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I never thought I'd see the day, a fkn socialist would run for president , and all the young people would follow him,they have been brain washed by our schools!! what a shame,they are dumb, stupid, and lazy! all they want is something for FREE!! ( except they don't want freedom )

To quote the dying words of one of my favorite characters, Mr. Spock of Star Trek, “The needs of the Many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one“. This has always been so, here in America, and it has worked since the very beginnings of this Great Nation. I first suspected a serious problem when campaigning for the office of President, Barack Hussein Obama stated, " Hope and change". I came to realize the depth of that meaning the day I heard him say " We are going to fundamentally transform America, and we are no longer a Christian Nation".
I am a man of words, ideals, opinions, A true Patriot, and born again Christian. In the correct order, Christians are to Cherish, God, Family, and Country.
I have enjoyed, and do enjoy your posts. You position yourself well, and seem to have the order of preference in perfect order. You tell the absolute truth, as you see and understand it to be. You are versatile, while firm in your standings, which reflects in your comments.
If you discontinue posting, we as a whole, will surely miss your commitment to the site, and subject matter upon which you comment. If you are going to be lessening your posts, because your attention has been drawn to a stronger worthy cause, your lack of comment will be missed.
I would like you to know, that my commitment to fighting against the overpowering war waged upon the People, the Country Religion, and freedoms of this Nation, are strong, and never ceasing. I have drafted letters, sent, faxed, and called when I could reach a sought ear, and have even had some of my comments hand delivered to those who oppress this Nation and People. I have, in fact, done so to the point where I receive threats against my efforts. I do not receive this as a fearful thing, but rather a sign that I am striking bone with my thrusts.
I do not know if you managed to read my final post, last night, but I said in it, basically that it is we the People, the true Patriots, who keep the shadows from dawning upon the masses, and said what I think to be the only solution to our conundrum here in this Country. Your, or my voice alone, cannot be heard over the roar of a crowd, however, if we and those who feel the same ARE the crowd, then they have no choice other than to hear, and possibly even relinquish to our demands. Perhaps, if you have the time, you might read it. I say it like it is, at least in my own VHO, that which must and should have been done, to make the Left pay attention to us.
We as true American Citizens, Patriots, and Conservative activists/achievers have few options left to us. If we do not make ourselves heard, then we will not be heard.
A few million faxes, letters, and complaints to our leadership, are but a fuel for a bigger fire, when they are shredded, and cast into the furnace. Recognition can only be achieved by huge numbers of people with a single goal. That goal being the taking down of those in power through our 1ST Amendment right, the right to peaceably assemble or Governmental prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances Please see this link, for explanation concerning” Petitioning for a Governmental redress of Grievances.
We, the American Citizens, have the right to peaceably assemble, in numbers appropriate, to be heard by our Government, as to our grievances, and problems with that Government. We have the right to do so unimpeded, which means we cannot be assaulted, for our peaceable assembly, and demands.
We have become a pack of wolves, who fear the circling, and impending attack of a single Eagle. It could attack us, but with numbers, would assuredly be defeated. Fright is natural in people, and there is no shame of being afraid. It is not the fear which is our enemy, but the failure of us to assume the flight, or fight stance against that which seeks to destroy us. We are a large Country, and we are being frightened by the actions and words of a man who we elected. He, although he believes himself to be, is NOT all powerful, and we do have defensive techniques which we can legally use to down that power. We are all to quick to say that it is a fight which is impossible to win, and as long as we believe this in our hearts, to a grand scale effect, it is so.
We can stand upon the Flight or Fight rule. We can either stand, face, and fight he who wishes to destroy us, or we can take the cowards way out, and take flight supposedly to live to fight another day. Our days are dwindling at a alarming rate, and if they continue, there will not be another day for us to fight.
We have fought against tyranny, and the will to keep us down and submissive since the time we held the flag, at the cost of many, many lives, to keep our flag flying, and prove to the enemy, that they have not won the fight. Just as with the British, who finally retreated without the prize, we can do the same against the Dictatorial powers against whom we again try to hold our flag up against.
Had those selfless, true Patriots not each and every one, taken the place of those who died to keep the flag flying, we would most likely, now, be under British control. But we held our ground, won the fight, and a Nation was born due to those willing to take their posts, hold them tight, and finally win our independence as a newborn Country. Do we succumb to fear, or do we fight to retain our freedoms, rights, and keep our Country in control of WE THE PEOPLE?. We do have a choice.
Freedom Fighter. Very good post you speak words of Wisdom. Thank you for your kind words. I'm not leaving but just as you've done, I'm going to confront the enemies of our freedoms. I know im only one person but I have to become more Pro-Active I'm going to try to eat an elephant.........One bite at a time..
Michael & Freedom Fighter: AMEN and Amen. Thanks
You bite one side, I'll bite the other, possibly we can get others to join our quest, and meet in the middle of the beast.
One who seeks freedom, and takes action against those who appose it, is never ALONE.
Have a great meal, I can't wait for the dessert.
Henry, They do in fact know what freedom is, at least in their adolescent minds. It is the liberty to do whatever they choose, whenever they choose, without recourse, or consequence, of any kind.



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