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penned by JB Williams & Judi McLeod


Think of Tuesday as America’s next turn at bat in the ball game, after the seventh inning stretch.

As firebrand patriot JB Williams points out: “We need to load our bases and wait for the pinch hitter to send it right ‘outta the park.” It’s a metaphor, but a good metaphor…

Just like baseball fans have done down through the ages, voters need to file into the biggest ballpark of all, the one called the voting poll. It’s the final game in the World Series for freedom and liberty.

Surfing the net and glued to television on Tuesday, we’ll still be waiting to hear that sound that gets the crowd jumping to its feet: the sweet sound of the bat hitting the ball.
Cr—aack and the runner’s off, running for dear life, for freedom, for liberty.

In 2012, winning back the American Dream begins with ridding the nation of Obama & Co. Until these people are removed from power and held accountable for their actions, America is lost. Most Americans know this, yet they seem to have forgotten how to win.

Americans have been beaten down by International leftists for so long that they have totally lost sight of how to win. They want to hit a home run at bat, or stay in the dugout. They have an all-or-nothing attitude. They don’t understand that most things are won one base hit at a time until the bases are loaded and runners start scoring at home plate, piling one run on top of another until they win the game.

Will electing Mitt Romney win the game? NO…. it is a base hit that must be followed up by another, then another, until the game is won. That’s how they are losing and that’s how they must turn the game around.

 But too many Americans want an all-or-nothing single-shot solution that simply does not exist, and unless they can find that single-shot solution, that home run, they often fight against all who are trying to load the bases, one single at a time. They are fighting against the only solutions they have.

 Are you paying attention, America? You have to get the other team out of the batter’s box, their offense off the field, and begin to put runs on the board, one run at a time.

There are NO perfect political candidates. There are NO perfect people. As legendary as he was, there was only one ‘Sultan of Swat’ and reading his biography shows he was anything but perfect. There is NO one-shot cure-all. If you refuse to take one single at a time and load the bases, you are doomed to lose the game. If you feel doomed from the start, you won’t even step out of the dugout to take a turn at bat. That’s where too many Americans are… and that must change immediately!

THAT is how Americans have been defeated over and over again for years. The International left has torn the nation apart one single at a time, piling run upon run until you are literally so buried by their incremental successes that you can’t see any way to win. But that’s because you don’t yet even understand how it is you are losing, and how to turn it all around.

That’s exactly how you will continue to lose…. one run at a time. Unless you learn how to win again, and fast! We must accept incremental victories to get where we want to go, or we must accept defeat.

 Americans must gain ground everywhere they can, every chance they get, then get up the next morning and do it all again and again. There is no other alternative and until Americans grasp that, they aren’t even in the game.

Electing Romney is not a home run, it is a base hit, keeping the other offense off the field, loading the bases, and running up the score

Electing Romney is not a home run, it is a base hit, keeping the other offense off the field, loading the bases, and running up the score. Removing Obama & Co. will not win the game—it will only take their offense off the field and put our offense on the field. There is no other way to win.

Obama & Co. are not a failure—they are an enormous success, at defeating Americans and destroying America. Until Americans take Obama’s offense off the field and load the bases for themselves, one single at a time, hitting a double once in a while, and an occasional home run, they will continue to lose.

As Americans go out to vote, they should be hearing the words to the 1908 song, “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”. There’s a reason why baseball has always been America’s sport… The metaphor of life in a free republic.

The most famous line of baseball’s anthem is: “It’s one, two, three strikes you’re out at the old ballgame.”

Tuesday is America’s last chance to strike Obama out and begin to load up the bases.

The pinch hitter is getting ready to face the mound; giving everything he’s got to whack the ball over the fence. Let the cheers of the fans be heard all over the world.

American Voters Will Politically Hang Obama for Benghazi
How Far will Obama Go to Win?


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Let's  play  real  Hard--Ball  Legal  American's,  any  sport  jersey  will  do..!!

Two points:

1. This is not a game, it is more like a matter of life and death, really!

2. It is perhaps more important for America to learn not to lose!. Not to limply give in to the bullies and cheats.

Obama is not, never has been and never CAN be eligible to be the President of the United States and never should have been allowed to wreak the havoc he has caused. He should have been removed and thrown in jail in the Primary stage, but, believe it or not, in this massive Country, there were not enough "trusted Officials", or "Officials" with enough GUTS to stand up and be heard. Yes, even the Supreme Court of the Land, even the so-called "Loyal Opposition" COWARDS all of them. And for that, my fellow Citizens, WE shall have to PAY, and PAY,  and PAY...... ad infinitum

Neil Sankey, Ca

I would prefer a football metaphor... Tuesday our 250 lb running backs are going to drive right through the Obama lines and run-up the score so the talking heads can call the election a landslide. We are going to DOMINATE the Obama team and shove-their-candy-ass-attitudes-right-up-their-lazy-good-for-nothing-back-sides!

I predict a score looking like this... Team Romney - 56   Team Obama - 3   (we will keep our defense off the field for one series of downs when team Obama has the ball on offense. Even with no defense on the field, the best they could do was a field goal. Hehehehehe... hahahahahaha...hohohohohohoho)

Saw the Romney's yesterday at Colorado Springs Rally...They are winners and they have worked so hard to get us here...Lets take this base hit and turn it into the homerun we so desperately need in this country.

Electing Romney is the beginning...Prosecuting Obama and Co for his misdeads is a goal...Being involved, top to bottom and side to side in this process, from here until my last my promise. Vote America and vote for the American! Choose carefully the leaders we must entrust to do what we ask them to do.

I believe the 'Obamanation' that many Americans have suffered, has also created a great awakening in this country. Our Liberty is the very fiber that has been threatened here and that we'll have no part of. Stay awake and stay strong America. The work is just beginning.

I want Obama and thugs gone.

It ain't baseball Judi, that analogy makes light of a very serious situation.  It's more like a life or death fire fight for our Republic. 

This is not a game i agree Mr sankey  and i feel anyone who thinks it is  a game needs to wake up and see this for what it relly is a fright for our country and  what it stands for.  Constitution and freedom but i allso think people have been letingt congess and the rest of the govenment get away with this  sort of thing for so long most don't see or want to see what is going on!! It has become a you owe me country most of the people i try and talk to about what going on in DC  and around the country e like i am anut. a very good  man told me along time ago that most people if you just don't mass with they football on sunday and they beer on friday they dont care what DC doies and from what i have seen latey i think hes right!!



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