Donald Trump called for temporary halt to Muslims into the United States until there is verified account of who they are and where they are coming from......this is what he preaches, common sense conservatism.

The progressives, weak-kneed conservatives, and every sort of pandering politician started the "oh me, oh my", we can't do that, it's un-American.  Bull hockey..........those that would jeopardize the security of our nation are also the enemy.

Horse manure to all the liberal lillies, conservative cowards, surrendering slime, it's time to call a spade a spade and declare war on radical muslims, all the countries that harbor them, take away their sanctuary cities, close our borders, and hold them accountable for the inciteful hatred they spew.

Stop the invasion, prosecute the butchers and their supporters....start with the White House, members of Congress that are supporting the radical muslim onslaught, and anyone else that gives aid to the head-chopping, butchering cavemen and women who are spreading like a killer disease.

The talking should be over, the action should begin and begin now.

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If you're suing Obama, Cruz, or Rubio because they are not natural born citizens, your suit will be dismissed on the basis of "lack of standing" unless you ran for President in 2008 or 2012, or for Presidential nominee in 2016.  There have probably been close to 50 (or more) similar  lawsuits filed over the past 10 years, and our corrupt judges have thrown out every one of them on technicalities.  Orly Taitz was legal representative for many of those suits, so if you have any questions you'd like to ask her, her email address is  Good luck!

True - Trump is the only person I can see having standing AND the cajones to do it - he has already brought up the possibility.  You can bet he has tons of lawyers looking into this!  May be the democraps, altho that opens up a can of worms for their Muslim-in-Chief, kind of.

Clearly we have been betrayed.   Those who made promises to us and swore upon the bible to serve us have proven their only commitment is to betrayal and lies.   And no one stands out more in my mind in this regard than the arrogant grinning traitor Paul Ryan who saw to it last December that the evil plans of Hussein were fully funded and that not one thing of benefit to the people, including health care for our veterans, was gained by us.   it was a knife in the back that severed forever any chance I will believe one syllable out of the mouth of career politicians in DC.   INCREDIBLY HE HAS NO SHAME - he and all the others make it clear that this is not a government of the people it is a government of the self-serving inhabitants of the corrupt cesspool Washington DC has become.  THE LAW  NO LONGER MATTERS under the current lawless banana republic of Hussein Obama.

WHAT, swore on the Bible???

BO swore on something else in secret. Know what?

These lawless people have proven they have no morals and that there is nothing beneath them to get THEIR WISHES (not we the people's wishes).   Over a month ago it occurred to me that it is very likely / next to a certainty that they will attempt assassination and based on the incredibly good luck that seems to follow them - probably succeed.  And with each passing day of IT'S ALL TRUMPS FAULT reinforces my beliefs.

Some day soon we are going to wake to a day like nothing we've ever contemplated in this country.  Everything is Trump's fault and the truth in front of your eyes is denied and the media whores' practices faithfully promote the lies.

I'd like to remind people of Hussein Obama's promise to post all bills up for consideration on C-SPAN but what we've gotten is himself ARROGANTLY  TELLING US that HE HAS A PEN AND A PHONE.

Dark days are ahead - the only good thing I can see in this is that soon the deniers will be forced, finally, to face the truth.   Those people who have played along with this will be the ones screaming in terror the loudest.   They will get no sympathy or comfort from me.

Life under tyranny, living in fear of a knock on the door, afraid to say what we think or believe, has no appeal for me.   I will not squander my life foolishly but I will not hide in fear and if in the process I lose it, so be it.

Trump's newest hotel is right across the street from the white house in Washington DC. If they try to steal the nomination from OUR President Trump or do anything to him maybe the millions of Trump voters will see fit to go visit his hotel and while there pay a little visit to OUR White House which We paid for so We could choose who We want in it to run OUR country.

@ Ann----Very nice.  Seems lots of Folks, have underestimated the American People.    We are not our wimpy, pathetic Govt.    We are not cowards, and our blood does not run Yellow.     Finally, we have a man who will lead us, he has asked nothing of us, unlike the "Beggin Class".     Think about a man, who is on top of the world, and he chooses to take the Office of trying to save his Country, instead of living in Luxury?     Why would anyone try to come in, and clean up this disgraceful mess?      The Unselfishness of Donald Trump amazes me, he is sacrificing a great Life, to try and save this Country.     Not being a Politician, not being bought & paid for, he can freely talk with the American People, and we hear an honest estimation of our problems.      In plain English, our problems laid out in the open, and we have honest, and clear discussion.      Only a man who threatens the Political Class, would be subject to this Media Campaign to disqualify him.     Guess what???      We ain't buying what you're selling!!       You sell Lies and Influence, and your unabashed Greed for self-fulfillment is disgusting.     We're going for a Real Man this time.

              I feel the way you do, ( Remember they KILLED  J F K. ) IF they try to kill Donald J Trump , we the people are going to be ,VERY,VERY,VERY Angry, and we WILL get the ones that did it !!! YES this is a threat, We will not stop until we get all of you !!!

If ever someone in the government has BEGGED TO BE TAKEN OUT and held accountable it is the evil Muslim arrogantly parading before us as though he were respectable - denying that every cell of his body is cursed and so is America as long as he remains in the White House.   Even if gone he has planted seeds deep within the government - seeds of hatred in the form of people such as members of CAIR.   I would like nothing better than to have a brighter view for America but my commitment to the truth prevents it.

and every muslim hussein has appointed a position to .Let's not  forger ketchup king kerry who should have been in Leavenworth along with McSongbird or even better shot for treason!!

Trump is right that is y the effort to stop him.

Why bring them here?  What right do they have to be here?  NONE absolutely none.   Why bring terrorists into the country?

Our southern border is a war zone this is why The Donald is under attack they know he is right.  



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