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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Liberals create societal misfits and then, like wide-eyed parents who raise 'spoiled brats, they are stunned when their 'loser freaks' rebel
     If rioting in Ferguson, Missouri had anything to do with the killing of a 'thuggish' spoiled bully, perhaps someone can explain how destroying other people's property is connected to some freakish form of 'grieving process' claimed exclusively by America's disenchanted black American communities.
     Black American kids are senselessly murdered on a daily basis in places like Chicago, and yet seldom will you see equivalent violence such as that witnessed this past week in Ferguson. If any actual arrests were made for these belligerent displays of uncivilized behavior, chances are favorably high that the troublemakers are recipients of some form of government hand-out.  In a sane world, these criminals would be stripped of any such gratuitous compensations, and rightfully banned from ever qualifying for the 'fruits of another man's labor.'
     Unfortunately, in this freakish world created by weak-kneed Liberals, in which we are all forced to co-exist, violent behavior is somehow interpreted as a "right" by those conditioned to receiving a regular supply of 'free stuff.'  And let not one person, lighter than a brown paper bag suggest otherwise, or risk being labeled 'a racist' by people such as Eric Holder and Barack Obama.  In the fantasy world where they live, blame  is always pinned to others, for all their brother's problems, and never accept responsibility for actions, or in-actions of what they themselves created.
     The following words were skillfully written in 1997 by Lynne Namka, to describe, basically 'spoiled-brat-kids,' (my words) but see if they do not make total sense when applying them to the individuals we are watching busting up, and looting property in Ferguson.
     Everywhere you see the word 'children or child' substitute with 'PARASITES RECEIVING UNDESERVED GOVERNMENT HAND-OUTS,' and it makes so much more sense when applied to the Liberals chickens coming home to roost in Ferguson.
       "Children who are habitually angry typically suffer from skill deficits. 

     They have missed learning some of the basic skills in getting along with others. 

     They misinterpret social situations that are ambiguous and respond with aggressive behavior. 

     They have a set of beliefs that emphasize retaliation. 

     They may erroneously believe that self righteous expression of anger is healthy. Habitually angry children have not learned to put themselves in others' shoes and see things from other people's perspective. 

     They have not learned the skill of consequential thinking. 

     They do not know how to break into their rigid thinking and cannot stop making judgments about others.

     They have strong "shoulds" for others and get upset when others do not follow their wishes. 

     They blame others for their problems and do not take responsibility for their own actions. 

     They cannot allow themselves to see that they are at fault for some of their problems.

      Individuals who get upset daily over many small things have a one-response perspective on life. 

Their belief is that "I want what I want when I want it and can do whatever it takes to get it!"

     I have the right to get angry over every little thing. It is right for me to be angry and express it any way that I want. 

"I have a right to have it my way." 

     They have destructive entitlement beliefs that keep them convinced that others must conform to their wishes. 

     They believe that the world "owes them" because they are "special."  
      Since the world rarely goes the way they want, they are continually disappointed and become more angry. 
     Their negative self talk convinces them that it is horrible when things do not happen the way that they want it to be."*

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True Thomas,   the globalists ( nice way to indicate the name of the ones killing America ) are masters of deception /

destruction...Racism, one of many arrows in their quiver..

The Liberals/Progressives have made this socio/economic mess and have done so deliberately working on the demise of U.S. for decades! Economically(Banksters), it started sooner (long before the Great Depression with WWI) but the real Socialism push became very much alive and first implemented beginning with FDR (WWII). LBJ (Southeast Asia/Viet Nam) was the next lunge into socialism. Jimmy Carter was the next followed by the Clintons and now here we are with the undocumented, unvetted, Kenyan-born, Muslim-sympathizing, Jew Hating Communist! It's been their collective and accumulative progression with a MOST insidious purpose. The purpose is to completely dismantle U.S. from the ground up. From the ghettos to the farms, from city to city and state to state, Throughout! ---Agenda 21, The New World Order, were even echoed by both the Bush's. ---God Help U.S.!
Bravo Don, you hit the nail on the head!! All started with the Rothchilds, world domination through control of the money supply of all the nations in the world. The banking eliete have almost accomplished their goals. Before the war in Iraq they controlled the money supply of all nations except 7. Two of those were Iraq and Afganistan. Now there are only 5!! Guess which two fell? Yup Iraq and Afganistan! If you don't think going to war there was the plan of the banking eliete you have a screw loose! They are close, very close to controlling all the money of all the nations of the world. Many of those in our government and business communities are part of this vast conseresy to bring in a one world order and a one world monetary system and reconfigure the nations of the world. "Just follow the money"!

We ARE definately in the same paragraph of the Same Page Michael! God Bless You!

