Constitutional Emergency

An American Patriot stands up to the House Weasels !! God Bless her and her family.

Dear Americans across our great Republic.
  A very brave patriot (who is a stenographer in the House) stood up in the House chamber and told those Communist miscreants and RINO punks they cannot serve two masters. What she was trying to tell these useless tax sucking leaches  is that they can either follow the US Constitution given to us from God or the Communist forces under Obama. 
Obama the slippery tongued Marxist, A slimy worm has fired 9 top level military officers in a year, has initiated actions against this country that are beyond treason. 
They detained the wrong person. 
They should not have detained the stenographer, for she was only trying to wake the Congress up.  They should have arrested the President of the United States, hand cuffed his ass and put him in jail awaiting trial under Article 2 section 8, for attacking Libya without Congressional approval and for Article 3 Section 3 for shipping arms to Al Quada forces in Syria via the CIA, for using the IRS as a political weapon to suppress conservative groups, for refusing to give military support to Ambassador Stevens in Libya, for falsifying his birth certificate, for violating the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution for giving special waivers to unions in regards to Obama care.  The list goes on. 
The Communists will now try and stick a mental health charge on this brave patriot.  Ladies and gentleman this woman deserves the Congressional medal of freedom. She was the only sane person in the room.
I am now headed to the County Service Center in Santa Rosa County Florida to remove myself from the Republican Party roster and join NPA. Non Party Affiliate.  I expect all registered Republicans in my E mail distribution to leave the Republican Party also. They no longer represent you.  Stand up, man up, be a Patriot, be an American. 
Starve this GOP of money and people.  Let them join forces with the Democrat Party and while they are kissing Obama's ass getting kick backs like Mitch McConnell just did, we will be preparing a defensive posture to protect our Republic politically in Nov 2014.
I expect all Americans to stock up on more ammunition and weapons. The 2nd Amendment allows for this. Stand your ground.  The government is no longer in the hands of Americans.
God Bless America.


Senior Chief Geoff Ross

US Navy retired

Navarre FL


These are the times that try men's souls 

Tyranny like hell is not easily conquered

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I am with you all the way.

Checking out the communist goals is a good idea- I noticed one that said "Use existing agencies (USA) to promote communism (or something like that) noticing all these agencies (EPA etc. are now armed!)

...and John Boener stating "we lost" as he sees the step by step destruction of the United States as a "game".  Boehner is a sorry POS for surrendering.  It is not a game, it is a fight for the very survival of our nation. 

We will fight in one form or another until blood stops flowing......who in the US House of Representatives is ready to relieve Boehner as he has allowed the "game" to be put in jeopardy........who will become the champion of a constitutional reversal, as painful as it may be.........there is no other choice.

We have misfits.......Obama presenting the medal of honor and closing memorials at the same time....90 year olds sitting in wheel chairs outside barrycades, unable to get to a public memorial. Medal of Honor recipient CPT Swenson is what America is about...Barack Obama is the complete opposite of a CPT Swenson.  Obama the sniveling, lyeing, deceitful, self-serving, pig in human form............God help me be more forgiving.........

Everyone  please  Let--it--all--out,  hold  it  in  and  the  pain  gets  worse, This  article  is  powerful  and  Lord  the  statements  are  from  their  heart..!!

She is absolutely correct and she is NOT crazy either. 

Crazy?  We The People KNOW whose crazy!!  She will now be put on "the list"!!!!  For Megan Kelly to pop off and say it must have been a "mental health episode" is pathetic!  Every single politician that approves, and doesn't stand up against all of the crap that is going on, has a "mental health episode"!!!!!  They all need a lobotomy!!!

In my opinion, she saw and heard something(s) so offensive and wrong that she attempted to expose it.

Her emotions were too strong and the message was lost.

She will be demonized, ostracized, and ultimately 'resigned' or 'retired'.

Secretaries (stenos) know more than you think.  (first six letters of secretary say 'secret').

Trust me, I know.  I was one.

I think many on the US HOuse and Senate staffs know of illegal, and anti-America stuff...this woman had the courage to try and expose something.........God bless her..........and as the communist guidance illustrates, someone of this nature must be eliminated/psychoanalyzed and determined unfit and hidden.......

Kathleen, you are probably 100% right.  If she was a stenographer for many years, you know she heard stuff and yet, she didn't say anything. She did her job.  Yestreday,  it had to have been something so DEMONIC for her to stand up like she did!!!!  

Carri, she heard and/or saw something that was beyond the pall.  Something so egregious that to remain silent would be part of the problem.

She faced a moral dilemma and decided it was the right time to speak.

Unfortunately, her emotions drowned out the message.

She knows MORE than she said.

Why do you think she was yanked off and away?

Senior Chief Ross...

I don't stand behind you, I stand beside you and "second" everything you wrote about the TRAITORS in our government...

I saw the film clip of the woman this morning on FOX News and they just passed her off as a mental case...

Keep attacking Senior Chief...





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