Donald Trump called for temporary halt to Muslims into the United States until there is verified account of who they are and where they are coming from......this is what he preaches, common sense conservatism.

The progressives, weak-kneed conservatives, and every sort of pandering politician started the "oh me, oh my", we can't do that, it's un-American.  Bull hockey..........those that would jeopardize the security of our nation are also the enemy.

Horse manure to all the liberal lillies, conservative cowards, surrendering slime, it's time to call a spade a spade and declare war on radical muslims, all the countries that harbor them, take away their sanctuary cities, close our borders, and hold them accountable for the inciteful hatred they spew.

Stop the invasion, prosecute the butchers and their supporters....start with the White House, members of Congress that are supporting the radical muslim onslaught, and anyone else that gives aid to the head-chopping, butchering cavemen and women who are spreading like a killer disease.

The talking should be over, the action should begin and begin now.

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This is off topic, but I feel everyone needs to see it for themselves. You cannot ignore this video, or it’s results, done randomly, under public scrutiny. ALL SHOULD SEE IT, AND PASS IT ON.
I have mentioned the voting machines, many times, and how being a computer, they can be easily made to change votes. Once we vote, we have no idea where, or how our vote goes, how it is counted, or for whom it is actually counted. I received this short clip from a friend, and I believe every Voting Citizen should watch it to get a keen idea of what actually goes on within the voting computer process. Share it with all you can, if you see the significance of what it tells us and shows us about voting machines, and the reality of the results they give.

Not so far fetched.

My team saw and reported the fraud and got laughed at.

 They should make it a 50 year prison sentence for any one doing this, OR death !! this is giving our country away !!! Then they turn around & count them in another country ! then they can say the other country did it !!!   THIS is why we don't trust our Government!!!

           HE has been the only one to say that plus build a wall & how to pay for it , AND get rid of all the worthless trade treaty's, that lets them all of our mfg,ing ,makes them richer, & us poorer ,I,m for all of that & much ,much more !!! VOTE, 2016 !!!



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