Thank You Don. May God Bless You and Your Family also. I'm so sick of the race card. I keep reminding people this is one of Marx's tenants in the Communist Manifesto. Blaming others is simply shifting responsibility away from yourself. Change has to come from within each person. They say there arnt enough black cops in Fergison. Who's fault is that? If you want more black cops go to school major in criminal justice pass your tests get through the police academy and work in your own community. That's what all the men in my family did! Last time I checked being a police officer was voluntary. Maybe it's because you have to have a clean record, schooling, be able to pass entrance exams. If you can't that's nobody's fault but your own. Maybe they lack black officers because no blacks want to be cops. But I'm sure the left will say their being discriminated against. My family has been protecting the rights and freedoms for those who can't protect themselves for generations and to see people bashing law enforcement before all the facts are know is a rush to judgement for the sole purpose of keeping racism alive. The more we learn about the deceased were seeing he was not what he was being portrayed to be. These are just my opinions, not everyone agrees with me. For those of you who don't I want you to imagine a world with out the Armed Forces or any Police Depts. "He'll-on-earth".

Michael, many of my family members have been and some still are in the military and police forces from MI, MN, WI, etc.  Municipal, County, State levels. I completely agree with you -re: what you stated. It WOULD be "HELL on Earth" without them! But I'm really starting to have an issue with the "militarization" of state and county law enforcement agencies. Our county here has aquired an MRAP and many upgraded weapons from the Feds. People are getting quickly concerned here. The Feds have claimed an older industrial complex here (Formerly Roper tractors & small engines) and converted it into a FEMA camp one mile from our house running along NS RR tracks with improvements being made as I write this. People are getting SCARED here Michael!  I'm worn out after 11 hours of work today, will seek your response tomorrow m'friend- God save U.S. from Soros!

Don I totally agree with you. We have FEMA camps here in Nevada. Have seen the one here in Vegas. My neighbor who's a prison guard and Afganistan vet tells me they classify civilians. He said with my military background I'd be considered a "Terrorist". I came unglued. The militarism of law enforcement is disconcerting. Personally I believe when time comes they'll work with homeland security and other law enforcement agencies to round up all who they feel pose a treat to our Nation. Veterans will be high on their list. I'm worried about it also because those who seek to destroy our Nation are leading us in that direction. That's why groups like Oathkeepers are important for military and law endorsement, but even they won't be able to get enough to join to change the agenda. We're in very perilous times and the hour is late. In my heart I feel we're beyond the point if no return. Still I'm trying to do what I can with the resources I have because I refuse to go quietly into the night. Everyone should be worried, very worried. Their not arming the police departments to the teeth for nothing!! Something wicked this way comes.. SEMPER FI.

U are correct, not sure GOD will intervene for us as America is in a very sinful state. Prayer is good.

Hi Gary, if God doesn't step in soon, we ARE doomed. You are absolutely right, Prayers, a Mutitude of them are needed for U.S. to even "buy" a little more time here. Our Lord may be completely Fed Up with U.S.! I've stocked whatever you can imagine for long-term survival from water, food, "ETC" if you know what I mean, but if God is completely done with U.S., then that won't be necessary, will it....? -Don in Kankakee, IL----

We are under God's judgement.  Unless we see a huge revival I don't expect anything is going to get better this time.  Praying hard as are others but I think the hour is very late.  

I listened to a very good Blog Talk Radio show called 'Let's Talk, God is not Religious'.  It's on a few days a week and the host is Dr. Danny Morano.  This series was called the Invisible Nation.  Several 2 hour shows spent on this subject.  WOW- it made me look at things from a whole other perspective.  He was telling us what Christians should be doing in all of this.  I am sure you have noticed the media is laying the groundwork to further the persecution of's coming our way just like the prophecy says.

I am and expert in the field of subliminal programming and have authored several books on the topic (The Law of Attraction and the Subconscious Mind 1st and 2nd Editions), that being said, what is hitting are children on a daily bases is a continuous flow of subliminal programming.  They have built these programs to run on TV shows, Movies, Video Games, Cell Phone Apps, etc..!!!!  All these Electronic devices have been a God send to these Communist and there plan to takeover our Nation.  One of the key parts of their Communist plan is get control of our Children!  As long as our kids hold on to all these Electronic devices, I just listed above, our Children won't stand a chance against these monsters, and the mind altering Med's combined with subliminal programming these Monsters can completely reprogram who your children are, and what they think and believe...completely change a child's ego and super ego.  When they are finished a child will be no more than a biological robot and that's the way they want it..!!!  They have techniques so advanced that if public had any idea what these Monsters can do to our children it would hit the fan like you would not believe!  God help us, PLEASE!

Dr. Williams, thank you for your post. Going to look into your books. If you get a chance could you elaborate alittle on the subliminal techniques they are using to program our sub conscience? I also wondering how this is legally being done. I've heard this many times before and if I know it so must the justice dept. Although their doing anything but upholding justice!!



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