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Americans Could Soon Be Prosecuted for ‘Terrorism’ for Criticizing Islam Online

Americans could soon be prosecuted for criticizing Islam online

 Big Tech companies are already complying with Sharia law and banning users who dare to speak the truth about Islamic terrorism. reports: Twitter legal recently issued this reporter a warning that a tweet posted calling for burkas to be banned in the US violated Pakistan’s blasphemy laws.

 The specific Pakistani blasphemy laws that the tweet violated are punishable by life imprisonment or death and Twitter happily delivered the threat.

But these warnings are just the beginning.

 Terror-tied CAIR wasted no time and blamed Trump, Trump supporters and “Islamophobia” after the New Zealand mosque shooting.

 Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) is seeking to exploit the New Zealand mosque shooting to impose Sharia blasphemy laws in the United States.

 CAIR launched an all out assault on the 1st Amendment.

 CAIR “Research Director” Dr. Abbas Barzegar said in a presser we should “Not allow these people to exploit freedom of speech.”

“We ask our political leaders to address growing menace of islamophobia.”

“The perpetrator of this terrorist attack has been inspired by hatemongers in the United States,” he continued.

“Directly related to ideas that are carried out on radio shows, TV shows, news commentators — That’s the burning smoke. We as a community have to take control and leadership back in our public space.”

“It is not the case that this is some random marginal activity on the internet in some closed dark web or something,” he said, adding, “No, this stuff is mainstream now.”

 We have to put a stop to it. We have to ask our TV networks to be responsible. We have to ask our social media platforms to be responsible. We have to ask our charities and philanthropic communities to be responsible and not allow these people to guide, to exploit freedom of speech, exploit non profit covers – these are hate groups, special interest groups with a very nefarious agenda and we have to take that activity back.”

 So there you have it — CAIR has labeled any person or any group that dares expose jihad and criticizes Islam as “hate groups.”

 CAIR will argue that online criticism of Islam is an “incitement to violence” and should be charged as a “cyber terrorism crime.”

 In fact, it is already happening — A California man was arrested, prosecuted and hit with misdemeanor charges in 2017 for posting 5 anti-Islam posts on Facebook in 2016.

 The California Attorney General’s office argued the man’s comments constituted “repeated contact by means of an electronic communication device” with “intent to annoy or harass,” a misdemeanor under California law, reported the Daily Caller.

 How are five posts to an Islamic Center’s Facebook page considered “repeated contact?” This was just another way to impose Sharia law onto a concerned American citizen.

 The anti-Islam posts were completely benign. The man posted zero threats and all of his comments fell under the 1st Amendment protection.

Cristina Laila @cristinalaila1

Terror-tied CAIR is working w/social media companies to ban ppl who dare question or criticize Islam.

This is their 1st step.

 The next step will be to categorize any criticism of Islam as "cyber-terrorism" so they can have Americans arrested for exercising their 1 A rights.

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Under any kind of "Normalcy" I would say that we should refrain from criticizing any people based on skin color or religious beliefs. But this kind of thing is not normal in any way shape or fashion. As the administrator of this web site I have banned or blocked many people in the past for engaging in such practices here on this network.
Not because of an threat by Sharia Law or anything from Islamic terrorists, but simply through our Christian beliefs of treating others with respect.
These kinds of threats to our 1st Amendment rights to free speech however carries things over board. These people will NOT shut me up no matter what they say or what kinds of threats they level.

While I might agree that calling people names is not necessary and should generally be restricted, I would urge people everywhere to educate themselves about the history of these Islamist fundamentalists. Do your homework, learn about the history (World-wide) history of Islam.
Learn about how these people have attacked and invaded India many times throughout history. Learn and educate others about the crusades, and WHY did they happen.
This web site is dedicated to protecting, preserving, and restoring America to our Constitution.
And since this kind of attack on our Freedoms in America is a direct threat to that Constitution I will NOT be silenced by any of these terrorist organizations. To allow them to subvert our civil liberties and to allow them to "Demand" that WE must be silent would be to surrender to the enemies of that Constitution.
Start by finding an old web site called "Tell the Children the Truth.
It may have already been removed but that web site tells all about Islam, it was written and posted by an Imam over 20 years ago.

Well you don't say honey, then sound off, I like your image you posted, fits right in with this blog:

Love it. Thanks.

Just as I suspected, that web site has been removed and taken down.

I will be damned if I am going to allow any SOB foreigners to tell me I have to shut up here in my own Country. This is nothing short of an invasion, ALL being coordinated by the Muslim usurper in chief, - Obama, and the Communist party.

 I personally do not know all of what is taking place, but this report has be Q-ed by the network, because of the facts that the United Nations Global Compact is in Canada and Mexico. Which includes Sharia Law, it all started in the British Empire.



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