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By JB Williams


In a nation under 24/7 assault on a thousand daily fronts from a growing list of enemies, there is no shortage of threats to American freedom, security and prosperity. There are quite literally thousands of things to write about every day and the challenge is always to pick the one topic that truly matters most at any given moment in history.

Our security, economic, racial, religious, local, state and national problems ALL have solutions that are simple and doable. Yet no problem seems to ever get solved in the land of the free and home of the brave and there is only one reason for that. Unfortunately, this is the one problem that I can see no solution for and unless and until we find a solution for this one problem, no other problems can be solved, no matter how large or small.

The Political Left

I am not the least disappointed by the political left in America. Every day, they do exactly what I expect them to do, exactly how I expect them to do it. In fact, I am truly impressed with the left’s ability to focus, unify and march in lockstep towards the complete literal obliteration of American sovereignty, security and free market supremacy. The speed at which they are destroying America is truly impressive!

The political left is really only about 20% of the population in America, yet they rule the nation like they are 90%. There is no way to criticize such a successful track record, which if anything, is right on track and ahead of schedule…

The Political Middle

These folks are also doing what they have always done, sit the fence and watch from the bleachers. In fact, with the entire world in some level of meltdown and disaster, you really must applaud these folks’ ability to sit it out, as if their future isn’t hanging in the balance. One must agree that these folks have mastered the art of indecision. Nothing to critique here… as the fence sitters are doing just fine! They are over on the sidelines where they always are.

That brings me to the problem children…

The Political Right

Nobody knows exactly who the political middle of undecideds really is, as they sit most battles out entirely. The political left is easily identified by their open disdain for American freedom, liberty, free market capitalism, the rule of law, and the US Constitution, not to mention U.S. sovereignty and supremacy in the world.

The political right is made up of pretty much everyone else… which makes the political right a little more difficult to define. It includes centrists, economic conservatives, social conservatives and libertarians, who tend to be socially liberal but fiscally conscious, at least as it relates to their own wallet.

And, so far as getting them to work together in any common cause, well, the old “like herding cats” analogy has been replaced by a “more like rounding up backstabbing rattle snakes on cocaine” theory. Even that may not totally define the challenge of uniting the right because there are as many working inside the right to divide the right, as there are from the left.

They are like a bunch of beautiful wild mustangs, except wild mustangs run in herds, not usually in opposite directions. Even hyenas are smart enough to be pack hunters.

But the political right seems to fashion itself more like a star fish than a powerful fighting unit today. Some idiot even wrote a book about how the political right should be a star fish… apparently unaware that if not for the ocean current, a star fish would never move more than five feet in an entire life time - it has never won anything - it has sex with its own leg and is easily eaten by a single seagull.

Ask any First grader to choose between fighting united or divided, and every First grader will get it right. Ask any Tea Partier and they will proudly tell you how they can only win through divided backstabbing efforts, even though they can all quote the bumper sticker “divided they fall” in their claims to be “constitutionalists.” - Be a star fish… have sex with your own leg until the seagull comes along and eats you. Brilliant!

Every problem in America has a simple and doable solution….except one!

United, almost any solution will work. Divided, no solution is possible. Yet the political right is more divided today than at any time in U.S. history, and to make matters worse, they are proud of it!

Figure out how to solve this problem and we can solve all other problems together. Fail to solve this problem and the nation is lost forever. First graders get this, even if Tea Party folks don’t.

One would think that the concept fighting united would not require much thought or salesmanship, but this is modern America, not 1776.

I never believed in the old chem-trail conspiracy theory until I faced the modern insanity in the political right for the last few years. Based upon the utter insanity I see everywhere I look today, I’m thinking there could be something to that chem-trail conspiracy. How else can you explain the self-destructive myopic mass ignorance of the political right?

Divided they will fall, yet unite, they shall not! There are now more than 20,000 “groups” across the country, each “doing its own thing” – usually slashing the throats of all others along the way.

And you can’t figure out how the left is winning?

Part of the right is still hoping someone else will save the nation for them, like Beck, Paul, Palin or West…. Another group thinks they can save it all alone without working with anyone else. I’m still looking for the people ready to unite and fight and the clock is ticking!


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You're a Good Man; SIR.

