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ANARCHY IS BACK! By David Tooker.............. Read it and weep...................

August 26th      
Anarchy is back!

Rule without law is Anarchy. Depending on where you stand on the dictum “might makes right” you can be assured of either supporting or opposing anarchy.

If you are among the prosperous and mighty, than you probably want to support anarchy, especially if you got your IGG (Ill Gotten Gains) through a less than “legal” method.

Note that the word legal is in quotation marks because without law – which is what anarchy is - lawlessness – there is no “Legal” and conversely there is no “illegal” there is, in the words of Yoda, the eminent contemporary philosopher –“ … just is.”

And we know that, according to that masterful wordsmith William Jefferson Blythe Clinton, there can be adverse and conflicting opinions to the meaning of the word “is” too.

All too often the comprehension of Anarchy is misunderstood (Can we have a misunderstood comprehension?) because the people who are in anarchist movements always imagine that those things which they despise are the only ones that will be destroyed (anarchy is always sold as destroying what is and replacing it with what the leadership “wishes” to be – again a dissimulation of the word “is” needs discussion)

Anarchist themes can be found in the 6th century BC, among the works of Taoist philosopher Laozi, and in later centuries by Zhuangzi and Bao Jingyan. Zhuangzi's philosophy has been described by various sources as anarchist. Zhuangzi wrote, "A petty thief is put in jail. A great brigand becomes a ruler of a Nation." (

The greatest nation in the history of the world (the United States) has prospered and grown as more people accessed the wealth and conditions that were only dreamed of a few short decades ago because we grew as a nation of law, and not just Many man’s law, but as Thomas Jefferson so eloquently put it in the Declaration of Independence that law which God intended:

“When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.”

We did not initiate our revolution as out of control anarchists seeking to do away with a system, we revolted because the “system” was anarchy in and of itself and needed correction. Rule by a monarch’s whim is not rule by law.

I find it most unfortunate that in today’s world, the people who call themselves leaders are actually the ones who are fomenting and supporting anarchy because they expect to prosper from it.

Like a fool who lights a match to see why the carburetor is malfunctioning, the resulting conflagration will destroy the automobile, the carburetor and even the fool in the process.

Maybe that’s not a good analogy, but these liberals who insist on having their way to the extent that they don’t consider the resulting chaos are in that mode right now. They want their way, even if they have no idea what their “way” actually is.

The very system that supports them in their power and allows their wishes to come to fruition will be destroyed as they attempt to wrest control away from and destroy the very process that produced it. The results of their actions, and that which follows – replacing the existing system – will be totally beyond theirs – or anybody else’s ability to control.

We must be careful of what we wish for, because the law of unintended consequences is always in play, and in spite of liberals’ assurances to the otherwise, Nobody can predict what will happen as the rule of law gives way to the rule of the mob. Which is what they are now calling “Social Justice.”

Russian anarchists destroyed the Czar and his family in hopes of bringing power to the people. They had no idea what that meant, but it sounded good in the ears of both the intelligentsia and the peasants of the time.

What they got was rule by Communism, which was Anarchy – of course of another sort – and Communism made the rule of the Czars seem benevolent in comparison.

We will not like rule under Democrats in perpetuity, or even having a 30 year limitation – but it’s where we are headed.


Tech at Night: We must act decisively against international Anarchy
By: Neil Stevens August 26th,

Anarchy is back. The last time anarchy was a noticeable political movement in the world, bomb throwing anarchists were killing heads of state and government leaders, as part of their scheme to take the whole system down, and impose socialist rule. Of course they claimed socialist rule didn’t really count as rule, because ideology.

Well, these days world leaders are much better protected, so instead the anarchists are going after websites and just trying to disrupt, particularly online. We must be mindful of this, create cybersecurity policies that let government and industry share information (through bills like CISA), and make sure to investigate and prosecute these crimes.

Anonymous, a cellular network of anarchists similar to Al Qaeda, went after some websites, as usual. Website hacks usually aren’t as big a deal as they want you to think, as xkcd points out, but they still cost time and money, and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law (no matter how much complaining we get from the crowd using Aaron Swartz’s suicide as political prop).

Anonymous was previously involved in attacks on Sony’s Playstation Network, attempting to steal money from credit cards of those who shopped on the service.

But now new attacks on PSN and a tweeted threat against the plane carrying a Sony subsidiary’s Pre... have been carried out by a new ideological group Lizard Squad. These anarchists want to “End the greed” of “yet another large company,” by making mindless destructive attacks. Anarchism’s pattern since the beginning.

