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Colonel Harry Riley: “America, rise up or surrender”

May 2, 2014 at 11:03 pm / by

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USA EYESWhen I was asked by one of the organizers of an upcoming event on May 16, to write an article, I wasn’t sure I wanted to do it—especially not sure as I researched it—but after thinking more about how our beloved America is being taken like a rug out from underneath us, I wanted to present to you the facts and let you decide yourself whether or not you want to attend.  I have been told by the organizers that they are expecting between one to five million attendees.  That’s quite a spread in numbers, but they must know something we don’t.

Retired Army Officer, Colonel Harry Riley calls for Americans to “rise up or surrender,” and exercise their First Amendment right—“the right to peacefully assemble” with Operation American Spring, a never-ending protest movement beginning on May 16 in the Beltway.  The event has as its goal, the removal of Barack Obama and the restoration of Constitutional government, the rule of law, freedom and liberty “of the people, for the people, by the people” from what he calls a “despotic and tyrannical federal” governance.  “American veterans and patriots are energized to end the tyranny, lawlessness, and shredding of the US Constitution.  Government is not the target; it is the corrupt and criminal leadership that must be replaced.”

When:           May 16, 2014

Where:         Washington, D.C.

Duration:     However long it takes

From the Colonel’s website Patriots for America:

  • American veterans and patriots are energized to end the tyranny, lawlessness, and shredding of the US Constitution.
  • Government is not the target, it is sound; corrupt and criminal leadership must be removed.

Colonel Riley describes the protest’s three-phase strategy:

Phase I—Peaceful Assembly

Colonel Riley says this protest will be a peaceful unarmed assembly reinforcing “unswerving loyalty to the US Constitution and against the incumbent government leadership in Washington, D.C., with the mission to bring down the existing leadership.”

Phase II—Who?

In addition to President Obama, Colonel Riley and his group are targeting the following leaders:

Vice President Joe Biden

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV)

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnel (R-KY)

House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH)

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-A)

Attorney General Holder

As part of Phase II, millions of protestors will protest on a continuing basis in rotating teams around the clock.

Once that is accomplished, according to the Colonel’s website, the tribunals and investigations (vetting) will “recommend appropriate charges against politicians and government employees to the new U.S. Attorney General appointed by the new President.”

All actions in the second and third phases (see phase three below), Colonel Riley says, “Will be consistent with the U.S. Constitution.”

Riley continues, “We’re not suggesting that our government structure is bad;” we’re not even suggesting that the principles which the Founding Fathers gave us are bad or wrong.  What we’re saying is that the people who now occupy positions of power have betrayed the Constitution, have betrayed the Founding Father principles, and have betrayed ‘We the People’ in seeking power and greed in an incestuous operation in Washington.”

Phase II—The Plan

His website states that in accordance with the Constitution of the United States of America, once the above-named government officials are impeached, followed by a removal from office, the senior Republican in the House will become Speaker and the House will elect a temporary President and Vice President of the United States. The U.S. Senate, he added, will take action to elect a new majority and minority leader.

“As required, the U.S. Congress will execute appropriate legislation to convene new elections or U.S. States will appoint replacements for positions vacated consistent with established constitutional requirements,” he added.


Phase III—The Restoration


According to Colonel Riley’s website, “Tribunals” and investigations processes “will begin to find new leaders whose character and loyalty to the United States Constitution matches the quality of “Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC), Senator Rand Paul (R-KY),  Congressman Pete Sessions (R-TX), Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC), Former Republican Congressman from Florida, Col. Allen West, Dr. Ben Carson and other Conservative leaders.”


While patriots on both sides of the isle may disagree with this strategy, everyone can agree today’s political climate of our government, for better or for worse, is tightening the noose around the neck of liberty in the United States of America.


Consider why this drastic measure is taking place since it’s obvious America is now being run by the godless Communists.


1978: Government in the Bedroom and Now the Bathroom Too

California placed limits on the amount of water a toilet is allowed to flush.


2013: The California legislature said they don’t want gender confused (go figure) kids to feel pressure to use the school restroom (or other school facilities labeled “girls” or “boys”)  if they are uncomfortable with the gender God gave them.  In other words, if a male thinks he is attracted to another male (therefore, supposedly making him a female), he can use the girls restroom—and vice versa for the females.


The bottom line is that “this law requires California public schools to allow students, as young as kindergarteners, to use bathrooms, showers, locker rooms, and other facilities based on their ‘gender identity’ and not biological sex.”


2005: The Energy Policy Act


The first requirement that renewable fuels be mixed into America’s gasoline supply was mandated and it gives “…the federal government new eminent-domain powers to clear paths for power lines –a long-standing demand of the nation’s electric utilities…”  and a whole bunch of other bad stuff.


2007: The Energy Policy Act Expanded


This law increased the quotas of the original federal mandate, and it will  require raising fuel-efficiency standards for automobiles, doubles the use of corn-based ethanol (despite the fact that bio-fuel is driving up food prices and worse for the environment than originally thought) in addition to what we’ve already seen—the phasing out of the incandescent light bulb.