As always well said and THANK YOU JB for stating the obvious truth. The political two party system we see today is NOTHING the FOUNDERS INVISIONED for the beloved country they founded. I perceive that psychological coercion is the means in with they both achieve the objective to reach the same goal because it is indistinguishable on who is to blame and thus the populous is held in mass confusion and thus the state of our country. They are on the same agenda just by different means to have a total socialist population control.


Not one will stand for the CONSTITUTION AS IT WAS WRITTEN.



Has anyone heard what is happening in front of the wh?  That muslim was supposed to hold a rally today telling all muslims to rise up and put sharia law in placew in America.  Did it even take place today?  There's also supposed to be a big muslim march on July 4th at the same place where Glenn Beck had his rally.
Chickened out.
March 19th, thousands of Veterans will be joining together in Washington DC to protect our Memorials and make a statement, we are not going to take it anymore. Would be a place JB Williams might want to be to spread his message. See you all in DC March 19th
The political right is divided into 2 groups. The GOP Establishment, much like the Dems, they just want to keep their power and the Tea Party and it's supporters. The GOP Establishment hates the Tea Party more then the left and the Dems. We are a major threat to their power and them personally. Issa is a prime example, he promised to investigate everything, but does nothing. Reason he would bring down his own party along with the Dems. They are all crooks, liars, cowards and traitors. The last thing they want to see happen is to let the people find out the truth about what they have doing all these years. That would put them all in jail or worse, treason is a capital crime with max sentence death. See you all in DC March 19th
WHAT would happen ifon the 19th everone going carried a box of tea and dumped it in the POTOMOT????
For the people to enact solutions first they must know the truth. I doubt 1 in a million even know what the CAFR Comprehesible annual financial reports are. This is where our tax dollars are invested oversees and in many other places. We make profit but it doesn't come back to the people. That's because the government has their own Constitution. Our founding father wrote the Constitution for the USA In the 1870's the Corporatist wrote the Constitution of the USA.They control law,money and everything else worth value in this country.How many of you even know what that blue flag with the 3 stars on it means? Or that the real home flag isn't blue! This is all in Black's law and many other law sites.Most people don't understand when you get a social security card you signed away your rights as a citizen and became a Merchant in the Corporation. That is exactly why you have to pay taxes and can me imprisoned for failure to do so.When you get married and get a license to do so it is so the Government can and will tell you how to be married or be subject to penalty. I don't know about you but I don't need any government to tell me how to be married or how to raise my children. They can't even control their own actions . But we still pay for their children to avoid wars and our children die for them We pay and Outrageous profits are stashed in slush funds for these families because they are politicians. As Pappy Bush said "If the American people knew what we have done they would hang us from the light post" I believe in our founding Father but if they were alive today they would be leading the Fight against tyranny and Corporate fascism. Case in point Wisconsin:  Their profit in the 2010 CAFR is $123.5 billion and they are crying poor. Where is all that money? Who reaped the rewards of that investment? It wasn't the people of Wisconsin. And that is just part of the profits,there is alot more but they don't want you to look at it or know about the profits.If all these pension funds were broke do you think Obama or any politician would want them? Hell no! The pension funds in Wisconsin made are very good profit,they just don't want the people to know.Do you know why they don't want to run illegals out of our country?For  every new social security card there is $100,000 investment place in holding for that child.So if you have 20 million illegals and there is 1 child for each illegal family then you do the math. It is all smoke mirrors and lies and not one politician will be honest because it is imprisonment or death for them.When you join Their club it has rules and to disobey them is treason.Get the picture yet? Your not invited to their club or the profits! That'sall for today folks I have to have a chat with my maker not a lying politician who lives by deceit! God bless and remember the Black Priests that fought valorously for our freedoms.
Brian:  All of what you just told us was exactly what one Joyce Rosenwald was telling us at the beginning of this mess in 2008.  And she was flung off several sites and dismissed as a kook.
Pauli i agree 100%.

Are we ready for what happens when oblozo resigns? Who will take power then? Do we have a plan in place?

What will be our first actions in this new governement? our borders

2.seize assets of islamic business and charities

3.bring our troops home

4.get rid of the U.N.

5.begin deporting illegals

6.arrest and bring to trial all who perpetrated this fraud called obama upon America?

7.destroy roe vs. wade so that our children are no longer murdered

8.restore God in our country to His rightful place.

9. severly reduce the size of governement.

10. ??????



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