Constitutional Emergency

American Patriots Demand Action ***Update - Current Information 4-16-15***

We are at the point where the venue for holding this Round Table and the agenda are set:

We will be meeting at the Radio Technical Commission, 1611 N Kent St, Arlington, VA in the Main Conference Room; we also have a breakout room reserved, so two working sessions can be going at the same time. Starting time is 11:00am on Wednesday, May 13, 2015, with breakout to begin at noon. Please note the maximum number the room will hold is 50, and there are 20 politicians (so far) who have expressed interest. There is also a veterans’ group that plans on sending a delegation - I am still trying to get an accurate count from them.

If you have contacted politicians and gotten a commitment from them, I need that information, for an accurate headcount.

Those of you who worked on the handout, many thanks. I am getting them printed, along with some documentation for each point; folders will be handed out to all attendees at the meeting.

We will be working with the politicians, to find ways to implement our Top Five Concerns from within and without the governmental body. The senators, representatives, and governors who will be there know better than we do how the governing body works (or doesn’t!); they will be hearing from citizens that we are not asleep; we are aware of what is happening to the country; we are willing to work to stop it; and we have their back(s) if they step out and go against the corrupt minions presently in control in DC.

Above all, we must be professional in our demeanor; very firm in our requests, but polite - no yelling, name-calling, or cursing. The minute we do that, the politicians will tune out and turn off. Be professional!

This is a very ambitious project to accomplish in just four hours. As one member has expressed to me, we need to have a regular series of these meetings. I’d love to see that happen!

The Top Five Concerns and the Politician Name List are below:


Top Five Concerns:


1. Impeach Barack Obama

  • Remove from Office
  • Try for Treason


2. Enforce Immigration Laws

  • Secure our border
  • Stop executive amnesty


3. Repeal Obamacare


  • Replace with sensible reforms of our healthcare system


4. National Debt


  • Balanced Budget Amendment
  • Pay down our national debt


5. End the Patriot Act


  •  Restore our freedoms
  •  End NSA snooping
  •  Veto the NDAA


NOTE: Due to sabotage of this meeting, I have removed the politician name list from this discussion. If the saboteur had already copied the list, he/she will still have the names. If he/she was referring back to listing, this will stop it. 

I strongly suspect pressure to back out came from "on high" - we have lost much of the politicians' participation...I did have about 20 who had committed to attending. There are now about 10 left. This development is disappointing, to say the least.

Anyone who is planning on attending and still needs the politicians' name list, message me, and I will email you a copy of it.

4-16-15: Two more politician cancellations today; now down to six. These may not be because of the saboteur, as one sounded shaky from the start. I am calling more politicians' schedulers, trying to get the attendee list back up. Any help would be appreciated!

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It is good to know that many are working behind the scenes!!!!!!!!!!!!  We would like to go, but we will keep all of you in our prayers--along with the politicians, etc.  God bless you and be with you!!!

Trust in God and know that it only takes one... Believe me when I tell you that God works in his own mysterious ways and I truly believe the ones who are there are the ones meant to be there... God bless America and this is a critical time for the future of Americas children. They say if it were easy everyone would do it? I say if everyone would do it it would be easy... Semper Fi to each of you and may God forever bless all that you love... Shep
Some have drifted but a majority. take the hard road or the one I have seen... I am certain and I believe in mankind and most of all God that you will all see a miracle that is going to blow your mind. Look forward to sharing my story with you and your husband. Marines don't lie when it comes to God or Country. Believe me when I tell you His miracle has begun and God has finally Pray To Our Father To Persuade the right politicians to come to this meeting. I have everything they need to save this country. It is imperative that I get to sit down with someone like Trey Gowdy or Ted Cruz? Won't be able to discuss most of it at your round table and no need to explain why. But I will provide one with proof of what's going on and what these traitors have planned. God will let me know who and when I can talk to but I assure you that the lives of over 6 billion people are in grave danger worldwide. This isn't a joke or drill and this information is secure in numerous places throughout the World. If
Bill Hillary or Al Gore Cause me to disappear this info will be released I assure you and all hell will break loose. Please tell any politician you trust to read this article I wrote but pay close attention to the last paragraph. My interview in 2012 with law enforcement was not even the tip of their spear. Remember the Muslim brotherhood is in valves with every aspect of our security. I must talk to one of these politicians soon over the next few months... Tell your husband I said Semper Fi and God bless you both... See You in May. Shep please read last paragraph and tell every politician to do the same...

That's one of the biggest problems these so called politician's are a bunch of yellow wussies to frightened to attend a meeting, Gimmie a break,they all spout off at the mouths when they are trying to get elected, how their going to DC and take a stand.The second they get there they fold up like a beach chair, Both parties are a bunch of corporate prostitutes,spending our children's future with no regard, It won't do a lick of good to impeach Obama,just to get stuck with Sneaky Joe Biden running the exact same Congress that are pretty much all corrupt. We need a total impeachment of every single government employee and start from scratch, Bring back the Republic and every law not Constitutional should be void, the states need to take back the power like it was meant to be.

The Bible says over and over and over that cowards will NEVER enter the Kingdom of God, period.



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