Donald Trump called for temporary halt to Muslims into the United States until there is verified account of who they are and where they are coming from......this is what he preaches, common sense conservatism.

The progressives, weak-kneed conservatives, and every sort of pandering politician started the "oh me, oh my", we can't do that, it's un-American.  Bull hockey..........those that would jeopardize the security of our nation are also the enemy.

Horse manure to all the liberal lillies, conservative cowards, surrendering slime, it's time to call a spade a spade and declare war on radical muslims, all the countries that harbor them, take away their sanctuary cities, close our borders, and hold them accountable for the inciteful hatred they spew.

Stop the invasion, prosecute the butchers and their supporters....start with the White House, members of Congress that are supporting the radical muslim onslaught, and anyone else that gives aid to the head-chopping, butchering cavemen and women who are spreading like a killer disease.

The talking should be over, the action should begin and begin now.

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Trump is correct.

When Trump gains the US presidency, among the first things he should do is prosecute Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, as well as a hand-full of Senators and Representatives for treason against the United States of America. 

Israel prosecuted their leader who now sits in prison..........the United States should take the same action in our country.

and the ohitler czars; and jeh johnson and others yes u   r    right. 

Amen Colonel Riley, wouldn't that be nice.


They should also follow Iceland's lead - instead of bailing out their bankers, they prosecuted them. 

Amen Harry.

We may be under Siege/Seize, but our PINO tells us in BOLD letters, that " We are not at war with Islam". He understands the severe threat this group is to our Country, and their betrayal to it is proven almost daily, but they are his people, so of course he is protective of them, regardless of the mayhem and death they cause within our borders.

We are supposed to be our Presidents people, not any other, but he has bent and twisted the rules of the game to the point where, we are the hunted, the prey if you will, to the entirety of Islam. They have boldly told us that they hate us, called us the great Satan, America, and their own Koran tells them, If they are not, nor will they become, Muslim, they are to be killed.

How much more does anyone need from a sect, to extinguish their outreach into our lands?. They have told us to our faces how much they hate us, and we are to die, yet this poor excuse for a President, protects and coddles them. How much more does a sect, yes I call them a sect not a Religion, simply because no Religious God that I know of would order his people to kill all who do not believe in him, possibly do to us before we get the message?.

Our own President, if this is what one prefers to call him, plus their overwhelming hate, combine for the total destruction of the once greatest Country on the face of the Earth. We need a people’s President, one who will uphold their sworn oath to protect our Country, and Constitution against all enemies, foreign or domestic. They have become both foreign and domestic, so how much more could they possibly qualify?.

The fight or flight response is a natural order. One when backed into a corner has two choices. They can either defend themselves, to the death if necessary, or choose to run and live to fight another day. With these demons, it is a simple choice. You fight them with anything you have at your disposal, running will only in this case, give you a brief respite from the assault. At a given point, you must defend yourself, be it now, or tomorrow. The threat will not go away on it’s own.

Let me be clear, despite what our PINO says, we ARE at war with ISLAM. To openly let them enter our borders, is to invite certain death into our Country. This is not a harmless group of women and Children fleeing tyranny, it is a group of mostly fighting age men who come simply to destroy, and conquer.

Donald Trump sees this as it’s reality, a invasion. Nobama sees it as a opportunity to aid his agendas of the destruction of this Country, and it’s people. So with the Wicked witch of the South ready and willing to continue his agendas, do we really, really want to give her that chance, or do we elect a man, who we know is for us and our lands?. It is a simple, realistic, truth, not a hidden agenda.

I want the true change, which so many thought Nobama offered, not his change, nor fundamental transformation of a now, under him, non Christian Nation. I want real hope, not the faux hope he so eloquently offered.

Trump for President. Could he possibly do any worse than what we have there now?. I believe he will do what he says, I believe he is for America, and the American way. I believe he, if anyone has the chance, can and will bring our Country back the respect, dignity, and strength it once had. He is not a political pawn, has his own money, and does not need theirs, so bribes, and back room deals will become a thing of the past, If he survives. This is my only fear, that the shadows might darken his doorway, the way they have so many other enemies of the elite.

             I agree 100%, with you & Trump, i think he loves this country as much as i do, I will give my life for this country . I would take them out myself if i could get to them!! I am 84, I feel i have nothing to lose !! I feel all of them should be in Gittmo , And 7 of them should be 6' under it,I would gladly dig the grave's myself !!!

You are very much correct SIr. The tyrants should be held accountable.


We all or at should know Obama is not an American, however I am in court going after his butt as well as Rubio and Cruz we have let all the morons in DC bastardize our constitution we have let the SJC and the demented Justices destroy our nation in the name of political correctness. To many have died for this country to let it go to hell. We will have to band together and tie their hands in court GOD BLESS AND SAVE  AMERICA

 Amen and Amen William, thanks for all you do sir. 



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