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What is the average American willing to sacrifice to make our nation back away from the present course? I argue that I and those other few like me that the government sees as radicals (I am by the way) are few and far between. I've been taking stock of my life and my fortitude and have asked myself, "What is my Liberty worth? What am I willing to lose in order to force the government back on the path our Founders originally set us on?" I know the answer for myself. Give me a state full of people like myself, and I'll show you a state that the feds and leftists will avoid like the black plague. So would drug dealers, armed robbers, and dead-beats.

Most people think that they're willing to do what's necessary. I beg to disagree. Most, in my never to be humble opinion, are all talk and wind. I'm not going to call anyone out, I'll let you decide for yourself, about yourself. Here's a few examples of what some of the valiant men that signed the Declaration of Independance went through and how much they were willing to sacrifice to gain what we have so cheerfully abandoned.

First off, all 56 signers of the illegal and treasonous Declaration of Independance faced death by hanging for Treason.

Francis Lewis had his home and estate plundered. His wife was captured and brutalized, later dying from the effects of bad treatment.

William Floyd and his family were unable to return to their pillaged home for seven years.

Philip Livingston was forced to leave his family and died alone in 1778.

Lewis Morris and family spent the entire war in exile, their vast estate and fortune destroyed.

"Honest John" Hart left his dying wife and 13 children behind, hiding in caves and forests. Years later he returned to find his wife's grave, his 13 children gone. He died alone, a broken man in 1779.

Richard Stockton was brutally beaten upon capture, and mistreated in prison. He died in 1781 a despondent 51 year-old.

Robert Morris lent his vast fortune and credit to the cause. He died broke in 1806.

William Ellery had his home and property looted.

Thomas Lynch Jr. sought vacation to aid his failing health, dying in a shipwreck.

Thomas Heyward, Edward Rutledge and Arthur Middleton lost their vast fortunes while in prison. Mrs. Heyward died while her husband was imprisoned.

Thomas Nelson Jr., despite failing health, served as a commander in the militia, and spent his personal fortune on the cause. At the battle of Yorktown, he ordered his own home destroyed by cannon fire while it was occupied by the British.

Abraham Clark was notified his two sons were captured and being brutally tortured while in prison. The British offered Clark his two sons freedom if he would renounce his signature on the Declaration of Independence. With a heavy heart he answered, "NO."

Read through that list again. I'm absolutely sure that it isn't a complete list, but I'm equally sure that it is enough to let you know the depth of their character and conviction. What are you willing to give? If it's one iota less than them, I suggest you accept that nothing that is said or written about the bastardization of our republic will change by any act that you do. If you are willing to give everything to restore the tree of liberty, then join with others like yourselves. Organize with like-minded patriots. And prepare for the time when you will be called on to do exactly what our founders did.

Understand me, and I do hope I am wrong, but the evidence of the past is clear, they (Leftists, statists, Marxists, whatever you want to label them) will not allow their time in power to fall flat on its face with a mid-term election. Each cycle, they get more and more sofisticated at voter fraud and intimidation at the polling places. This next November will be worse than the last, I promise you that. And when the dust clears, and the smoke settles, the Courts will back the Leftists and we'll find ourselves with less and less freedom.

And let's pretend for a moment that I am wrong. That the leftists and Marxists will have seen the light and decided to accept a clean vote, shouldn't we all STILL be willing to guard our Freedom and Liberty with absolutely 100% of our fortitude, sagacity, and pertinacity, and in the last defense, with our lives, fortunes, and sacred honor?

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Amen,  Rev.   Bob  Celeste,  my  pastor  brother  in  New  Mexico  says  the  same  words..!! What are we willing to sacrifice to save and restore our nation? Are any of us willing to do what our founding fathers did? Are we really going to have to fight an actual hot shooting, dyeing, and killing war? The answer to that last question is yes, probably. We will eventually end up trying to defend ourselves against somebody that either wants to kill us because they have orders to do that. Or we may end up fighting somebody that wants our supplies and provisions. Right now we are in a war that most people don’t even know about. But it is the predecessor to the hot (shooting) war that will take place right here in our own streets and neighborhoods. Oh I’m sure you’ve all heard and talked about some aspects of it, but most of us have no idea what it really is. It’s the financial war that is being played out right before our eyes. And we haven’t even noticed it except that we have all complained that our Federal deficit is too high. A Financial War !! ?? Well that doesn’t sound too scary. At least not as scary as a real hot shooting gun battle type of war. In a financial war if we loose then we all go broke and that’s the end of it, _ Right ?,,,,,, Wrong !!! This Financial war is the precursor to a full blown invasion and complete take over of every aspect of what is still the United States of America. Take a short drive to your local grocery store. On your way you stop at the local gas station to put some fuel in the car. Either the gas station is out of fuel or what they do have costs $25-$30 bucks per gallon. What happened to your grocery budget ? When you do get to the grocery store you find the same problem. Either the shelves are empty or what they have left costs $10 dollars for a day-old loaf of bread. You make a stop at your back to draw some cash, sorry, bank is now closed due to a run earlier in the week. Plus all your credit cards have also been shut down. Guess what – that real war for what ever supplies you may have stored just got a little more realistic. And forget about buying any ammo. And all of that is only the beginning. That 17-Trillion dollar deficit that Obama and our federal Government are running up is part of this financial war. It was all spelled out in detail twenty years ago both in several hundred pages written by the Muslim Brotherhood and also in a book written as a war-game scenario for the Chinese and Russian Governments. The Muslim pages are now known as the manuscripts called “The Project” exposed last year on Glenn Beck’s program. The Russian and Chinese manuscripts are known as “Unrestricted Warfare”. This book was revealed on GBTV For The Record. Now we need to go back and try to answer that original question, are you willing to fight to try to save our Nation? And are you willing to sacrifice as much as our Founding Fathers did? Mitt Romney was right during the 2012 Presidential campaign when he said that 47 percent of Americans are either on welfare or on some kind of government payroll. Half of the remaining 53% either voted for Obama because they actually love him, or they simply don’t want to know anything about politics. Some of them will turn traitor and sell their soul (or their grandmothers) for a loaf of bread. We’re down to roughly 26.5% of the population. Of those remaining 23% will hope they can survive by hiding what they have and simply hoping they don’t ever have to actually fight to stay alive. Those are the preppers that think they can make it by living underground for two or three years. That leaves an optimistic 3.5%. Where do I stand in all of this? I’m 71 years old, I’ve lived a fairly decent life. I’ve lived as a “FREE man in a FREE country. And I have grandchildren, and great grandchildren, some of them are girls. Do you think I want my girls (or my wife), subjected to the horrors inflicted on young girls by these Muslims? At this point in my life I’m beyond being afraid of dying. But the mere thought of my girls and my great grandchildren suffering through any of that scares the hell out of me. I’m picking my targets wisely and early, and I’m getting ready right now.

We are the same age and I agree with you 100%.  One thing I have said about people of our age: We fight harder because we can not run.  And I am will to fight.



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