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American Patriots Demand Action ***Update - Current Information 4-16-15***

We are at the point where the venue for holding this Round Table and the agenda are set:

We will be meeting at the Radio Technical Commission, 1611 N Kent St, Arlington, VA in the Main Conference Room; we also have a breakout room reserved, so two working sessions can be going at the same time. Starting time is 11:00am on Wednesday, May 13, 2015, with breakout to begin at noon. Please note the maximum number the room will hold is 50, and there are 20 politicians (so far) who have expressed interest. There is also a veterans’ group that plans on sending a delegation - I am still trying to get an accurate count from them.

If you have contacted politicians and gotten a commitment from them, I need that information, for an accurate headcount.

Those of you who worked on the handout, many thanks. I am getting them printed, along with some documentation for each point; folders will be handed out to all attendees at the meeting.

We will be working with the politicians, to find ways to implement our Top Five Concerns from within and without the governmental body. The senators, representatives, and governors who will be there know better than we do how the governing body works (or doesn’t!); they will be hearing from citizens that we are not asleep; we are aware of what is happening to the country; we are willing to work to stop it; and we have their back(s) if they step out and go against the corrupt minions presently in control in DC.

Above all, we must be professional in our demeanor; very firm in our requests, but polite - no yelling, name-calling, or cursing. The minute we do that, the politicians will tune out and turn off. Be professional!

This is a very ambitious project to accomplish in just four hours. As one member has expressed to me, we need to have a regular series of these meetings. I’d love to see that happen!

The Top Five Concerns and the Politician Name List are below:


Top Five Concerns:


1. Impeach Barack Obama

  • Remove from Office
  • Try for Treason


2. Enforce Immigration Laws

  • Secure our border
  • Stop executive amnesty


3. Repeal Obamacare


  • Replace with sensible reforms of our healthcare system


4. National Debt


  • Balanced Budget Amendment
  • Pay down our national debt


5. End the Patriot Act


  •  Restore our freedoms
  •  End NSA snooping
  •  Veto the NDAA


NOTE: Due to sabotage of this meeting, I have removed the politician name list from this discussion. If the saboteur had already copied the list, he/she will still have the names. If he/she was referring back to listing, this will stop it. 

I strongly suspect pressure to back out came from "on high" - we have lost much of the politicians' participation...I did have about 20 who had committed to attending. There are now about 10 left. This development is disappointing, to say the least.

Anyone who is planning on attending and still needs the politicians' name list, message me, and I will email you a copy of it.

4-16-15: Two more politician cancellations today; now down to six. These may not be because of the saboteur, as one sounded shaky from the start. I am calling more politicians' schedulers, trying to get the attendee list back up. Any help would be appreciated!

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I've NEVER intimated anything.  I've asked questions.  I thought that was allowed..  I was looking forward to hearing all about the meeting and encouraging any politicians who'd expressed interest but now that I see what kind of attitude you've decided to take, fine.  Show me one post where I "intimated" nobody would show.  All I've ever said is we should show our support to politicians who are willing to go against the tide.  If that's stirring up trouble, so be it.   As a matter of fact, I'll post my own comments in this thread.  Show me where I "intimated" anything.  Here's one from Feb 21.

I'm sorry but I can't get off work long enough to make the trip but I think a lot of us here would like to see a list of the congressmen who have committed to going so we can thank them for meeting with you.  (whether they actually do anything will remain to be seen.)

And another from Feb 16.

I can't make it to DC this year but I can make calls.  I have a question first.  Its regarding the politicans that have said they WILL come.  I'd like to know the pitch that was made to them that convinced them to attend.   If somebody has a statement that they use and it's successful in making the case to attend, I'd like to see it posted here so we all can use a strategy that has been proven to work.  Also, I'd like to know the names of the ones who said they will come so we can all  send them emails praising their decision.  Nothing like some positive reinforcement to keep them from changing their minds.  I still remember (with a shudder) how not one one stinking pol came to see us at OAS last spring.

So exactly what did I post that offended you so much? 

Rattler Hammock: Is that directed at 'Going Rogue'? 

Yes, sorry. Morning Star.  I didn't mean to sound off at you.  My apologies.

Rattler Hammock:

We're cool.  Thanks. 

BTW, the reason I asked for a script is I drove all the way to Sarasota to meet with Buchanan's staff (even though he wasn't on the list).  They said they'd pass the message along.  I thought, if somebody has a winning pitch to make to these politicians, we all could benefit from it.  If you think that's "intimating" something bad, then tell me why.

