Constitutional Emergency

AMERICAN SPRING - Colonel Organizing MASSIVE Patriot Action In Washington, D.C. May 16, 2014

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   Very good interview, and needs to be shared nationwide. The Col.'s credentials, alone, prove he knows, and understands what's going on within this administration, and their behind the scenes alliances, communications, the public knows nothing about. Even though we can feel it, here the rumors, and propaganda, its reverse rumors, and propaganda from the obamanation alliances, I'll definitely place my Trust in God, Col Riley, and patriots of this Republics Principles, before ever submitting to the current regime, that's sympathizing with the adversary.

its about time

Who is Mike Shoesmith and where did he come from all of a sudden? Obviously by accent a Canadian. Has he been vetted as a format for our activities? I would ask that Mike's credentials, history & associations be made available for reading. As a radio voice,he needs some history & training, the name he constantly mispronounces is Viet Nam, Nam with the "a" making an "o" sound; there is an "i" in Viet. His pronounciation reminds me of one of the most dispicable Presidents ever to sit in the chair, but of course he is in 4th place behind BHO, Clinton & Carter, LBJ, who constantly mispronounced the name, unknowingly embarrassing himself & the nation as well as insulting the Vietnamese.

Larry....can't remember who sent me to him....I would appreciate if you could go ahead and look him over.....I didn't get any vibes he is anything but in total favor of our me, maybe not polished, but.......

Will do.

Well done Karin...

To all I have not posted in awhile, so I am going to chime in now because of my love for One Nation Under GOD.

It is very amicable in this endeavor that is being set forth for the American spring!

Go with "GREAT CAUTION" you have wolves in sheep's clothing in your close circles.

These individual's are in high places and this administration is pulling all the stops for an event to play into there hands.

I pray O LORD your spirit will be with all in these decisions for this upcoming event and your spirit of truth will revel the answer in JESUS name I pray Amen. 

Thank you Shane for the prayer and personal support.

Great job Col. Riley..  Our ranks are swelling more and more as the call to duty goes out  Keep up the goood work Sir. God's will cannot be denied..

I don't want to throw cold water on this but I thought the interview was poor.  The host spent too much chatter on much of nothing.

On the other hand, Col. Riley was superb.  Most people will not spend 30+ minutes on a video, much less spend 7 minutes before the host got to the point.  In my opinion, another video needs to be created for broad distribution.

I commend Col. Riley for his efforts and stand behind him 100%.  I am willing to commit time and resources to the effort.  An American Spring is a worthwhile endeavor.

I respectfully request that Col. Riley contact me.

May I suggest, Sir, that you utilize the Chain of Command and contact one of our Commander Assistances, Ron McKinley or Tish. I am sure you understand how busy Col. Riley is. I know, as much as he might like to talk to you, he may just not have the time..

Thanks.  Will do.  It is my aim to distribute this information and wanted his input.  I did not want to clog this thread in the process.



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