America's Blues, "Cry Freedom" By Charlie Liffick..............

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How true. Cry FREEDOM loud and clear. 

What a beautiful song of the truth. I will send this to my veteran friends far and wide.

Thank you

Turn your speakers up and put on repeat;  please share!


Hopefully everyone on this page is armed well because the government is after our guns. We need to keep in touch because they team up against us. We need to cover our others backs real well!

If I had a singular secular wish granted to me, it would be for the whole of our Country‘s Citizens, It would be that the entirety of those in Government who back him, all their families, Every Islamic, and especially Barack Hussein Obama, Michelle, and their kids could be transported out of their lavish Working class palace, to Iran, each having their own shanty, shack, or tent.
I would like them to feel like we the People feel under his leadership/Dictatorship rule. Let them all live under Shariah law, and see just how well they like that lifestyle, and the loss of money, vacations, and the lavish life they enjoy here, on our dime. I would also include in that wish, that all their American Citizenships be transferred to that of that Country. He would likely survive there, since he does survive as one of them, right here in our own Country. But he would have to work very hard to get a foothold in that environment, which he backs so feverishly here.

We could then, actually cry freedom, march into the Whitehouse, and elect only those we approve of to all the positions which would be opened up. This wish, for American Citizens, would be my greatest cry of freedom. I loved the song, and I would truly love to see just how much they enjoy living among those they have supported, cottled, and financed, while in power here. That is the way I would like to get our Freedom back, but alas, it is we who are going to have to fight to get it back. We cannot accomplish a thing with words, only unfortunately by strength, of mind, will, and a hard days night of a hard fight to take back that which we have lost. Let Freedom Ring

GREAT post just hope some of the country wakes up before its to late 

Freedom, just as saving your family, is only accomplished by that which you are willing to put in, to protect it. It is a prize which has been fought for, body, mind, and Soul here in this Country for over 239 years. Men/women, have put their lives on the line daily, to keep freedom free. Freedom, however, true Freedom is never free. It comes at a terrible price, at times, for those willing to retain it.

Colonel Riley, a while back, tried to set up a non violent march on Washington, to demand our rights we sought. He had 2 Million Americans, Veterans, Militia, and Biker clubs who had pledged their support, to show up for the event. It was said, and understood by all, that it was a possibly dangerous endeavor, and that possibly some would give the ultimate price for being a part of it, yet they signed up and pledged their support anyway. Remember, this was a peaceful march, a right given to the American people in the Constitution of the United States

Some of the Liberal, and Liberally coached radio and TV people, however, got on the air and told those people that they would be committing suicide, if they did in fact attend this peaceful demonstration, and that likely all would loose their lives. They actually struck fear in the minds of the masses, and as it turned out, only a mere handful of all those pledged to attend, actually showed up for support to that most worthy cause. A very wise man once said, “ the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself”. So, quite clearly, the Liberal pabulum fed Media, spewed it out on the people, and scared them away from standing up for their rights, through fear tactics.

I find this disgusting, a outrage, shameful, and a giving in to the fear spread by the PC Police, and his marionettes controlled media. They, in turn, became his puppeteers, and we became the marionettes controlled by them, with matches in their hands. We were scared off by words of doom, placed in the right mouths, to the fearful, and apparently unworthy of the freedom sought.

I hear, constantly people whine on here about what can be done, and who will we get to do it. The opportunity has already been presented to all of us, but we were afraid to take a stand. We had a very special gentleman in the Form of the Colonel, who was willing to lead the charge, but there were no troops willing to take a chance to take back that which was ours, but which we have given away, and ran from, due to the fear of possible loss of life, by what we know to be a lying media, for a lying President.

If that endeavor had been attended by at least those signed to show up, they would very likely have been joined by twice that many more, and possibly even more than that. That same media he used against us, would very likely have advanced the cause, and got Americans, true Americans, off their butts to join, the worthiest of causes. Many of, if not all of, us would have been armed, but it was to be peaceful, not a show of force, or violence.

We continue as American Citizens, almost daily to loose our freedoms, rights, and Constitutional decree of what and who we are. It started as happening a bit at a time, as the waters were tested, to see if his feet would be scalded by us. They weren’t, so now we loose more and more at a time. We are about to fall into the deep pit of doom he began digging 8 years ago, as he campaigned. He is driving the bulldozer, which shoves us closer and closer to that pit, from which we will not be able to escape. We can only stop that advance, and our being pushed forward to doom, by disabling the bulldozer, and causing the drivers license to be removed from it’s driver, B.H.O. Look at the hundreds of bodies, who died gallantly, to keep the flag from falling against the superior attacks of the British ships. When one would die, another would take his place, then another, and so on. The flag never fell, because those men were willing to give their lives to keep the flag flying, and show the British that they could not knock it down, nor would we surrender.

