AMERICAN SPRING - Colonel Organizing MASSIVE Patriot Action In Washington, D.C. May 16, 2014

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Understood and very much appreciated...  God Bless..

I agree Hardnox. 7 min intro and ppl will turn it off. I stopped listening to Now The End Begins Radio for the same reason. I DO believe that Col Rileys 'creds' are critical however and I think that was PPSimmons point. Suggestion: Have the creds scroll across the bottom of the screen or in a column at the side the way Fox News does. The fact that Col Riley IS a hero and DOES no what he is doing is critical.

I'm in thanks for all your doing.

I am afraid, that Obama will use anything to eliminate this revolt, maybe it will be advisable for the team leaders to visit local sheriffs an police stations and ask straight for their support and security for peaceful demonstration. At least we can find out how many law enforcement officers will support American Spring. If it is successful, there has to be a plan for criminal prosecution and independent inquiry. That includes heads of every government departments and their prosecution, abolishing many departments etc. An when proven that Obama was not eligible president (we already know that) to nullifies all his presidential orders.  There is a need for some back up plan.

Thanks Jerry......taking your points under advisement..........

Jerry I am sure that the retire military men have that covered.

It will be unnecessary to beg or ask for help. All those who are called will come in, word of mouth. Tell people you trust to get involved, period. The best defense is virtue, a clean heart b4 god, and clean hands. So get your house in order, Holy spirit style; Here's the thing friend...The armor necessary in this warfare is spiritual. The one who heads the opposing armies are spirit led. They are far more ready than we are; There is One High command in this battle. The head of this command IS Jesus Christ, full stop. So it's a 'one stop shop'. If you want to be prepared see, Russ Dizdar, Steve Quayle, and prayer and scripture. We need 'Real Men who are willing and obedient to Jesus Christ. No compromise; Lions and Lambs. Rod of Iron General.

Mr. Diermoci, please remember we make complete references to God with a Upper case "G", not a rebuke, just respect to the Ultimate Leader in our lives and Giver of Grace, without which,we would not be be among the numbered as present. Thanks for you message.

Indeed. Be careful not to swallow a camel and choke on a gnat my friend. G-d is looking at the heart and the hands; We are 'Not Religious'. We are Real Men of God. Let the pantie-waist Pharisees correct law and pomp. The law serves at Love's design; . Jesus says: "Blessed is the lion which a man eats so that the lion becomes a man. But cursed is the man whom a lion eats so that the man becomes a lion!"

Lions do not mince words my friends. We are Men of Action. Armor up;

IMO, at this point it's a wait and see situation!
If he allows us to take and make our stand, good!
Should he start some crap to prevent it, IMO, stampede not stand, and go into DC and DC only with all we've got and do our "Dead" level best to take as many prisoners as we can, so we can take them to trial!

Mr. Golden, please dig a little deeper on PPS Simmons Network and Mr. Shoesmith and share your findings. Thank you.

This is what we have been waiting for. OUR George Washington, a man to step up, set a date, and state our mission. The great threat is those who take a wait-and-see position. We've been waiting for 100 years while the bullies have had their way with us--with virtually NO RESISTANCE. This is the time, DC is the place. Our future is in OUR hands. We can't wait to see if May 16 wins or loses--we have to get behind this effort and guarantee the WIN. Less than 10% of the colonists even supported the Revolution, less that 1% actually fought. "One man with courage is a majority." We are determined to overwhelm the Bureaucracy!

See you in DC!



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