2010, 2011, 2012: Bio-fuel Quota Reduced


Seriously?  One energy policy, a second energy policy followed by three separate bio-fuel quota reductions—such a drama of embarrassing foolishness.


“For the third consecutive year, the Environmental Protection Agency has drastically reduced cellulosic biofuel mandates, citing economic and technological hurdles. Even though industry officials consistently assure lawmakers and taxpayers that commercial production is ‘just around the corner,’ EPA yesterday reduced the 2012 cellulosic mandate by ninety eight percent. “


2013: What’s This?!

Bipartisan Bill Introduced to Eliminate Bio-fuel Mandate Again!


It just had to happen folks!  Diane Feinstein (D-CA) and Tom Coburn (R-OK) recently introduced legislation to eliminate bio-fuel mandate in response.


2007: Dry California Becomes Thirstier


A federal judge devastated thousands of lives and affected millions by reducing water for human consumption to protect a rare and declining fish (the Delta smelt) by cutting water deliveries to water pumping plants.  This fish only exists in California and has no commercial value. 

2014: California—Tiny Fish Win Survival Over Humans

In March, the liberal Ninth Circuit Court upheld the federal judge’s 2008 ruling, saying, “ ‘We recognize the enormous practical implications of this decision,’ 9th Circuit Judge Jay Bybee wrote. ‘But the consequences were prescribed when Congress determined that ‘these species of fish, wildlife, and plants are of esthetic, ecological, educational, historical, recreational, and scientific value to the Nation and its people.’ “


2008: California—Prop 8 Bans Same Sex Marriage


Wikipedia gives a good summary of the history of Prop 8 from when the voters in California voted against legalizing same sex marriage, then the Supreme Court ignored the will of the people in 2013 and brushed aside centuries of biblical marriage between a man and a woman.


2009: ObamaCare Shoved Down America’s Throats


The Un-affordable Health Care Act passed as then Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, arrogantly led her fellow traitors literally outside the halls of Congress on the lawn to thumb her nose at Conservatives who fought hard to keep this bill from becoming legislation.


The stench of bribes, backroom deals and payoffs will linger forever unless the Republicans reverse this law, but only by controlling the House, Senate and the presidency in 2014 and 2016.


2012: U.S. Supreme Court Upholds ObamaCare


The federal government can now force every one of us to buy a product against our will—whether we want it or not.  If that is not bad enough, we remember how our Supreme Court Chief Justice, “Rogue Roberts” stepped in and corrected the defense of Obama Care when it came before the SCOTUS.


The Obama Administration claimed that for those who would not buy health insurance they would be penalized and they made it clear that this was not a tax—that is—until Chief Justice Roberts overstepped the bounds of the court and changed the fine into a tax so it could be legally enforced.


However, according on Sunday, April 27, Fox News contributor, George Will, argued this fight is from over.  He argued that the Supreme Court inadvertently made Obama’s health care reform law unconstitutional when the justices ruled that it was not unconstitutional.


2011:  California Attempts to Pass Ergonomic Bed Making Law:


In California Senate Bill 432 would have required  that hotels could no longer allow their maids to make up beds with unfitted sheets.  Apparently, in anticipation of more of the creeping Nanny state, the manufacturers began making these sheets not just for hotels.  I cannot find a bottom sheet that is not circular.  This bill, two and a half years later, it appears to have died in committee and we Californians are stuck with elasticized circular bed sheets.


2012/2013: Soft Drink Size Fizzles

New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, had his attempt to regulate soft drink sizes to 16 ounces shot down by a New York state judge.  The decision is in the appeal process.

2012: FDA Bans Affordable Asthma Medication

Primatene Mist, an affordable life-saving first line of defense for asthmatics, was ordered removed from the market by the FDA because it was a contributor to “global warming,” which the environmentalists are now calling “Climate Change,” but so is the carbon we all exhale as we breathe.  Affordable asthma inhaler is gone—expensive meds reign.


2013: Internal Revenue Service Targets Conservative Groups

The IRS has evolved into more of a “Secret Service” extension of this administration targeting groups that have the name “Tea Party” in their paperwork filing for a tax exempt status.  IRS e-mails  show that Tea Party groups could have faced criminal charges.


Consider just a few more examples:




What About Economic Freedoms?


The Heritage Foundation reports, “Since President Obama took office, the United States of America has slipped six spots in the Index with this year’s drop out of the world’s top ten freest economies serving as a cold slap in the face to those who equate Uncle Sam with freedom.”

The report attributes the drop, “primarily due to deteriorations in property rights, fiscal freedom, and business freedom.”

This is by no means an exhaustive list of our eroding freedoms that could fill a book, but rather a small example of what has become of our “late great United States.”

