Donald Trump called for temporary halt to Muslims into the United States until there is verified account of who they are and where they are coming from......this is what he preaches, common sense conservatism.

The progressives, weak-kneed conservatives, and every sort of pandering politician started the "oh me, oh my", we can't do that, it's un-American.  Bull hockey..........those that would jeopardize the security of our nation are also the enemy.

Horse manure to all the liberal lillies, conservative cowards, surrendering slime, it's time to call a spade a spade and declare war on radical muslims, all the countries that harbor them, take away their sanctuary cities, close our borders, and hold them accountable for the inciteful hatred they spew.

Stop the invasion, prosecute the butchers and their supporters....start with the White House, members of Congress that are supporting the radical muslim onslaught, and anyone else that gives aid to the head-chopping, butchering cavemen and women who are spreading like a killer disease.

The talking should be over, the action should begin and begin now.

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In reality, this carries right down to the State level, where those responsible within each State, from both parties, abdicated their duties to ensure eligible candidates on their ballots!  Oh, yes, if Trump really does this right, there would be thousands and thousands of traitors in prison!!!  Not to mention, every single action forced down the throats of We, The People, by the Muslim-in-Chief, would be gutted and moot!

And the media whores who covered for him and promoted his lies and propaganda - who selectively present news to promote his agenda and hide anything the public needs and has a right to know about the evil inhabiting the White House.

Anne----You said a mouthful here.  I'm giving up a Box that lights up with Propaganda regularly.     I don't want those people in my Life, their Spin, their "Leadership".     Being an Adult human being, with an old timey education, I think I can make up my own mind.     Turn the damn thing "OFF"!!!!!     I want a real President, and if it is not the Media's choice, then they will be stuck with realization of us not buying their "Wares".

Good for you - a revolutionary who thinks for yourself.    Everything has turned upside down - it used to be considered a good thing to be an independent thinker, to follow your convictions, etc.   NOW - CONFORMITY of thought and uniform actions that idolize whatever is corrupt in society prevail.  The TRUTH is incompatible with the current state of madness that has taken over.    I find it incredible that on a day when acts of mindless and  cruel barbaric savagery have occurred and take center stage for all the world to see - that the outrage is NOT against the fraud in the White House who tells us such obvious lies about Islam and who breaks the law and his oath of office to promote these people - but against Donald Trump.   IF ONLY these people showed half as much interest in the destructive plans and ambitions of ACTS of Hussein Obama we might have hope for this country and this planet.  Incredibly they are obsessed with the question of whether Donald Trump would recognize LIMITS to his power.   Is that not crazy when Obama has thrown away the constitution in favor of his pen and his phone?

Once a TRAITOR always a TRAITOR.

Amen and Amen Lynn, need more like you !!!

Excellent comment and ever so correct.  Where are these 54% that think everything is okay and what are they thinking?


Agreed Steve

With their heads in the sand and their butts waving in the breeze!


I think you have it a bit out of kilter~~~they can't have their heads in the sand when it is already up their ass!  JMHO, and pardon my French!

ROFL!!!  This is true!!!

 Steve, honestly they are either working or watching a sporting event or some trash on TV other than keeping up with what is going on in our country.

I talk to many as if they knew the news of the day and they don't even keep up with it. 

Like Trump said, a 94 yr old Lady saying she is going to vote for the first time, many many people don't vote and don't even know who there congressman or senators are.

I have a friend who was like that and I got on his case about it and he finally started keeping up more and getting involved.

We have the gay activist pushing there agenda, the atheist pushing theres while many who call themselves Christians do nothing, so that is why we are where we are today, as you probably know.



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