Investigate the attacks. Prosecute the offenders. We should even do what we used to do 100 years ago, and deny entry to the US by foreign anarchists, and to expel foreign anarchists who are already here. Anarchy is a movement as hostile to our way of life as Communism, and far more aggressive. We must act.

Make no mistake, leftist and left-libertarian tech policy are all about power. Net Neutrality is about growing government power. Local socialized Internet is about FCC taking power from the states. Title II Reclassification is about price controls on the Internet. We must oppose all of it.

Heck, FCC can’t even run a simple auction without mucking it up by trying to pick winners and losers.

Mergers don’t have the effects you think in cable. You see, cable is already a monopoly in virtually every market, so a merger doesn’t matter, at all. So there’s no legitimate reason for government to grow to stop the Comcast/ Time Warner Cable deal.

Lamar Alexander has forgotten 9/11.

Reddit Bitcoiners are dominated by idiots who think Bitcoin should be above the law and worse, don’t even know how to make their own wallets, a core Bitcoin feature. And worse, Bitcoiners are now forming a PAC.

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Yep - thanks.

There is a site where you can log on and see what military equipment your local police have.  I logged onto mine and got a shock.

If you local police are as bad as mine -- all the patriot groups in your area need to join together to keep track of what is going on and help each other out

Meagan Kelly reported a few minutes ago: barry has appointed a new czar to watch all sites, to make sure they, we, are not peddling lies.. They will be checking to see if you are lying, giving out mis/information of any kind, regarding all topics.. I do believe this one smells.. Scare tactics??  Sure would take a lot of manpower..OH, and its funded with our tax dollar as well....(of course)

ooooo I just had her on in the background and wasn't paying attention.  So much for freedom of speech!!!  :(   And, he's putting them inside the news departments.  Can you say Censorship???

Just checked N.J , thousands of 5.56mill rifles and 7.62 mill. mine detector equipt., trucks (carrier & cargo, all kind of stuff that the military would use in a war...WHY the hell does N.J. need that unless they are preparing for martial law and civil unrest ! WE are in big trouble if we don't step up and take our country back before we can't !  The Posse Comitas act prevents  the military from being ordered to attack the American People, so the gov't is arming the police to do the job !

THIS>> below>> is precisely what they're not ready for... it will be up to us to work in small groups to survive the initial shocks and shortages and to protect our families and communities ... and I suspect it will take years and a great deal of sacrifice to ever reconstruct the USA, but WE WILL because WE MUST!  WTP must redefine Hope n Change.

The very system that supports them in their power and allows their wishes to come to fruition will be destroyed as they attempt to wrest control away from and destroy the very process that produced it. The results of their actions, and that which follows – replacing the existing system – will be totally beyond theirs – or anybody else’s ability to control.

Which one of you has a good understanding or knowledge of how banks work and the economy???

I have a question....if there is anarchy/marital law, or a global economical crash, how would that affect each of our mortgages??  In other words, how would we pay on our mortgages without money and what would the banks do to get repayment??  Would they have to lose out as well with no means to pay people to kick people out of their homes or foreclose on them???.  What do you think the scenario of home-owning after a crash or anarchy would look like??  People in the know are predicting a possible global crash in 2015.  Any ideas on what banks would do about our homes???

Banks and insurance companies are the reason that everything will go down..So i say let them reap what they sowed..If they cannot collect on their mortgages that is their problem..Since they caused the problem they will just have to suffer just like everyone else..They will not take my home..

Since so many homes are mortgaged , they just shut down all power and freeze/sweat us out.We can stay but having solar generators would be good since they can control gasoline, thus eliminating gas generators unless you have a stockpile of gasoline. Welcome to modern day cave living.

Thanks!!!  Y'all.  That was my main concern was how would it play out with the banks in a practical manner.  I realize we'll be camping out in our homes.  I'm prepared because my father was a Boy Scout Master all my life and I know how to survive.  Basically, you can live pretty good when you know what to do.  My main concern was, though, will they be able to just come and take your house since you cannot pay the mortgage.  But, then again, how would they pay anyone to work, and how would they notify you other than a knock on the door!  I was just wondering if anyone had a practical scenario in their minds that may play out!!!   :)

I have a mortgage and I think I can say for sure that they really can't do anything because then they will have a bunch of empty homes , uncared for and open to vandalism , so it would pay them to leave the people in the homes until the problem can be worked out. I don't know about you , but I worked to hard and to long to keep my house to let the bank come and take it through no fault of mine....LOCKED AND LOADED !

Thanks Eileen:  Yeah, they may not do anything and just rack up extra fees and interest to charge us when and if any kind of legitimate system comes back into existence!   They'll probably add on a bunch of fees calling it some type of Interruption in Standard Business Fee or something stupid.



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