A Nation was built from the ashes of that battle, and it was not built without severe cost of life and limb. We can do it again, but we must be willing to give till it hurts, and even possibly to the death, if need be. We face no less of a powerful enemy now, than we did then, so why do we so easily give up, and say “ let someone else do it”?. Are we willing to give up our Country to the enemy?. Are we willing to become subjects to a Dictator in waiting, who’s complete agenda is our destruction. Or do we become the true men and women we were born to be, and say hell no.

We can only hope that Colonel Riley sees fit to try once again, to save our Country, and that Millions will be willing, able, agree, and show up for the cause. I believe this is our way out of the total loss of our Country, and all it has stood, and does stand, for. I will pledge my physical support, even though I will have to do so in a electric scooter. Life, without freedom means nothing to me, and I do not want to be ruled, but led by a capable leader who loves this Country, rules by the Constitution, and cares what the CITIZENS want. A Government owned by the people, as the Constitution intended it to be.

I've come to a few conclusions, please correct me (With Data) if I'm wrong: the left is more shrew, cunning and more committed than the conservative right. Agnostics and Athiests have always been a minority in America. There was much talk if they should even be allowed to vote for how can a person be morally correct if he is not spiritually correct seeing that all morality comes from God. His Commandments are a blueprint for living a Moral life. YET a few Athiests can stop prayer at a football game, remove Christian symbols from the court houses and our halls of government and where does it say in the Constitution that free speech is only allowed in a specific geographical location? Yet, they take on the majority by a play on words and interpreting the freedom of religion in a manner that was never intended and they win and we lose!!
They are more committed, they are continually bringing law suits while the right simply plays defense and they play it poorly at best. They say we have a democratic society it was ment to be a republic, but ok for sake of argument lets go with that. In a Democracy the majority wins, so why are we loosing? I would that groups like this one would in mass confront this redicuious misrepresentation of our founding documents but since they won't I've decieded to become an Army Of One. I'm going to spent my time and energy using the wisdom that God has given me to go after the left in every area I possibly can. I know as just in person I'll be considered a right wing religious kook, they will throw my correspondence in the trash can as it means nothing to them, but it means something to God. I don't want it to be said that I didnt "Fight the good fight". So you'll be hearing a lot less of me down the road ( Which shall make some here very happy!!). I'm going to take this hill or die trying. God Bless you all.

I find your opinions always welcome Michael.....

Michael, as any who have endeavored to bring children into this world learned from experience, parenting came without an instruction manual and we learned as we went along life's path. One thing was evident when our children began to grow, so did their curiosity. So, as daunting parents we learned quickly that mischief was always the biggest threat as a child always seemed to try and push the envelope so to speak and got away with whatever they were allowed to. It is estimated that in the first five years of a child's life they heard the word 'no' more than any other word in their vocabulary. The point is that if we apply the same philosophy to the left, or the right for that matter, they have gotten away with what they have been allowed to. Now we find ourselves facing our biggest problem what shall we do? The 'child' has been allowed to get away with doing what ever he wanted without ever hearing the word 'NO' and has pretty much become spoiled. In the arena of life the victor is always the one who came with the attitude to win and not just to participate in the game. As a parent we found it to be sometimes difficult to be the authoritative parent at the same time being the loving parent due to the conflict we may cause for the child but at the same time knew we had to instill a sense of discipline in order for the child to learn a 'lesson' from his bad behavior. In time the child learned to obey and gained a sense of respect for the parent. Since the government has not been told no by the people when doing something wrong and has been allowed to do what it wants and get away with it, we now find ourselves at that point where the government is out of control and we realize it is too late to try to discipline the naughty disrespectful and violent tempered monster we have allowed to grow. In life it would be time for intervention and counseling. Unfortunately the only intervention at this point is limited to only a few options and they will be a hard pill to swallow for most as they don't have the ability to accept the truth and would rather let the establishment run its course thinking the situation will somehow self correct itself as if there is nothing wrong in the first place.

The minority groups you reference having gained the momentum to override the majority is like spilled milk now. Without any obstructions or objections the minority groups like a cancer were allowed to metastasize under the authority of political correctness and a dumbed down population willing to allow it. None of this matters now as the problem we have to overcome is by far our biggest priority. We can be sure there is much talk going on right now behind closed doors on how to get the guns out of our hands before we have the chance to use them to intervene and bring about the necessary correction and get the train back on the track going in the right direction. We must all pray to God for the wisdom, for the courage and the ability to fulfill His will on earth. Having faith will not make it easy but will make it possible.        



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