Constitutional Emergency

AMERICAN SPRING - Colonel Organizing MASSIVE Patriot Action In Washington, D.C. May 16, 2014

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working on it - 

This will be a case where the Usuper and his thugs will try to use the MSM in claiming that there are terrorist elements in the event and will use it as an excuse to bring the hammer down on the movement.  But here is where our disabled vets can play a major role, as it will be difficult for the evil one,  even with the help of his puppet MSM, to accuse America's heroes of something malevolent.  

    I definitely need to express a bit on those suffering of disabilities, veteran, or not, who are a part of this operation, has well as the elderly on board with this operation. While I am a vet, 'n suffering of disabilities, though not service related, the opportunities of law, that this republic acted, and passed, for the disabled, and elderly, those said opportunities first go through gov't agencies, its "approved" civilian agencies, and you would never see, here, or believe how they feel threatened, are threatened with cuts, loss of opportunities to remain independent, if they open their mouths to even challenge this gov't authority. I've been fightening it for years, with cuts at every corner, while even thinking of challenging loss of opportunities through the avenues provided, is returned judgements, "mistakes were made, but opportunities were finally provided", never mind the fact that it took over 1 1/2 years, with great loss. The fed will insure that the disabled, elderly keep their mouths shut, through HHS threats, and intimidation, has their separate state agencies, approved businesses, and political allies, have a bureaucratic wall of rules, and regs, giving them the legal authority to do so. An actual illegal authority, that is imposed upon the disabled, elderly, and a fight I take on of my TRUST in God, and country. A trust we must express, show, and demonstrate to the elderly, disabled, instead of taking opportunity of them, has this current administration does, and the left has done for years, while building a welfare nation on the backs of the elderly, and disabled.

All the more reason Merle to hold the deceivers, betrayer in D.C. accountable.......Operation American Spring is the vehicle we're trying to drive all over the slime balls in D.C.

Amen Col, Richard, Gary, and all other patriots!!!! It has not been the 30+ years of me living independently of the free, and available opportunities, that has every limited me, or held me back, without God, and our Truth faithfully behind, and with me. It's not so much myself I am concerned with, has it is others, who I think we need to realize might be used has a tool, a wedge supporting a propaganda campaign to paint this operation has a threat to them. Heck, I know the outdoors just loves me, just as I do love its offerings, cover, and shelter. The time in Fairchild, 'n Washington's mountains certainly provided a great deal of experience, and knowledge, to this country boys life ;)

Merle, I am also a Veteran with a non-Service connected disability. I understand the fear and uncertainty out there among the elderly and disabled.  As for me, however, I would give up my disability benefits in a heartbeat if it meant saving my Grandchildren from the kind of tyranical Government that is presently overtaking us. For I know one thing to be true beyond a doubt; no matter what else happens, the good Lord will provide my needs.  And, in return, I would gladly sacrifice myself to help restore the Republic that was founded in His glory and with His guidance..  It is just that simple!  "In God we trust" should not just be a motto, it should be our lifestyle....

I am not a vet, but am on Social Insecurity and will gladly give up my benefits for this!
Lived in a tent in the woods for a year and half, while waiting for the unsocial folks to approve my disability, so head south and pitch a tent, if I am still alive!

Amen Mr. Hall!

My misfortune is of two items:

1.  I am 3,000 miles away and have too many clients and responsibilities, but I am for you 100%  If this works, please feel free to come out to the left-coast so I may be able to join you.  These numb-nuts are no different then your idiots, and,

2.  Since unarmed people make great targets, I highly recommend you go fully armed.  Even if the most that shows up is 500,000 warm bodies, and, they are armed, do you think the DC police or the Secret Service treasonous idiots will try to take you all on?

Semper Fi!  GySgt Thomas Lakin, USMC Retired

Thank you Col. Riley for the update on the rumors.

Sir I want you to know that I realize that you have painted a Big Red Bulls-Eye on your back and may God protect you and your family.

Sir I'm the type. first in, last to leave, Leave no one behind I will have your back to the end.

See you in D.C.

Hello Larry........well we're all in this for all, all for one.   It is the screams that have been heard from America for the past five years that has caused this "movement to action".........I'm just your letter carrier and proud to be standing shoulder to shoulder, arm in arm with you and millions of others who love our nation and won't allow a betraying, deceiver to destroy what lives, body parts, blood, and family destruction, has sacrificed and paid to ensure the fabric of our nation remains whole......maybe a bit frayed, but solid, under God.

Sir, the first Revolution was started by "The Shot Heard Around the World!"
It is my firm belief that our Founding Fathers to designed our Constitution so as to prevent the need for arms to take down a tyrannical government, or only as a very last resort!
This revolution MUST start with a Shout Heard Around the World!
Peoples from around the globe are praying we'll take a stand, and extremely fearful that we won't, knowing that when America goes dark, the world will soon follow into darkness!
God bless you and this movement, Let's Roll!"



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