Whether or not you may agree with Colonel Riley, the May 16 event should be no surprise to any of us, regardless of which side of the aisle we prefer.  Watching this type of drastic measure (and similar events) taking place more frequently in D.C. is a result of our eroding freedoms that flies in the face of and shows total disregard for our rights, our Constitution and our laws—perpetrated on us by many of our elected and appointed public servants.  It is a collective concern of many who believe its time has come.

Read the rest of this article here:

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We are awake and waiting for our congress to get the balls to take this tyrant down. We are in a mess, thanks to none other than o. I'm truly grateful for all the patriots.

my reply to your automated response


peter field /span>>

8:17 AM (2 minutes ago)
to Senator

peter field a href="" target="_blank">>

8:13 AM (0 minutes ago)" alt=""/>" alt=""/>" alt=""/>

My suggestion is to take the funding from the over paid welfare system and re-allocate those funds to the VA benefits system.  As veterans we have earned the benefits and the welfare recipients have not.  I am a 100% disabled veteran who has served my country since 1961 world wide in Europe and Asia.  I lived in Phoenix and told Senator McCains office about those abuses many years ago and it was just ignored.  It took me 35 years to get rated and the Phoenix VA still owes me $5,000 in travel reimbursement expenses that they say they will never pay me.  So, am I bitter, YES I damn well am.

Peter W. Field   AF16710471 Case # will be provided if you want to do anything to help me collect my way past due reimbursements. This comment is in regard to the most recent atrocity that was and still is being committed by the VA.  I am a 100% disabled vet and the fight for fair treatment and compensation for all veterans not being met.  However the VA management is receiving Incredible bonuses for a "job they have done".  I am very prolific in the promotion of the Peaceful march on Washington on May 16th..  The one question I am continually asked is "Just how does this protest intend on removing the listed politicians from their positions?  Please provide an answer hat I can pas on to the hundreds of people that have made contact with me about the March on Washington.


Will the Holy Water wash away the Holy Sh!T ?

Did people feel good when all the PATRIOTS showed up to defend the Bundy Ranch?       Yes!!        We saw some hope for all of us there.       We supported it, and it felt like America again, well, this is the chance to make more than Nevada feel it.      Do not expect someone else to do it for you, your personal Freedom and that of your Family is your responsibility, not that of some Guy that might go, it is clearly your Job.,       Get there, be among the Millions who are tired of this travesty,    Demand a return to Law and the Constitution.  You are needed, you have always stepped up to guard Foreign Countries, when the were losing their Freedom, well, step up Now!!!     You are losing Yours!!!          It is so clear, we now have "the Enemy Within" and it is in the Oath that we will defend this Country.     Get yourself to Washington!!

There are trains running everyday-up the east coast-get onboard-they posted a list a few days ago.

Another Great Blog Colonel Riley! I put together the following blog that includes this and other pertinent blogs that I believe relate:
“Food For Thought”
God Bless You & Other Patriots-God Bless America!
Semper Fi!

Thanks Jake.........hope everyone will view your Bog............and that National Tea Party leaders will support OAS, for God's sake............what is it about "Constitutional Restoration" that Tea Party and all patriot organizations can't support? 

With Benghazi, OAS takes on a much enlarged momentum to call for resignations of the lawless leadership in D.C. OAS is in  a position to place a gigantic spike in the coffin of Lawless leadership at the federal level. 

Where are the Tea Party leadership; the Oath Keeper leadership; Gun Owners Leadership: Trucker Leadership; Biker Leadership: military leadership;..........where are they?  What are they waiting for?  OAS may not be the perfect plan but for God's sake we are on the move with the motives..........why can't liberty loving, freedom loving organizations put aside local agendas and lock arms with OAS? 

"Heavenly Father, I pray your Holy Spirit will envelope leaders of the patriotic movement, touch their hearts and move them to national unity with Operation American Spring.  In Jesus name, Amen"


Today at 2:19 PM
I am concerned. I think Col. Riley is right. If the Tea Party people and other groups don't get on board with the OAS, we may as well kiss this Country good-by. If everybody thinks for one minute there will ever be another honest election in this Country, you are sadly mistaken. People, open your eyes, we are one step away from Communism, along with the New World Order. After that, the Muslim Brotherhood will be in total control. At that point, you will never have another election of any kind. Every little group seems hell bent on doing their own thing. With OAS, if everyone got on board, we have power. Without the success of OAS.....this Country.....IS DONE. I repeat, splintered groups have NO do not have the numbers. Help OAS get the corrupted leaders out....then you can work to get your candidates in office.  It's times like this that I truly believe we deserve what we have......a Country going to hell while everybody thinks it can't happen. For sure, we don't deserve a courageous leader like Col. Riley. 

I have not seen any evidence that any of these groups are not supporting OAS.  Am I missing something?

They are.

"They are" missing something?  "They are" not supporting OAS?  What does "they are" mean?  And who are "they"?  Sorry if these are dumb questions, but I really don't understand your answer.



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