Rattler Hammock: 

I did not intend to imply or wrongfully accuse you of anything.  We should be able to communicate on this discussion without any ill-will. 

I thank you for your efforts to spread the word about the Roundtable. 

Morning Star, I didn't mean to insinuate you had.  We're good.  I'm just upset GR accused me of "intimating the politicians won't show" or that i was an agitator.  I agree that we need to communicate without ill-will and, although I now understand why GR is reluctant to publish those names, that could have been explained without insinuating I was trying to undermine the cause or being told to "get real".  I wish I could go, but I can't get the time off work, nor do I have the money for travel, but I wanted to help any way I could and I thought phone calls would work for me.  I'm not a gifted speaker and if I had a script, I thought that would be  helpful and maybe to other people too.

Semper Fi Everyone and just wanted to share an article recently written by a Marine with an opinion and undying love for this country. It is a sad day when we accept the fact that our president is a traitor and nothing more than a jihadist in a suite... God bless each of you and may He forever bless this Nation... Semper Fi, Shep

Try using a different web browser. Clears up a lot of problems.

This is the article:


2016 Presidential Election… Most Of Us Will Never See It? If Washington Doesn’t Do Something Fast!


 It is no secret that terrorist groups want to destroy us and they are making plans to do so. Many live right here in our country and are waiting for the word to attack.  The Department of Homeland Security was designed to protect us so how in the world have we allowed the Muslim Brotherhood to infiltrate this line of defense?  Everything related to National Security goes through the Muslim Brotherhood. They know every detail about this country which means ISIS knows everything about us. The president continues to allow the worst of the worst out of Gitmo and they want revenge. They sat in their cells where they belong praying for the death of all Americans.

Washington acts as if they ignore our problems one day they will disappear. Well, our problems are not going away, they continue to grow worse every day. Waiting for another group of liars to get elected in 2016 is just what our enemy wants. We will never see another president elected if we don't have a country left to elect one.  If you were ISIS who would you want America to have as president? Jihad will come before we get a chance to put a leader back in the White House. These lawmakers better wake up from their fairytale dream and take a look at the nightmare we have unfolding before our eyes. The president fooled everyone in 2008 when we thought he stood in this country. He has made it clear he stands with Islam and the people who wish to destroy us. He is prepping us for Jihad but he is preparing us to lose.

He has cut our military in half and almost doubled our deficit. He has made it clear that he stands with our enemy while shooting the finger at our allies. He not only should be impeached, he should spend his life in prison for high treason. Any lawmaker who continues to allow this should go to prison with him.  They each took the oath and swore to defend our constitution.  If they are afraid to draw up articles of impeachment, they should resign.  If one child is hurt in this country because of their incompetence, they better find a safe place to hide. There will be no excuse and the American people will blame everyone in Washington. Please get on the phone and call every lawmaker you can. Demand they close our borders today not tomorrow. Demand they remove the traitor living in the White House and put a leader back in charge of this land. God bless America the land that we love… Semper Fi, Shep

John, Just got off a conversation with a military expert of many years and a Ph.D. in Political Science.

He is convinced right now Islam in all its worst forms is here now and more of the very worst are coming across the Mexican border.

Ass soon as they get comfortable with their numbers they will lash out at us will the fury of Hell.

Then, he is concerned, every Middle East person here will be targeted because there will be NO WAY to discern friend and foe.

Then the government will declare a state of emergency and probably declare anyone who is trying to stop them as the antagonists and will sick law enforcement and the military on citizens with no legal recourse.

Some military will do it because they are heavily infiltrated now but some will not.

Law enforcement is splitting both ways as I'm typing.

In other words, those who think they have this game under control - may - but then again they may be in for the surprise of their lives.

The main thing is all on our side stay calm, think clearly, pray hard, and seek out as many like minds as possible and STAY IN COMMUNICATION.

They will try to disrupt communication when the SHTF so we MUST establish links NOW.

DO NOT FORGET THE RUSSIANS!!!!  I believe they are in on this game as well.  The Muslim leader of Chechnya has sworn allegiance to Putin - remember - THE ENEMY OF MY ENEMY IS MY FRIEND!!!!  Putin will NOT hesitate to use the Muslims as his attack dogs, supported by the thousands of his troops already in the Arctic and in subs off the coast of Alaska, not to mention in many towns in Alaska!



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