Constitutional Emergency

AMERICAN SPRING - Colonel Organizing MASSIVE Patriot Action In Washington, D.C. May 16, 2014

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Again, very well said Andrew, you are spot-on...

Ok Colonel, I will be planning on it, May the 16th.

Good morning my brothers and sisters in arms !

JC,  it is important to remember what happened in 1932 when pres. Hoover ordered Gen. MacArthur to forcibly remove veterans and their families out of DC (they were demanding promised payment for serving in war)which resulted in troops opening fire and killing several and wounding many citizens.  This Muslim loving Illegal POTUS wouldn't hesitate to have troops "remove" citizens!   Hopefully,  the Major is preparing for such an occurrence.

thank you for your alert about this fine young man. I signed the petition. 

We'll get him out, once we've filled the Boston Harbor with the traitors to our nation!

It seems to me that an event lioke this could go one of 2 ways.  One way would be to show the nation that free-thinking constitutional conservatives are united against the tyranny that our federal government seeks to impose.  However, if the turnout is poor, it could look like we are few and nutty.  Risky.

I agree with part of your premise...However...PLEASE NOTE that 1% of Something is Better than !00% of Nothing. I am  sacrificing and SAVING what i can from my meager FIVED BE THERE and participate in...AT LEAST  my presence and if possible my VOICE in NUMBERS, be they 1, or 1,000,000,000.

If We choose NOT to participate...then WE can be accountable to ourselves for the outcome...Plus or Minus...Period.

"Risky?" Everyday with the present administration is "Risky". They have declared war on our constitution; We have to bring it to them full force; Zero negotiations. They are out. Its a "Master reset".

Good point Bobby........but "we the people" are growing to the OAS mission in exponential numbers.....we must keep reaching out in ever expanding circles to make patriots aware.  If they become aware, we'll exceed 10 million without doubt...........

Reaching every growing concentric circles........omni-directional...continually.........

If the turnout is poor, I say we go directly to the homes of the biggest talkers on the social media, grab them by the necks and haul them up.
This is do or die, if you ain't coming, you are the enemy, silence is consent!
BUT, I do not think the turn out will be poor!
They try to compare this to Larry Clayman's pitiful demonstration, but who is he and what can he lead?
We have a solid leader, rock solid, and one that many of us have been praying in earnest for.
If I had the money for a bus, I am willing to bet I could fill with blacks from the hoods around Birmingham, and these folks are surely waking up and getting pissed!
And simultaneous with our actions, "The Convention of States" is gaining ground equally as fast!
The fuse is burning!!!

Clearly, the 2 major political parties are nothing more than 2 wings of the same liberty-eating buzzard.  The rulers of both parties seek and end to liberty.  I have no idea how to start a 3rd party and I'm not convince it would be wise to do that.  But Ive posted where I believe we need to go with our political system.  Here is the thread and I've very much appreciate people's thoughts about it.



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