben Carson is a genuine Ronald Reagan Conservative with common sense solutions for America.  I support Ben Carson for President in 2016.



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